Johnny Paycheck - The Outlaw's Prayer Lyrics

You know, I worked the Big Packet show in Fort Worth, Saturday night
We had all day Sunday to rest and relax, before I caught another flight
So I decided to walk down town an' get myself a little fresh air
Before long, I found myself in front of a big church on the corner of the square

Boy, I could hear that singin' way out in the street, sure was a beautiful sound
So I just walked up the steps an' opened the door an' started to go inside an' sit down
But before I could, a young man walked over to me an said: Excuse me, Sir
But I can't let you in with that big black hat, those jeans, that beard an' long hair

So I just left, went back outside, sat down on that kerbing, an I thought to myself
That's the house of the Lord. That guy's got the hell of a nerve
Tellin' me I can't worship anywhere I please
So right there, in front of that Church, I just knelt down on my knees

I said: Lord, I know I don't look like much, but I didn't think you'd mind
I just wanted to be with your people, Lord: it's been a long time
A while ago, a saw a wino over there in the alley, all bent over in tears
An' I thought how one stained glass window, from this Church, would feed his family for years

Then there's those fine cars parked outside: too many for me to count
Made me think how people walked for days to hear your sermon on the mount
Then there's those fine ladies in the choir, Lord, singin' like they really love it
Hell, last night, they were dancin' on the front row of my show: drinkin' beer, screamin: 'Sing Shove It'

You know, even John the Baptist wouldn't be welcome in this place
With his coat made of Camel hair an' sandals on his feet an' a long beard on his face
You know, Lord, when you come back to get your children, an' take 'em beyond the clouds
To live forever in Heaven with you: well, I'd sure hate to be in this crowd

You know, Lord, I'm not perfect; some even call me no count
But I'll tell you: I believe a man is judged by what's in his heart, not what's in his bank account
So if this is what religion is: a big car, a suit an' a tie
Then I might as well forget it Lord, 'cause I can't qualify

Oh, by the way, Lord, right before they kicked me out, didn't I see a picture of you?
With sandals an' a beard. Believe you had long hair too
Well, this is Paycheck, signing off
I'll be seein' you Lord, I hope

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Johnny Paycheck The Outlaw's Prayer Comments
  1. Margie Thorne

    Man I think this ( man and song ),is like those very old-favouret, that U never get sick of listining to.TOO TO TOOOO LOVELY.

  2. Country Angel

    I love this

  3. earl slot

    great song makes me want another beer

  4. bob builder

    He is red sovine

  5. Red Volpe

    Like I've said for years to preachers, my family and my wife. Anywhere I kneel and talk to God is my church, be it a shade tree in a field or a sidewalk in a town. Thats all I need.

  6. Craig Sheppard

    Unfortunately, there's a whole lot of truth to this song.

  7. William Odom

    The Song The Only Hell My Mama Raised, stayed on the chart for 10 weeks.

  8. William Odom

    Maybalene was Yours and George’s rendezvous with the best band around. Royalty check is in the mail.

  9. Gloria Leach

    I like this song

  10. Arden Dorney


  11. Eugene Horner

    He is telling the truth.

  12. Rusty Appling

    I've been thrown out of thousands of churches

  13. Rusty Appling

    You Johnny you'll be welcome others to hell with them

  14. Rusty Appling

    I said that to many of churches. You'll be just fine. But those within have no clue

  15. Rusty Appling

    You'll be just fine Johnny. It's those that regect you that regent me.

  16. Rusty Appling

    I've been thrown out of many churches. You'll be fine.

  17. Vincent Park

    This song has touched me so deeply that I listened to it repeatedly. Had to share with my friends. Thank you Mr Paycheck.

  18. Alan LaBar

    TRUTH. Isn't it great???



  20. johnn wells

    I wished all churches Would live by the word God Not what you look likeOr what did drive Or how much money You put in to the collection Plate but what God put on your heart in to do go places you don't want to go but you go any way

  21. Neil Paris

    This song changed my outlook on money, dunno bout y’all

  22. RMTX 25

    I'm pretty sure in FT Worth it would have been okay to wear a cowboy hat at church. But still a good song.

  23. Diane Keller

  24. Homer Mcclain

    Johnny I sign beside Merle Haggard a whole lot of a good phone and after I pay for you bro the passage is free

  25. George Singh

    Lord take me! I want to be in that number !

  26. William Kirkland

    This video makes my eyes leak each time I listen to it. I believe Johnny Paycheck is in Heaven with JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH. Preparing a place for guys like me and Like Sir.Johnny Paycheck.I believe Johnny actually wrote this song from first hand experiences.

  27. New Army

    Good job

  28. William Kirkland

    Thanks Terry Morgan, this one hits close to home for me. When I was a teen I was kicked out of the choir because my white wall hair cut wasn't 2 inches off my collar. They actually took two 6inch rullers to the top of my head and measured down my was too long even with a military white wall hair cut.( For those of you who weren't around in the 60's and 70's, a white wall hair cut is when the barber would take his clippers and drive it around your ears and expose your scalp.) I left church for a while after that. I was 17.

  29. Jackie 371

    "...and I thought how one stained glass window from that church could've fed his family for years..." (like all the millions being spent on things these days & so many suffering from poverty)

  30. Matt Street

    I'm afraid us good godly"Christian's"have forgotten about these kind of people.lord Jesus forgive me

  31. Kathy Nickels

    The whole reason a lot of people don't attend church today, we can live and serve the Lord on our own homes! God Bless You Johnny Paycheck!

    johnn wells

    So true

  32. Roger Kee

    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERY BODY, May 2020 bring us all together.

  33. Ivan huston

    I liked Paycheck's "Take This Job and Shove It".....

  34. Kenny Kittrell

    I don't have any gift to bring that's fit to give a King. But Johnny Paycheck sure describe my life in this song.

  35. James Mann

    James and mann

  36. Sherry Brier

    💜💜💜💜💜One of the best songs ever written..

  37. Roger Kee

    Be seeing you LOAD, "I HOPE " ..MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERY BODY..2019

  38. billclorraineg

    great song and great singer thanks for sharing. LorraineG.

  39. Gary Schneider

    Trump forever

  40. 10832894

    Outstanding and sometimes it really happens !☹️🙏🏻🙏🏻

  41. James Kimble

    This is so true

  42. Andrew Alexander

    Love ol Johnny Paycheck. Miss the way country music used to sound. Thank God for a few today that are keeping traditional country music alive.(You won't find them on the radio) Cody Jinks, Ward Davis, Whitey Morgan & The 78's, Jamey Johnson.. to name a few.

  43. Kevin Carpenter


  44. Fred Wilkerson

    Why does everybody seem to think God needs money . ???? . . . There ain't no Bank of America or Walmart in heaven . . . .that money in the collection plate is going to the preacher and that preacher isn't going to get you into heaven . . . Just because your giving him money . . . . Do you people really think God comes by once every Sunday and collect all that money out of the collection . ???? . . . . try checking the preachers pockets for the money from the collection play that's where you'll find it . !!!!!

  45. Country Life

    Love this song

  46. Ricky Holt

    Dang fine song

  47. Thomas Lovett

    What happened to voices like this. Real songs .

  48. MG1 Movies

    He is channeling Red Sovine

  49. Christy Rowland

    Only Jesu's can judge us Amen.

  50. natasha Woodbury

    Beautiful song

  51. Richard Baker


  52. Raven Stone

    Oh man seriously 😣 they would of never of let Jesus in a church.. Anyways The Lord said not in sticks an stones am I in gather together an I will be with you. Sad honestly😢 but I do go in my blue jeans, as n sometimes my nice Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, or Rolling Stones black T-shirts😉 was only asked to leave one church 🤷 Went fishing an talked to the Lord out their in his true creation Mother Earth 💖

  53. Mary Turman

    Love this song

  54. Georgia merx

    God's people are not in church look over here in the river..

  55. Fred Wilkerson

    Churches now a days . . . Is nothing but a social club . . . . And the congregation is a bunch of social lights putting on airs . . . And only thanking God for there money and bank accounts .. . . . And other poor churches with poor people praying for more money and bigger bank accounts . . . . Seems like money and bank accounts are more important than God . . . People hold their check books alot tighter than they do the Bible .

  56. Steve Kovacs

    Great style and great timing. RIP

  57. Jamie Martin

    A lot of people are Sunday morning Cristans. Fucking hypocrites. Long live Paycheck.

  58. Jane Silverstein

    Beautiful inspired words!

  59. beth kunze

    Jesus indeed had long hair, a beard and sandals on his feet...that is hypocrisy coming from that person that refused him entrance into that church.

  60. Ronn Ron

    U are love god

  61. Ronn Ron

    God bless you son of man

  62. Ronn Ron

    God loves us and u

  63. Amanda Wisdom

    how many churches would welcome me

  64. txbob

    This resounds with me. Born and raised in Waco, Texas, Home to Baylor University...."THEE" Southern Baptist University. Now Southern Baptist are totally against Betting, Dancing, Booze, and in Waco, you can bet your boots if you aren't a Baylor Alum, you WILL NOT BE A CITY LEADER. The woods near my house abutted "THEE" Country Club in Town...Ridgewood CC. As kids we would listen in on those golfers on the course.....and guess what, those Civic Leaders, Baylor Alum, Church goers on Wednesday and Sunday attending "THEE" Church---1'st Baptist, would be betting on holes as they drank their cocktails, beer, and wine....probably dancing a jig if they won the hole. I became pretty cynical of churches and paid attention to all the hypocrisy that they espoused.....turned me off and turned me to NATURE as a constant...I guess you could say I am way more PAGAN than Christian, and this song hits home as perfect. If you want to be a Christian, then ACT LIKE IT!!!!!!!

  65. Leland- BoB Palmer

    What's terrible was I was trying to find this TIMELESS CLASSIC MEANINGFUL TUNE, & The "web" instead offered= BS like Tim Mcgraw, Keith Urban, & Eric Church to name a few. ORIGINALS & TRAILBLAZERS CAN NEVER BE REPLACED BY PRETTY BOYS OR FAKES!

  66. TJ Rollins

    What happened to real country music. Man I miss it. Country ain't country anymore

  67. Jason Keith

    I love ya paycheck

  68. RkF

    "......One of those stained windows could have fed his family for years". Just one of numerous reasons I don't, won't, support organized religions, their huge buildings, and stained glass windows. Rest in Peace Johnny. Country music misses you.

  69. Will Wipf

    I know some folks that need to hear this song,,those so called bible thumpers ,

  70. Lucille meredith

    Love It!!

  71. Gianmarco Groppelli, hillbilly


  72. Paul Courtney

    The ideas about Christians he portrays are from a time and place that barely really exists. There's quite a bit of a lie happening in this song.

  73. Don Smith

    Once you say "I hope" your doubting if your going to heaven. Then you may not be going.

  74. Shawn Long

    It sounds like shawn long 2019 (Jay walker)

  75. Joyce Lindsay

    Have a listen to Johnny  Paycheck ~  ~  So very true Johnny!!

  76. Ron Nettles

    This music right there is what the kids these day need to listen these days , sorry thats just what i think world be better place only lord

  77. Aaron Self


  78. Donald Meisenzahl


  79. Sparkles The Cat

    I go to church wearing nothing more than a tshirt and a pair of jeans cause the LORD DOESN'T CARE WHAT I'M WEARING.

  80. Ronald Bailey

    Only one perfect man Jesus Christ no matter what color you are where you from we must aloha each other with mean love

  81. Patricia Hock

    The Outlaw Prayer 🙏🏻
    To all The Churches ⛪️
    Listening 👂 to this Song
    How many’s Likes ?
    Public to View
    All years round
    Matthew West
    Please read thisj Johnny Paycheck

  82. Melinda Coomer

    Love it

  83. Bryan Bobek

    I was turned away from a church years ago cause of my clothes. I got of the tractor late hauled ass to town just get turned away....thats the last time i stepped into a church. I lived these words love Johnny.

  84. Connie Wheeler

    Yep! Been there. Was sad!

  85. Archangel

    You know? Johnny Paycheck was a piece of shit, Just as I am, and you are. I love this, because this is the truth about religion. I love Jesus Christ, because he sees us just like this.

  86. Greg Mccall

    How the hell can you dislike this song paycheck just telling it like it is

  87. Sylvia Burke


  88. kay van

    I learned more about Jesus from a Jew named Avi Lipkin than I ever learned in church. Jesus was a Jew, a Rabi and a healer and adopted son of a carpenter. Jesus will always answer those who sincerely call on him. He died for the the sinner not the saint.

  89. Ernest George

    If he came to my church, no one would even think of asking him to leave. And if he sat next to me there would be two of us there with long hair and beards. But we wouldn't be the only ones.

  90. Rick Matz

    I know the feeling. Some church folks show the love. Some do not know what it is.

  91. Eugene Horner

    This song is for all the Hypocrites. You go to church on Sunday, and live like the Devil . I live my life day by day in a way I want to I am not a Hypocrite!

  92. iceman62509

    Ain't it crazy how paycheck talks for almost 6 minutes and it's still more country than anything on todays "country" radio.

  93. muddbosss

    I have ALWAYS loved his music, and a great guy as well!...