Johnny Cash - Greystone Chapel Lyrics

Inside the walls of prison my body may be,
But my Lord has set my soul free.

There's a grey stone chapel here at Folsom,
A house of worship in this den of sin.
You wouldn't think that God had a place here at Folsom,
But he saved the soul of many lost men.

Now this grey stone chapel here at Folsom,
Stands a hundred years old made of granite rock.
It takes a ring of keys to move here at Folsom,
But the door to the house of God is never locked.

Inside the walls of prison my body may be
But the Lord has set my soul free.

There are men here that don't ever worship.
There are men here who scoff at the ones who pray.
But I've got down on my knees in that grey stone chapel,
And I've thanked the Lord for helping me each day.

Now this grey stone chapel here at Folsom,
It has a touch of God's hand on every stone.
It's a flower of light in a field of darkness,
And it's given me the stregth to carry on.

Inside the walls of prison my body may be,
But my Lord has set my soul free.

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Johnny Cash Greystone Chapel Comments
  1. marcel fortin

    the … so called house of god , is never closed , because so-called god lives only in people's imagination and is inserted into children's brains while they were too young to see how a GOD IDEA is sooooo ridiculous ! I truly feel sorry for all children who were pre destined to be brain-washed by the very evil forces of religion all over the world... and in the end, the ONLY ones who profit monetarily are the heads of these crooked institutes.. all this from a brain washed x catholic turned atheist and so happy I did …..I am no longer affected by the bonds of Catholicism which as a child only filled me with fear ,guilt ,remorse and shame !

    DinoBank Productions

    I'm praying for ya buddy, God bless.

    Robert Allen

    It's all about you isn't it?I personally think that people like you who demand everybody to mark you set are a lot more harmful than people who believe budddddsh jesus the list goes on another 30 seconds.get bent and leave people alone we re not interested in some jackanapes yours for example.

  2. Big Daddy Rabbit

    Is that from your book? No that's Johnny Cash.

    - Book of Eli -

    The Chicken fried Redneck

    I love that movie!!! Not just because my name is also Eli.

  3. SaltyBoi UWU

    There's something about this song that makes me feel better about life in particular


    . . . . and the door to the House of God is never locked ------
    Man, that nearly gets me to tears every time.

  5. Christopher Walker

    One of my favorite songs on the album

  6. Hiddn-_-

    It’s almost sad how this song is better than a lot of the top 40 and it was by someone from the 1960s who had been in prison for probably years.

  7. erikcarrillo33

    idk why so many people are bringing up their religion in the comments. This is a genuinely good song you don't have to be a man of Faith to truly enjoy this song. Im atheist but this song has been on my playlist for years. I don't see what your religion has to do with enjoying good music with some real emotion behind it.


    @Hiddn-_- Did you read the full comment? Where's the irony?


    “I’m atheist”


    erikcarrillo33 --- You don't have a relationship with God so I don't expect you to understand how the hair on my body rises when I hear this song. It's a very spiritual song about a guy who is in prison but refuses to let his soul be. His soul is free because of the House of Worship where he maintains a relationship with God. As a prisoner, everything has been taken from him except his love of God and they can't take that from him.

  8. Joseph Davoren

    Here because of the book of Eli

  9. Enio Carlos

    Vim aqui por causa do livro de eli

  10. Jray6

    Rip glen

  11. Neill clague

    The door to the house of god is never locked.

    The Chicken fried Redneck

    Well it aint gonna stay open much longer. Times running out.

  12. John Oakes

    One of his best!

  13. President Cater

    I'm an atheist but nah I'm just kidding I'm a Christian


    haha nice one
    God's Great

  14. Redemption Expressions

    God bless Johnny Cash. 🙏

  15. Kid Shanks

    Why are half of the comments "I'm an atheist but..." like no one gives a fuck what you are, just listen to the legend and absorb the message.

    Jeffrey Horton

    First rule of being in the Athiest Club....Tell Everyone you're an atheist!

    Stink Fistula

    it's easier to spell than SPIRITUAL

  16. Jimmy Hines

    love this song

  17. Boosh TV

    This song is perfect, even for those who are not very religious because the message is so powerful. It never fails to bring tears to my eyes, and I thank you for posting it.

  18. Wise General MMA

    I'm atheist and genuinely enjoy this song. So fun to sing along to old records.

    Wise General MMA

    Exactly. I'm sure we all have something that makes us feel a similar way.


    +LARRY FORBES Yes, The Bible....... Second only to the Koran as the greatest work of fiction ever perpetrated by mankind.......


    +Wise General MMA The great thing about a work of art is that different people can enjoy it for different reasons. That this song was written in the context of religious freedoms in a place of confinement makes it especially applicable to people to people who exercise that freedom to be athiest. Have an excellent day.


    Came here after watching Book of eli(2010) again. Not disappointed

    Kenny Dobbins

    I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints aka Mormon church and I love this song.

  19. Dana Bause

    Thanks Adham for posting this, and the words too! Much appreciated! God Bless you.

    adham mardawi

    you are very welcome
    and God bless you

    you can send me orders for johnny cash's songs or anything for johnny cash
    There is no problem my friend

    husky Harris

    adham mardawi Can u get jonny singing if u Could read my mind please