Johnny Paycheck - Look What The Dog Drug In Lyrics

It was Saturday night and I was feeling all right
Working on some tonic and gin
When all at once out of nowhere
This foxy lady came walking in
She was looking so fine
She drove me out of my mind
Till I just had to ask her to dance
And Lord, it wasn't long until I'd fallen into
An ugly cheating one night romance

So I took her home where where we could be alone
'Cause my old lady had gone out of town
But when I opened the door I found hell on the floor
'Cause she wasn't out of town anymore

She said look what the dog drug in
I leave him alone
See what he come dragging home
Look what the dog drug in
I go out of town
He starts fooling around
Look what the dog drug in

So I spent the night in some downtown motel
Hoping that she'd ask me back home
But I spent the day trying to call her
She just wouldn't answer the phone
So I tried once more then I knocked on the door
But all she said was leave her alone
'Cause she wasn't having nothing to do with no dog
That didn't know where to bury his bone
So I got on my knees
And I begged her please
She said you lay down with dogs
You're gonna get up with fleas
Kept begging to stay
I tried every way
This is all she had to say

Look what the dog drug in

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Johnny Paycheck Look What The Dog Drug In Comments
  1. Mark Howard

    a classic

  2. Dan Smiff

    miss ya Johnny. One of the last outlaws . R.I.P.

  3. Kurdt Nbk

    I lived this for sure. more or less.

  4. Posma Peck

    On of he best song of all time

  5. steve p

    On of the best songs

  6. steve p

    Wow cool song glad I found it!!! Paycheck was the best

  7. latokatn506

    good one here Jamie