John Waite - Restless Heart Lyrics

Three years come
I'm still alone and you're so lonely
I look in the mirror
I see those lines on my face
All of my dreams are gone
Flyin' with the starlings
But they were not stolen gems
Colored glass I can replace
You've got a restless heart
Restless change is blowing
through your life
Tears in your eyes
Tears in the books that I've been reading
I don't understand you now
And I never did
But I still love your restless heart
Days into nights
Nights into days
Lights flicker 'round me
And down to the shore I walk
I'm haunted by your face
Ungracious moves I've made
Just like a broken dancer
If I could get you back
They are steps I would retrace
You've got a restless heart
Restless change is blowing through your life
Tears in your eyes
Tears in the books that I've been reading
I don't understand you now
And I never will
But I still love your restless heart
Three years come
You're still alone and I'm so alone
And I would give anything
To feel my heart beat again
I wouldn't say that I've been losin' time
I've been dreaming
And I'd give up anything to keep you as my friend
You've got a restless heart
Restless change is blowing through your life
Tears in your eyes
Tears in the books I've been reading
I don't understand you now
And I never did
But I love you
And I know you've got a restless heart
(Restless heart)
I know you've got a restless heart (in you)
(Restless heart)
I know (in you)
You got a restless heart (heart)
And I know it (in you)
You got a restless heart (heart)
you got a restless heart (in you)
I know it (heart)
But I'm just like you (in you)
Just like you

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John Waite Restless Heart Comments
  1. GoodLucK BoY

    Жал конце плохо
    Ну кому-то хорошо

  2. Kenny H

    Easy come, easy go!

  3. 私は元・のら猫

    当時、日本でもMTVが放送されてました。懐かしいです。ファンです。LPレコードを今も持っています。名曲をありがとうございます。( ´-`)💕

  4. Ed Castillo

    One of the best albums of the '80's.

  5. karliane dias

    Música linda! Estou viciada ❤

    Bruno alves

    Então você gosta de baladas de rock. Recomendo essa:

    karliane dias

    @Bruno alves adoro!

  6. liselle sloan

    Who is this model? Was she in any other videos? She kind of looks like a young Elizabeth Taylor here.

  7. Bryon Monohon

    Am I the only person in the world in love with the gas station attendant girl?

    G P

    Yeah she's a cutie too!

  8. Layse Ramires


  9. Lisa Gedda

    All great movies singers and more in the 80s please bring back more again

  10. Rocking Rolling

    Fantastic track from a killer album. Thanks for posting this full clip. Awesome 😎 👏🏼✨🎸

  11. instructme

    Thinkyouknowmusic on Twitter brought me here.

  12. Richie B

    Yeah, English guys can rock American stuff. This has a Bruce feel to it. Great voice.

  13. Lori Tanner

    If only 😍

  14. Arnulfo Martinez Martinez

    2018 hearing john waite songs is soooo great

  15. David Tluscik

    Did ANYONE NOTICE, Glenn Fry, Checking Out Jon's Girl, Momentarily In This Video?!?! It's Him My Ole Friend!🥁🎸🎹🎤🎶🔊🎼🔊😎WORD TO GLENN, We Miss You Ole Buddy💔❤🙏🙌God Bless You See You In Heaven Broski!

    Joyce Hackett

    Hey David....I hadn't noticed!! Thanks.... that's cool trivia!!! You have a good eye, Sir!!


    It's not Glenn Frey. Sorry.

  16. Joe Hornbuckle

    What a great song!

  17. Ted Lewis

    This song brings me back to high school. I saw him as one of my first concerts with my first real girlfriend. Good times

  18. hirskdubbi

    Different version of song and video

  19. Sara Ismail-Sutton

    And I still don't understand you...but I love your restless heart 💕

  20. Neesha Dias

    Great song

  21. Roxanne Larrieu

    💖🎸🎹🎼🎶🎼🎶🎼🎶🎼🎶THE LEGEND John Waite  with a Gold talent and a beautiful voice I Love the video<<<<<<< >>>>>>👒🌹

  22. Steve Mandl

    this puts me to sleep

    Thatone Dude

    Because you don't know good music.

  23. Roxanne Larrieu

    [THE LEGEND ] 💖  Cette  artiste` avec du talent en Or !!!!!!! 💖  🎸🎹🎼🎶🎼🎶🎼🎶🎼🎶 T’à une voix juste magnifiqueJOHN WAITE _Pour moi
    la plus belle version romantique d'amour_a un indémodable_indépassable_Je adore la chanson 👒🌹

  24. Roxanne Larrieu

    He would have stayed with the girl of the gas station _ but [ what is in your heart never change ]👒🌹

  25. Squirrel Attackspidy

    Well that sucked. Chicks. You can't live with them. You can't get new one when you stop at a gas station.

  26. randall scott burress

    Did the Coo coo nest bring you here?

  27. Skippy the punk

    Answer me this, is the old man the mechanic? Because the mechanic on duty sign appears then disappears then at the end it appears. What's the guff?

  28. Marshall Lancaster

    Loved since '85.....take it over " Missin' You," which I also like

  29. TV MAX

    Linda música!!!, há muito tempo não a ouvia!!!, OBRIGADO POR POSTAR!!!

  30. Joel Panetta Online

    This one sounds very Baby's influenced. Always an awesome tune.

  31. W C

    So she steals his hamburger and leaves him?

    Martin Sloan

    Will Cottle a good burger is hard to find

  32. James Connolly

    Does he. have. A Greatest Hits out by now I love John Waite.

  33. TheHungaryJack

    John Waite gave us some pretty forgettable songs. This is not one of them. Love this tune. Maybe it's the slide guitar...

  34. connie mcclellan

    awesome song

  35. Gabriel Rearte

    Extremely well done.

  36. Water Fall

    My favorite John Waite song..

    Who would've thought an English man can write and sing a great country type song.


    And 20 years later, he has If You Ever Get Lonely! I prefer his version over Love and Theft!

  37. ourwayne

    God, I love John Waite..

  38. Chrissy L

    one of the first songs I remember seeing on MTV love it!

  39. Ric Degre

    I love this song and have forever

  40. Marcos Pedro

    Que canción por Dios!!!!!

  41. Steve h

    very wonderfull to relive moments in time with the same woman I've been listening with for over 36 years thanks for the memories john!

  42. Frederick Glasser

    Man could he write, could he perform, could he create video sagas, and best of all... The Greatest Voice in Rock History.

  43. Dan Mahoney

    John still Cranking it out today some 30 years after this awesome tune. Awesome Artist. Fan of many years.

  44. Steve Cooke

    John Waite (like JT & Marvin) has one of those voices who could win a Grammy by just reading the phone book. Love it!

  45. Rita Anderson

    INTO THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME! Simply go to the link below,
    and add your name to the petition on that official page!

  46. Wilfrid Voynich

    Great song and video. It was filmed at 37202 90th Street East and Avenue S in Palmdale California. It also served as the location for ZZ Top's Gimme All Your Lovin' video and the final scene of The Terminator. It's now a homogeneous Quickie Mart, void of its original charm.

    Lauren Dion

    a 1999 episode of XFiles was fimed there...the place was set on fire...

    Jas .***

    That's some great insight guys. Thanks

  47. Jim Lloyd

    great singer

  48. ourwayne

    Love John's voice.  So many good tunes with the Babys  and Bad English.  My favorites are his solo work.

  49. Ray Jordan

    Amazing song and love the video story line. Genius western guitar influence by Gary Myrick. By far one of my all time favorite 80's rock songs. Makes me think of simpler times in the 80s.

  50. liselle sloan

    3:32-7:00--As Paris would say, "That's hot!!!"

    aron ra dillahunty for God

    And I'm saying hot got nothing on you

  51. George Burke

    That chic is superhot...............Too bad she's a cheating HUER!!!!!!

  52. Walter Mirren

    Only 416 "Likes" for John Fucking Waite? What a beautiful man and voice. 30 years later he still sounds the same. AND he chats with his fans on Facebook.

    Maria Shahid

    Dump people nowdays listening to Mily Cyrus ..Bieber etc... They don't know real music and singers ... I'm afraid that slowly indie bands and singers like John Waite are gonna disappear ...

    David Tluscik


    David Tluscik


    Joyce Hackett

    @David Tluscik Well said Sir, and so VERY true!!

    randall scott burress

    maybe just this song cause we know he's GREAT!!!!

  53. Christian Ruiz

    temonnnnnnnn, excelente vìdeo

  54. Carlos Braun

    One of the best songs i have ever heard

  55. midsummernightsdream

    you guys should watch his new video "If anybody had a heart", classic80'smusic channel posted it  days ago!


    +abc 123 always loved that song!!!!


    +abc 123 oh yeah.?.. i listened this song about 1 month ago... wow thats great.. never thought that man make great song like that..

  56. Ryan Hagge

    this guy got me bad as a kid...hes still cool!!!

  57. Mr. Chip

    I always thought this was john parr!!

  58. trailboyus66

    Just down the road from "100 yards over the rim" here in The Twilight Zone..

  59. María Mary Miriam

    All of GOD's angels have restless hearts.... that is why they also have to observe boundaries to avoid falling from grace. 


    Only one God.

  60. G P

    Who is the girl in this? Anybody know? She looks very familiar!

    Jamie Martinez

    Dont know but the other man checking her out at the bar is a young Russel Crowe

  61. R C Nelson

    The picture of the Chevy brought me here.  That was my first car, station wagon and all.  It was an old car even then.  Stovebolt six, three on the tree, them was the days.

  62. G P

    Loved this song, and the whole album!! Great video...a lot of it is the high desert in California near Palmdale/Lancaster. I recognize the tunnel in the early part of the video, and I'm pretty sure it's on the road up towards Mt. Baldy Village.

  63. Bunny Towne

    Love John Waite but he doesn't get the recognition that he well deserves.He sounds great and looks great now in 2014.He is still singing.Love him The 8o's he was awesome.

    Chris Pineo

    Bunny Towne a radio station actually tagged him as a one hit wonder. I was like what?

  64. heapy254

    brilliant song from a brilliant artist.

  65. Randall Batten

    Yes David H , I am going to Riverfest also

  66. david h

    Anybody going to see John 7/26 at the St. Clair Riverfest  Palmer Park Mi ? I am for sure! Hope some of you can make it.

  67. david h

    Great song, great video by a very underrated artist. Rock on John!

  68. Joe Sanchez

    Brings memories back from a long time ago

  69. Richard Rhiew

    Never knew there was a video! LOL. This was one of my favorite songs on that album. Always reminded me of Wuthering Heights for some reason, that tragic romance.

    David Tluscik

    MTV From Back In THE KICKASS DAYS OF "REAL", ROCK 'N' ROLL!🎷🎸🎹🎺🥁🔊🎵🔊🎼

  70. Ladies , Here's a real man ! He has shared his 'sensitive'side ' with the world ! Has held nothing back from his fans ! His search for True love & the heartache, the kind of love songs that make us hope" He has found that Special someone ", or those times ,when he shares that ' Look ' ( deep into our eyes, into our souls ...) make us want  to just 'melt' ! I think his Lyrics are the Spiritual prose of a true Poet . Food for the soul & a cure for a broken spirit ...John shares his stories so that we know we are not alone , loneliness becomes a part of life we all go through ; but he shows us that " Life goes on , it's part of ' The Process ' . There's learning how to be ok w/ being alone , and that 'Loneliness' isn't forever, 


    @[email protected] he's a good singer

  71. QuestoDomini

    My favorite John Waite song ... never got enough play time on the radio back in the day, if you ask me.

    Water Fall

    I agree. I think this song is the best one he did as a solo artist. "Missing You" comes in second.

  72. shanie

    So many of the music videos from the '80s were very cinematic and told great little stories that really brought the songs to life. This is just one example. John Waite is not only an awesome singer/songwriter, but he always captured the look of the sensitive, tortured guy in his videos.

  73. Kevin Kosar

    One very very cool dude.Had his hairstyle back in 1984 when I had hair

  74. eleanor rigby

    There's a lot of Eagles on this song, especially when you listen to the lead riff, reminds me of Lying Eyes.

  75. WDPR ontheair

    John is awesome....first saw him live on May 6, 1980 with The Babys opening for Journey in Utica,NY. Then solo,Bad English,solo, seen him alot live...nice guy as I've talked to him a few times. Keep rockin John!!

  76. Nancy Gibson

    One of the best videos ever created. Very artistic and song is fantastic.

  77. Bunny Towne

    8*0's I loved John Waite and I kept up with him.Last year he came out with a new cd and I love it.Hes another great artist among others from the 80's!

  78. Fabian Mariani

    Nice ong and the best video i´ve ever seen..John Waite is a great artist

  79. brandy170

    first video of MTV that I remember

  80. Graham Hendry

    Didn't know this had a video to it ! Loved it when I 1st heard it back in the Summer of 85.
    If anyone wants to help support JW in his native UK then come join facebook group John Waite UK Fans !

  81. David Towne

    Your hair was great in restless heart perfect.Bunny

  82. Donna Cord

    The year I was legal!

  83. Costantino S.

    Beautiful song and video! I remember when I listened it first time, I was 15 years old!

  84. shigeto shii

    !!!!!good [moveing picture]

  85. ksr9t

    I remember the hose you would run over to let the attendant know you drove in That's been awhile back

  86. 1LovePT

    add another view here...great song...

  87. 1thepner

    I can't believe this has less than 2000 views. This was a great song, lyrically one of his best. A great, great singer. Man, the world could use a guy like this today on the airwaves. But thanks to my nephews/nieces, yeah, we have what we have....thanks for the upload & memories!!!!!!!!!! Tony in Sherwood

  88. Mikesdailyjukebox

    Favorite John Waite video, love how he looks at the girl at the bar!

  89. Ric Degre

    this will always be my favorite John Waite song

  90. Jim Martinez

    3:04 a young Russell Crowe

  91. Jim Martinez

    My uncle worked on this music video in 84 or 85 out in The high desert in LA. Great song and great artist...They just don't have songs like this sad!!