Johnny Paycheck - Ole Pay Ain't Checked Out Yet Lyrics

You've all heard it said
I shoulda been dead a long time ago
From drinking too much whiskey
But there's one thing you don't know
I've always been a survivor
Through all my ups and downs
And it makes no difference what they say
Cause this old boy is still around

Well I might be used
But I ain't used up
I'm sitting all ready and I'll show you my stuff
I got a 6 piece band and my old guitar
I've traveled this old land near and far
As a matter of fact
Old Pay ain't checked out yet

Yeah I've got a few old rough edges
But Lord knows I've been through hell
Living out an image
A part I've earned so well
Now I won't say that I'm changing
Heaven knows that I've tried
But I'm back in the gate
So you might better wait
Before you kiss old Johnny goodbye

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Johnny Paycheck Ole Pay Ain't Checked Out Yet Comments
  1. gitfiddle1

    Thanks so much, Johnny..-- Great job...!!!

  2. Ras Cornett

    my mom loves these old songs and she said there is more song's. by Johnny PAY check that she wish that they would put on the radio station tv for all the young men and women could hear what she loved to lesson to it was better than this new music to day that we hear on the radio or tv

    Jeff Lingelbach

    Ras Cornett yes Johnny paycheck's music was real music compared to the garbage they have on most of the radio stations nowadays

  3. Kurdt Nbk

    Used or new we love u big john

  4. PonchoPelvis

    My favorite song by him! Thanks for the upload, bud.

  5. rockeycountry

    Written by Wayne Gray