Johnny Mathis - Have Reindeer, Will Travel Lyrics

Though you may think it's ridiculous
I overheard I swear
Right from the mouth of St. Nicholas:
"Have reindeer - will travel!"

You takes the jets that you see today
Fly through the frosty air
I'd rather stick to my good old sleigh!
Have reindeer - will travel!

Those astronauts can take a back seat
Whenever I zoom in space
That goes for men like Shepard and Glenn
As over the roads I race

Toys from the bag full to tickle us
Bundles of gifts to share
"Cer-rack!" goes the whip of St. Nicholas
Come Donder - come Blitzen, now Cupid, come Vixen
Have reindeer - will travel!

(Doo-be doo...)
Have reindeer will travel!

(La la-la-la...)
Have reindeer will travel!

Now I've got toys especially for boys
The old bear 'Applesauce'
And for the girls a dolly with curls
A present from Santa Claus

West of the moon and beyond the stars
Over the world I go
Wherever good little children are
From island to isthmus
'Round midnight each Christmas
Have reindeer - will travel!

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