Johnny Paycheck - Ragged Old Truck Lyrics

I'm thinkin' 'bout crankin' my ragged old truck up
And haulin' myself into town
I'm thinkin' 'bout raisin' so much doggone much hell
That I'll die 'fore I live it all down
I lay 'round this place till I'm blue in the face
And I may as well be underground
I'm thinkin' 'bout crankin' my ragged old truck up
And haulin' myself into town

Early this mornin' without any warnin'
I took me a look at myself, good God
I seen how this married up life I been livin'
Was tryin' to choke me to death
I laid on the bed with my gun to my head
And I nearly 'bout ended it all
But I come to myself just before I got killed
And I blowed me some holes in the wall

I'm thinkin' 'bout crankin' my ragged old truck up...

A honky tonk man in a honky tonk band
With a honky tonk girl on my arm
I may be as ugly as an old mud-rail fence
But I'm loaded with hillbilly charm, that's right
It's my life and no wife of mine's gonna tell me
I can't go and have me some fun
So before that old heffer drives back in from Waco
You can bet your rear end I'll be gone, long gone

I'm thinkin' 'bout crankin' my ragged old truck up...

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Johnny Paycheck Ragged Old Truck Comments
  1. Corey Marcum

    this has a very jerry reed feel

  2. smbeabout

    The bass player sure knew how to inject some funk into a country song, as odd as that pairing of genres sounds.

  3. Gianmarco Groppelli, hillbilly

    *Paycheck rules* 🔫

  4. Gianmarco Groppelli, hillbilly

    *Johnnys still the king*
    from old school when country music was real 'cause real country music is an old tradition
    Johnny ( bigger hillbilly star )

  5. Robert M

    Billy Joe Shaver does a fine version.

  6. uglygun

    My man.

  7. Jamie Martin

    Reminds me of the crappy truck I had 30 years ago. I loved driving it listening to Paycheck. Good memories


    I F'N LOVE IT !

  9. U.S. SAM

    song written by Billy Jo Shaver

    Gary Sloan

    His version is tear jerking, one of the best songwriters of any genre


    Shaver's version is far superior

    Chas Eveland


  10. Rosie Johnson

    very under rated

  11. Alex Newton

    definitely has that THUMP! great tune makes ya want to dance.

  12. Dustin Johnson

    chris would kick Jerry's ass

  13. Eric Kinloch

    I wish someone would download DOA from the album lovers and losers great fucking song

    the winner

    that's posted already. search for Drunk On Arrival

  14. David Fowler

    you have a remake of Hell yes I cheated...but I don't see it here...It's awesome...would love to share

    the winner

    Howdy David. I've posted versions of "Hell Yes, I Cheated" by James Pastell and also Jim Owen. I'll put the links below. I'm not sure how to do it on mobile devices, but on desktop computers, there is a search button on each channel page, where you can search that specific channel. That little search box is beside the 'about' tab on each channel's main page if you're wanting to ever search specific channels on here. And, great tune, here's the links:

  15. SpiritBear12

    I can't find the lyrics to this song online. Seems lyric websites have no clue about Johnny Paycheck. :-(


    This is late, but It was originally a billy joe shaver tune, so look it up under billy.

  16. Timothy Germann

    Reminds me of Jerry Reed

  17. Samandrosa jones

    Good old Johnny Paycheck. Thanks Brent

    the winner

    You're welcome!  This song is my of my all time favorites.  It was written and sung originally by Billy Joe Shaver.  Thanks for listenin'!

  18. latokatn506

    Every One Needs A Paycheck  Thanks  it's A winner 

    the winner

    You're welcome LT!


    One of A kind RIP