Johnny Mathis - We Lyrics

This time we almost made the pieces fit, didn't we?
This time we almost made some sense of it, didn't we?
This time I have the answer right here in my hand,
Then I touched it, and it has turned to sand.
This time we almost sang the song in tune, didn't we?
This time we almost made it to the moon, didn't we?
This time, we almost made (almost made) a poem rhyme
And this time we almost made that long hard climb.
Didn't we almost make it this time... this time.

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Johnny Mathis We Comments
  1. Sabina Mejorado

    I miss Christmas already!!🎄🎅🤶☃️🎄

  2. Tricialen Len

    I need a little Christmas right now!

  3. TheAudivisioner

    I play this when I need a lot of Christmas.

  4. Thomas Cabrera

    This song is legend!

  5. Vonnie Sweeney

    I don’t care if it’s November 13th. I need a little Christmas now.

    Billy Goodpaster

    Johhny is a good one for Christmas.

  6. z bailey

    Wow i love classic christmas music so much, but todays the first time i heard this song and i love it! Johnnys voice is great too!

  7. bsc nyc

    Thank you JM!!! Lively song!! 👍👍👍

  8. Carmen Plamada

    Good music!