John Maus - No Title (Molly) Lyrics

Come on!
She pretty pretty, she's pretty with it
My kitty is pretty
My Molly in the city
Come on!

She's in the city, she's in the city
The city, the city, the city, my Molly in the city
Come on!

It's such a pity she's in the city
My pretty, my pretty, my Molly
My Molly in the city
Yeah, come on! huh

I will hold you in my arms
I will hold you in my arms tonight
I will hold you in my arms
Again again and again
For the first time
And again for the first time
Again, again

Oh she pretty pretty, she pretty with it
I get it, so pretty
My Molly is in the city
Oh come on!
She's in the city and she too pretty
I get it, it's busy
Busy 'cause she's living in the city
Come on!

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John Maus No Title (Molly) Comments
  1. Marix Marixpulp

    Similar to C’est comme ca Les rita mitsouko. Nice!

  2. Tomas Alan

    the movie of 0:10:020 seconds is WICKED, WICKED, from 1973

  3. Agora

    where did these clips come from?

  4. Cerejo

    this one is my favorite
    i get the feeling of a guy who knows his relationship has gone downhill and his girlfriend is getting more and more distant and apathetic over time and he's helplessly trapped in a cycle of desperation and subsequent hope that everything will get better, because he still loves her a lot and she doesnt give any confirmation that she is going to actually leave him so he's just stuck until she actually does something
    well, at least he got a chance on romantic love. If she ever leaves him, he got that lucky to know how true love feels like. Its kind of an optimistic feeling, but its still filled with regret. Maybe if he didnt get so mad all the time and actually talked to her about what he is feeling she would'nt leave him, but maybe if he did everything nice and smooth she wouldnt love him at all. He knows she still loves him, but it looks like she's got a promising future and doesnt want to include him in all that. Isnt he enough for her? He should probably get a better job and higher education if he wants to keep her then. But why doesnt she love him like he is? He gets the constant feeling of not being enough and he's also jealous of everything she does. Why the fuck is he so dumb, man. She would probably like him more if he was an elegant and educated gentleman, but he doesnt like that. But i guess an effort to be more suitable for her wouldnt kill him. Well, relationships are dumb, anyways.

    Eamon Cowley

    Cerejo i love you man

    isabella oliveira

    yeah regret

    Boy Burger

    Why is this my relationship!! gf has been distant the passed year and finally broke it up with me few days ago I feel sorrow but being here listening to this helps me search for some type of motivating devotion.

  5. Tisha Iness

    Fuck I love this song and the video is so great❤️💛💚💙💜

  6. Burrito Gamer

    this is just magical, in that rare way

  7. A. M.

    Does anyone have a list of the movies used in this video?

  8. Tim Slee

    Another underrated gem by John Maus.

  9. Leon Harris

    I think about the mother of my daughter when I hear this.

  10. Roe Laophermsook

    great song

  11. Ben Seifert

    I seen a titty

  12. Casanova Frankenstein 33 and Z Turd Burglar

    Randy Mandy Come Out! Come Out! Where-ever T'you Is....... Randy Mandy! Where Art T'you......

    Casanova Frankenstein 33 and Z Turd Burglar

    Don't T'you Get It, My Dear..... I've Come All Z' Ways V'from Z' Land Of Redcar, To Be Near T'you......

  13. Christopher Fernandez

    born too late... wait... a minute...

  14. Christopher Fernandez

    losing my mind in china

  15. Perdù Dans La Mer

    The best of the weridos tho

  16. locksh

    I have a hard time digesting just how good this song is. I can't think of a single thing wrong with it. It's just so perfect in every single possible way. All the stars allign

    Ely Galvin

    hey just saw you in the comments of a Oneohtrix Point Never video, you have good taste!

    Tim Slee

    Welcome to the Maus club!

  17. marty one

    some great songs are better off left to the imagination

  18. Stephanie Cafarella


  19. J. Montrice

    This sounds different than the Demo version, I like the demo version better

  20. JT Nelson

    anyone have a list of the films used?

  21. Raining Outside

    This is insanely catchy.

  22. Justin Rios


  23. Moonchild

    What are the movies used here, please?

    Justin Rios

    Moonchild Godzilla


    Thanx, but it looks like horror slasher movies. Maybe there is not only Godzilla here?

    MacReady Fuck yeah

    0:37 movie : they caled her one eye

    Brandon Owens

    Moonchild 1:48-1:50 is The Centerfold Girls

    Tomas Alan

    0:10:020 is Wicked, wicked (1973)

  24. kaiii guerra

    clairo anyone?


    boy if u don't getcho


    kaiii guerra piss off

  25. Blank Slate

    @Clairo brought me here

    kaiii guerra

    Buddhas Cocaine same lol


    @kaiii guerra L A M E

  26. Renjith Rs Rajendran


  27. pjchmiel

    Brilliant collection of clips you've edited together here, a visual feast that made me laugh aloud a couple of times. Very interesting combined with this great song, thank you.

  28. Jeffrey Brown

    love the editing, very John Maus esque, however I feel inaccurate for the song


    well, jeffrey, no one asked, and frankly, no one answered


    Get out

  29. toshiru mifune

    what are the films?

    Brandon Owens

    carolinerailroad One of them is Mothra; another is an obscure 1974 slasher called The Centerfold Girls. Makes me curious as to what the rest are.

  30. Trentytre

    Gil culiaoo


    Longi inculiableeee

    Michael Garin Reinoso

    Que es grato ver a un chileno en los comentarios.... Ctmre!

  31. dane kennedy

    agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain aagaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain and agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain for the first time

  32. therealartistproper

    she's in the cittyyyyy... Coommoooawn]

    PK Ness

    shes pretty

    dane kennedy

    Shes pretty with it

    Lola Lunita


  33. Jack Doss

    but is he calling out molly Nilson or is he saying he'd fight for her ahhhh?!?!?!

    ade carmina

    his heart belonged to the girl from bennington

  34. Caligula138

    John Maus 4 EVA!!!

    Jewels Dakota

    glad youve discovered john maus and his musics implicit whiteness, brother. its tribute to the gods no?


    Very implicit

    Ryan Smith

    Jewels Dakota Ahh, a white supremacist. Disgusting.

    Proper name

    Jewels Dakota Pls don't touch me

    Cecilia Martinez

    it's funny because Maus's ideology is immensely far from white supremacy but i guess these folks are unable to listen properly

  35. volcano804

    I can't believe more people haven't watched this. GREAT VIDEO!!

    Justin Rios

    volcano804 because they're to busy with their stupid mumble rap hip hop shit

    Helly Kerbert

    some people have watched it

    isabella oliveira

    @Justin Rios everything is great

    isabella oliveira

    @Helly Kerbert i did