John Maus - Hey Moon Lyrics

I know it's been so long
Since we saw each other last

I'm sure we'll find some way
To make the time pass

Hey moon
It's just you and me tonight
Everyone else is asleep
Hey moon
If I was to fall
I would fall so deep

Though I doubt I'm gonna
You can wake me up if you wanna

And your pale, round face
Makes me feel at home in any place
I would happen to be
At a quarter past three

The moon chased the sun out of the sky
Goodbye sun
The night's begun

The moon chased the sun out of the sky
Goodbye sunshine
The night is mine

Hey moon
It's just you and me tonight
Everyone else is asleep
Hey moon
If I was to fall
I would fall so deep

Though I doubt I'm gonna
You can wake me up if you wanna

I would hate for you to hang there alone
The whole night through

Hey moon
My old friend
Hey moon
The night is coming to and end
Hey moon
Come back soon

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John Maus Hey Moon Comments
  1. Gatyse

    Its 1:25 AM I had miserable day, I am thinking about life. No crying.. just deep thinking.

  2. Callaboose

    Happy new years guys, my family is partying, doing weed, socializing, here I lie, slowly fading from reality.

  3. Finbarr O Herlihy


  4. Jem Zu

    That sketch always broke my heart.

  5. tigerburn81

    You were fond of me lobster! Say it!

  6. GuyFieri

    Look at these conservative neckbeards trying to latch onto a cool liberal artist. Cool conservative art doesn’t exist, fuck off and stick to ted nugent.

  7. degreis

    who else is here for the Netflix Elite scene?

    Mr. MacKenzie

    No one idiot we're here for MDE.

  8. Dominic Scalia

    very Nick Cave

  9. Winter rosse

    Hi lenny 💛

  10. Hollow Moon

    void your desktop hamster this is real pyschic energy

  11. ZombieBobSponge

    Is the singing supposed to be like that? It sounds uncanny as fuck

    J. D.

    Yes? Don't know what you mean, there's just a lot of echo

  12. Shaha man

    Why on earth comment section is full of suicidal comments? This song is so beautiful, why are you trying to ruin it?

  13. Potatoman Man


  14. Cirrus

    tf are all these comments are about
    im just here because of john maus smh

    Mr. MacKenzie

    ok anime profile

  15. Krokussify

    it was over before it even began

  16. Haleema

    I think of Valerio and Lu when I listen to this song. Makes me hella sad

  17. isakasyv

    doomer music

  18. Slazer


  19. Dark Star King

    Together, we can all make it. Through the darkest hours of the night.

  20. Daniel Sotelo

    I'm your 1000th subscriber😂💀

  21. stentor


  22. Justi. N

    Idk why people are taking this as sad instead of rather embracing it as beautiful. Am I missing something?

    Fick MyDick

    Subjectivity awareness.

  23. Dominic Scalia

    Got some Nick Cave vibes

  24. stephen roldan

    Molly Nillson


    Cool!!!!! Thanks for the lyrics you added! :D

  26. Justin Price

    The female singing is Molly Nilsson

  27. Anano ._.

    ჰეი მთვარევ.
    მთვარე ჩემი ყველაზე ახლო მეგობარია იცით?
    ყოველთვის მისმენს და არასდროს მტოვებს, ხანდახან მეცეკვება ხოლმე.
    ეს სიმღერა თენგოს მახსენებს იმიტომ რომ თენგო მთვარეა ჩემი და თენგო მთვარეა ყველასი, ასეთი ადამიანია თენგო.
    ჰო და უმთავრესი, ეს სილამაზე ლელამ დამილინკა.
    დიდებულმა ლელამ.
    თქვენ არ იცით რა ბედნიერებაა რომ ლელა არის თან ჩემთვისაც არის.
    ბევრ სიხარულს იმსახურებს მთვარე თენგოც და საოცარი ლელაც, თქვენც და ყველაც საერთოდ❤

  28. Hari Seldon

    This song is EXCLUSIVELY for listening to when its late at night

  29. SimplyleppA

    I always think of Bear in the Big Blue House

  30. Colin Fowler

    Sucks going to jail at 20 and coming out at 40 to Clown World.

  31. Austin Bell

    You can’t win if you don’t play.

    Snake eyes.

  32. nelly691000

    this is the music to teach at every level of your youth.

  33. holydrones

    This is the saddest most loveliest song I have ever found

  34. Migel Madara senju

    *Nick, You tripped my Wife!!!*

  35. Carolina Cristiane

    Elite brought me here!

  36. Lord of Malice


  37. street food hong tv

    Hi, I'm uploading street food in Korea. There are not many subscribers yet, but I want to communicate with each other.I'm going to subscribe to you. Will you come to my channel too?

    The Almighty Inglorious Bastard

    Street Food? What's going on, big guy?

  38. Евгений Саруханянц

    I wish to hear that song when I die

  39. Tyler F

    still here as a fan of world peace. we're one people & one planet after all

    The Almighty Inglorious Bastard

    Sam's humor was unfortunately misconstrued and torn down by people who just didn't fucking get it.

  40. butthole surfer

    this is the song that plays at prom when ur date doesnt show up

  41. bluepaint mental

    10 years 40 years 200 years 500 years 700 years 1000000 years

  42. literal who

    si esto se llena de normalfags de elite me grabo metiéndome canicas por el ojete, gracias

    The Almighty Inglorious Bastard

    MDE nunca morirá!

  43. clitoris mold

    "Snake eyes"
    "You got a 5 and a 1"
    "Hell ya"

  44. Eric Quitugua

    wanna live, wanna live, live a life like miiiiine.

  45. Roman Slanov

    Doomer here ?

  46. tenoch garnica

    I prefer the original

  47. Michael

    2+ million listens, good

  48. Clyde Smith

    i used to stay up smoking menthols until the sun came up. this song was my cadence for a while

  49. Joe Castiglione

    Who’s here from elite ?

  50. unemployed gamer in society

    Blackpilled again

  51. noisy noisy very noisy

    Elite brought me here

  52. iknow thisone

    no moon in the image. mooncist.

  53. Whiskey

    Fight for [world peace]

  54. mabelsfatalfable

    Is she Molly Nilsson?

  55. Sheeraz Usmani

    Who's watchin in 2019? Snake eyes


    You rolled 5 and 1.

    C. B.



    Everyone sees the timestamp. Don't cheapen this.


    @Killerstar13 Can't win if you don't play.


    Been consuming fish oil. I'm not even suicidal anymore

  56. chainsawninjalcemist

    Made, in georgia.

  57. its oussamazaidi

    Elite brought me here ...😍🇩🇿

    Flo Na

    Same here

  58. A Peters

    Sadly this song is the only thing that relates to me now. It's crazy how friends drift away and become caricatures of people that you all used to make fun of. People you love become people you are just attached to, only because of what they were at some point in the past. Our species lives a very painful life, no matter which path you take. Yea, I'm (very) drunk. But I come back here every time I'm feeling the pain.

    Tyler F

    existence is suffering

  59. M' Lizzle

    Valerio y Lu? ❤ #Élite

    The Almighty Inglorious Bastard

    Sam y Charls? 😔💔 #WorldPeace

  60. Ŧคкค

    valerio lu..

  61. Rosa Mohabatpour

    Elite season 2✌️

  62. Glevelyn Marcano

    Sept 2019 I'm here because Netflix's Elite. Valerio & Lucrecia song

    Visuals Lee

    wrong answer

  63. Ruben29

    E L I T E ♦️

  64. rochefive

    you rolled a six and a one

  65. Julianna Vivas

    Elite brought me here💜

  66. Lorelai M

    Whoever picks the music for Netflix shows has good taste, and it has to be the same person because I've heard more John Maus songs in Netflix shows than anywhere else and there's no way more than one person at Netflix knows about him

  67. Radhika Nath

    Elite 💓

  68. Esteban_Gunn

    So apparently we've been flooded with normies from some Netflix show...

    Tisha Iness

    Esteban_Gunn NOOOOOO!!! lol I don't know what they are talking about I'm just a JM fan and Molly is pretty dope as well...

    Harry Burrows

    What show was it

    Julian Velázquez

    @Harry Burrows Look up a sketch called "The Man Who would never be what they wanted him to be" from the show Million Dollar Extreme.

    Harry Burrows

    Julian Velázquez thanks so much dude

    Julian Velázquez

    @Harry Burrows No problem man. Hope you enjoy the sketch.

  69. saint kiddo

    Elit is lit😍❤️

  70. Sara.

    Elite season 2 :)

  71. tarl warwick

    listening to this for the second time and just realised this song is in world peace RIP MDE

  72. Sebastian Waldorf

    Who‘s here because of elite?

  73. Dorland Pohang

    ELITE Saison 2, Episode 1.

  74. Aus Tronaut

    15 years from now I’m gonna stumble on this song again and when that day comes I hope the meme isn’t real.

  75. Luiza hülkenberg


  76. asair

    is anyone else confused as to where all of the referential comments are coming from or is that just me

  77. gabecrow

    so many shitty nazis in this comment section defending sam hyde

    youre aware the only reason he didnt disavow sam was because he never met him personally and didnt want to put down the work of the people who approached him to go on the show, right

    Rum Ham

    Don't overuse the term Nazi. There are actual national socialists out there, and these people are not them.


    @Rum Ham sorry, lemme rephrase that:

    so many shitty white supremacists in this comment section defending sam hyde

    Tyler F

    he can't keep getting away with it

    J. D.

    "never met him personally"
    John Maus slept on a floor with the crew. That's what he said, in an interview during the controversy. Charls still attends his live shows.

    J. D.

    @Lorelai M
    Maus is (was?) a Communist but since genderqueer neoliberal consumers are now considered the "left" it's questionable where he'd be on a flat spectrum.

    Plus if you ever bothered reading his papers or watched interviews you'd know he's not coherent politically.

  78. Ficklepanda

    Doomers have joined the chat

  79. Ynot_44

    >11:55 pm
    >All your friends are out at partries, in relationships, having fun
    >be in college and home with my family everyones asleep and l can't do anything
    >Play Doomer realizing life sucks at times

    Liam Irwin me


    Something that isn't about Sam, damn. Why are you a doomer man?

    Shizu Racon

    Depression is life


    @Shizu Racon ain't that the truth

  80. Baby Angel

    bishop ily bro ull see this one day ily lov neekussss

  81. Hartkorcraft

    To The Moon

  82. Bruce Butthole

    In love with my loneliness

  83. elijah kingston

    I've been in long island the whole time, I don't know what you're talking about

  84. Thom Jay

    snake eyes

  85. maría naz

    These lyrics!!!! I really love the moon and find such a great comfort in the night time atmosphere when she's there. Can't explain it but these lyrics do it for me

  86. charlie blfa

    watching the moon rise to this song is an indescribable feeling

  87. Robert Smalls

    World Peace sure used some good songs in its soundtrack. It was a great show that got cheated off the air. It was more than some funny late night Adult Swim show... it was actual art. It’s just a shame the establishment mainstream media is afraid of real freedom of expression.

  88. Robert Smalls

    “Snake Eyes...”
    “You got a five, and a one.”
    “Hell yeah.”

  89. Lynx Dominance

    What a wonderful tune...

  90. Shawn

    How am I just now listening to this song?!?!

  91. H.S.

    Full moon - August 15, 2019.