Johnny Paycheck - A-11 Lyrics

I just came in here from force of habit
I don't intend to spend too much time in here
But I saw you heading for the jukebox
And if you play A-11, there'll be tears

I don't know you from Adam
But if you're gonna play the jukebox
Please don't play A-11

Oh, this used to be our favorite nightspot
And when she was here, it was heaven
It was here; she told me that she loved me
And she always played A-11

I don't know you from Adam
But if you're gonna play the jukebox
Please don't play A-11
Please don't play A-11

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Johnny Paycheck A-11 Comments
  1. mike howard

    Dis is guuud  git man

  2. Gavin Boker

    Country music is awesome even though it 2019 I still love older music:) keep up more country music

  3. Johnny Gill

    pure country gold from johnny pay check johnny gill from alabama

  4. Marquis Wilt

    love johnny's music

  5. Larry Lepore


  6. kiltmanm60

    His version is the best!

  7. Edward Hynes

    I believe Buddy Emmons played the steel on this chart. Paycheck payed this tune at a date in SanDiego 1980....The Big Oak Ranch. I'm glad i got to see him live. He was one hard working MF

    Eric Kinsey

    I believe if you listen to Eddie Stubbs interviews JP states that this was cut with The Jones Boys, Sonny Curtis on steel. They also cut Apartment #9 with Tammy Wynette.

    Shannon Burns

    Actually this was Lloyd Green on his Blue Darlin" pedal steel. According to Shannon Marie Burns' notes. I do believe she is right on the money on this. Green was touring with Jones at this time and they stopped at recording studio and recorded this up tempo stop and go version. Per Shannon Burns' notes. I love you and miss you Shannon. Your Denny.

    Shannon Burns

    @Eric Kinsey, and on Tammy Wynette's Apartment Number 9 recording, it was Pete Drake playing the Pedal Steel.

    Eric Kinsey

    @Shannon Burns I'm sorry but I think you are mistaken. I am a trained historian and go with primary sources, in this case Johnny Paycheck. He says specifically that Green played on the rest of his Little Darlin' sides. But for this session it was the Jones Boys with Sonny Curtis on steel with a bass player hired out of the New York musicians local. Check out the Eddie Stubbs interviews. I'm a longtime fan of Jones and Paycheck and learned a lot of new things. This was in the same period of the Hot Point/Amber Digby videos.

  8. Little Lilburn

    I've burned lots of boot sole leather dancing to this great song. If you can walk, you can dance to this one! RIP Mr. Paycheck

  9. John Hobson

    I'm gonna put on my white sox, drink a Blue Ribbon, and listen to this tune.


    And get some sun on your neck!

  10. Bj Littleton

    A 11 is a number on the juke box

    Darrin Fisher

    No... its really not

    Shannon Burns

    @Darrin Fisher, well you are actually wrong. At Tootsies there were so many records in there it went to 12 in all letters. Hank Cochran wrote this when some guy said don't play A11.

  11. Edward Hynes

    Saw Paycheck 1980 Lakeside the Big Oak Ranch. Great show.

  12. Fingal

    Its like new music with that cadence change after each stanza

  13. Glen Yates

    Great song of johnny paychecks hit a 11 thanks got the old volion hope to hear from you channel owner 1 fan glennyates in Oklahoma

  14. monsterjazzlicks

    Which JP album was this from please? Thanks!

    Jason Halverson

    i can't seem to find the name of the original album but it was released in 1965. i got my copy off an album called "on his way" released in 2005. you can still find it online i believe

    Jeff Lingelbach

    Jason Halverson could it be Johnny Paycheck.. heartbreak Tennessee. ???

    Jerry Baker

    I had it on an 8 track and heartbreak Tennessee was on there and may have been the title

  15. zzubuzz

    Johnny Paycheck & Johnny Cash and no "Cash my Paycheck"  album ?


    Tonk music 👍🤠🐎🐂🇺🇸

  17. David Carson

    A wonderful new song (to me) of his I have been introduced to! I have great memories listening to Johnny Paycheck and playing some of my favorite video games. Maybe a strange combination to others, but for me, it is sweet, sweet nostalgia!!!

  18. 0lele0le

    what is a11?

    Jerry's Pickin Parlor

    Its what buttons you punched on a juke box to select your song in the day when juke boxes actually played records instead of CD's. Single records had an A side and a B side. A-11 would be the A side of the 11th record .

  19. Mr. Wood

    Paycheck did it out of love nothing else & it shows on song like this!!!

  20. Double D

    Man, how much I miss this music! I hate that's it dying. I guess that's one of the problems of growing older. You outlive your time and one is the music you grow up with. I go and take my kids and grandkids to Nashville as often as I can, so they can hear and appreciate my music I love! Thank goodness for utube! I can relive my 50s and 60s country music.

    Rick Miller

    Double D love this stuff

  21. Jim Cholley

    I looked up this song because it is listed at the very beginning of the alphabetical list of all the songs that have appeared on the United States of America BILLBOARD entertainment magazine 'Hot Country Singles' or 'Hot Country Singles & Tracks' least through the 2002 Joel Whitburn 'Top Country Singles' edition..     :-]

  22. Tyler Davis

    This is country gold


    Tyler Davis

  23. Dragline Pictures

    Please tell me what album this is from, please!

    Jason Halverson

    the album i have is called "The real mr heartache, the little darlin' years" but i'm sure it's on alot of his greatest hits albums that include his early 60's era hits

  24. Marvin KA

    This Song is great to relax

  25. Carla Rodgers

    got a lot of Wynn Stewart in him. God bless Bakersfield

    Eric Kinsey

    Check out Bobby Austin, co-writer of Apt #9

  26. Susan Fraser

    Great vocals from Paycheck as usual!

  27. Sherry Bailey


  28. Robert Conolty

    Real music.

  29. stewlv

    Great arrangement...It's always the little things that set a performance apart. And no distortion pedals needed....

  30. John Christophers

    Love it

  31. Melodycat918

    Great sung

  32. Clayton Skala

    this is better than buck owens version

    John W Landry

    It's not bad,but I prefer Buck's because I heard that one first.

    Clayton Skala

    they are both outstanding . you just don't hear much of jonnys early stuff

  33. webbjr37

    Had the privilege 2 see Johnny back when this song was hot off the press, He opened for  Jones Who was drunker than a skunk.John Put on a great show, saw John years later when Shove It was hot not so good 

  34. webbjr37

    Johnny's Best ever and he had many great ones

  35. ShaZAM514

    What song was on A 11 ?


    I believe it was "Please Don't Play A-11".

    Carla Rodgers

    ShaZAM514. Snoop dog

  36. Bob G

    Johnny didn't do anything that Johnny Cash or Merle Haggard didn't do... your right they need to vote him in.

  37. Michael Winton

    If Johnny Paycheck doesn't get voted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame, it will be a tragedy. Based on his musical talents, this man could sing the yellow pages. Yeah, I know there are plenty of folks out there who are going to throw up the gun incident and his prison time, however, it's time the white hats and shirts in Nashville wake up and realize that passing him over would be a huge mistake. I have heard many versions of this song, but for me Paycheck's version is the best!!!!

    Charles Mayabb

    Michael Winton waa rtfconway twitty

  38. Bob G

    Johnny was one of the Outlaw Country greats. RIP Johnny