John Mark McMillan - How He Loves (Alternate) Lyrics

He is jealous for me
Loves like a hurricane
I am a tree
Bending beneath
The weight of his
Wind and mercy
When all of a sudden
I am unaware of these
Afflictions eclipsed by glory
And I realize how
Beautiful you are
And how great
Your affections are for me

Oh how he loves us so
Oh how he loves us
How he loves us so

So we are his portion
And he is our prize
Drawn to redemption by the grace
In his eyes
If grace is an ocean
We're all sinking
So heaven meets earth
Like a sloppy wet kiss
And my heart turns violently inside
Of my chest
I don't have time
To maintain these regrets
When I think about (the way)

That he loves us
He loves us
He loves us
He loves
He loves us
He loves us
He loves us
He loves

He loves us
He loves us
He loves us
He loves
He loves us
He loves us
He loves us
He loves

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John Mark McMillan How He Loves (Alternate) Comments
  1. Nina Schouten

    Dad, i would like to believe that you're in a better place now, but i don't. You didn't deserve to die. You still had a whole life in front of you. But you're with God now and he takes care of you. And He takes care of us. I miss you dad, and i will forever love you. Your daughter.❤

  2. Peter Urie Bae

    Sitting in cafe listening to this and telling myself, dont cry dont cry dont cry dont cry dont cry

  3. BobbyRobinsPro

    Wikipedia: The song has sentimental meaning for McMillan, who wrote it following the death of a dear friend who, during a church staff meeting, prayed out loud "If it would shake the youth of a nation, I will give my life today." McMillan was awakened in the middle of the same night by a phone call; the friend had been killed in a car crash.[4] The song took more than a year to surface in the Christian mainstream, but has gone on to become a commonly played worship song on Christian radio and throughout church organizations.[citation needed]

    Rose Claire

    This touched my heart profoundly. Blessings.


    @Rose Claire Amen!

  4. Penatrice Mcgowan

    You are the devil j4k

  5. Mary Lee

    Ty Jesus

  6. J35h13

    Great song for sure. Reminds me of Clapton's version of "Please Be With Me". Strong medicine.

  7. Isaiah Odom

    Certified banger

  8. Jamal Williams

    A sloppy wet kiss????

  9. TheChristianFairy

    There was a family in our church that lost their 5 year old boy. I feel like the last verse is very applicable to them because they still go to worship and participate with the church community even when most people would give up hope completely

  10. kayla banks

    I thank God everything he done for me and I wish that Andrew know God before he pass away in Sept but he did not know God before he die it make me cry everyday

  11. Ireland Robinson

    *Peace* be with you.

  12. Beafy Chicken

    I am not christian but this song is so beautifully composed. I can't help but get emotional when i hear it

  13. RemedyFire

    this is the original song thats by JMM. Love you bro thank you for it. i love the original lyrics.

  14. august blair

    I'm sorry if someone doesn't want to hear this but I feel something telling me to say this,I been dealing with suicidal thoughts,depression,and self harm.Only a few of my friends know my parents do not know because i don't want them to be ashamed of me,A few minutes ago I wanted to kill myself so i turned on some happy anti depression music and this song came and I don't know it brought me to tears,god sent his only son to die on the cross for us because he loves us but i'm here feeling empty and unloved,but this song,makes me not want to die,makes me remember he loves me.Everyone if you are dealing with the same thing don't do what i did and start straying from god because he will help you are just at the judgement table or what ever it is called.thank you for reading and understanding,

  15. Mahima Khess

    I have never heard any singer cry in his song..somehow, when I heard other versions I was not satisfied...found the original and its the best!

  16. Kyleroo

    He wrote this for a great friend, Stephen.

    On November 2, 2002. While Stephen, McMillan's friend was praying, he loudly shouted
    "I'd give my life today if it would shake the youth of the nation."

    At the night of the same day, he died in a car crash due to serious injuries.
    After that, many people came to their church.

    I know, a great friend is standing at the Gates of Heaven. Waiting to enjoy the feast with you, him, the souls you saved and the Lord.

  17. Mr Peco

    yeah this is the original original

  18. Mackenzie C.

    My boyfriend’s best friend passed 4 months before we met. He sang this song at his friend’s funeral. Every time this song comes on both of us cry because we know how much God loves us even if we feel so hurt by Him. We are now youth pastors at our church and are planning on having a series surrounding this song so that we can explain to our students that through hardships we need to lean on God. Not only that, but it’s OKAY to lament and curse God. A good part of Psalms is lamentation and questioning God but it all leads back to no matter what, God loves us and is in control. God bless all of you, and if you’re coming here because of a loss, know that God is with you and loves you.

  19. Oliver Lagda

    my bestfriend who is a co-leader in our church died 3 weeks ago... im still grieving about it today. we both knew this song when hes alive. but i never thought this is the context of the lyrics. the song brings comfort to my disturbed mind. God must have reason for everything

  20. Ulan S.

    Father, you've been gone too long. I'm 32 now, you left when I was 11 but I still miss you and I think about you more and more now that I'm older. Send my regards to everyone in heaven.


    remember Kim Walker!

  22. Magie Blanton

    one of my favorites to worship too. Thank you, thank you for always being there, always finding ways to speak to us , bringing healing in so many ways. it's beautiful . I love u to Jesus.

  23. hotman718

    Thanks for blessing us with this song. Glory to Jesus

  24. Amory R

    I remember the moment I heard this song, I think it was this version first 💕

  25. Megan Shaffer

    I cry every time I listen to this.


    awesome song...godbless

  27. Marcokun

    I thought about you

    The day Stephen died

    And you met me between my breaking

    I know that I still love you God

    Despite the agony

    See people they want to tell me your cruel

    But if Stephen could sing

    He'd say its not true

    Cause you're good

    Ryan Edwardson

    I get why the artists covering this song have dropped the last verse, but my goodness this song is even more powerful when you know John Mark wrote it the day after his best friend died.



    Pabriel Gomez

    Who WAS Stephen?


    @Pabriel Gomez His friend, theres more explanation in the comments

    Lizard Lips

    Every time i hear this part. I think this was ALSO exactly how the Apostles and early disciples felt in the Bible when Stephen, the first recorded martyr, died. Chokes me up every time.

    Acts 7

    54 When the members of the Sanhedrin heard this, they were furious and gnashed their teeth at him. 55 But Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit, looked up to heaven and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God. 56 “Look,” he said, “I see heaven open and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God.”

    57 At this they covered their ears and, yelling at the top of their voices, they all rushed at him, 58 dragged him out of the city and began to stone him. Meanwhile, the witnesses laid their coats at the feet of a young man named Saul.

    59 While they were stoning him, Stephen prayed, “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.” 60 Then he fell on his knees and cried out, “Lord, do not hold this sin against them.” When he had said this, he fell asleep.

    I am sure the way John sings the last verse is exactly how the early Church felt at the exact same moment they lost their Stephen too. Beautiful

  28. Levi Strong

    How he loves, how deeply God loves us.

  29. TheBaneOfHe11

    John Mark McMillan lost his best friend after his best friend said he would die to bring more people to church and after his friend died more people started coming to church and John Mark McMillan I'm so sorry for your loss


    And I couldn't stop crying after I heard what I just said and the last part

  30. tulsi3

    Rocks me to the core. Cannot stop listening and then crying... Where can I buy this original song?


    iTunes has this song

  31. OGFalsrabbit

    I couldn't believe I never heard the original one... I usually don't cry listening to songs but when he started singing about his best friend and crying, I literary broke down in tears. God is good and no matter what you do he will always love you!

  32. Michel Dias

    Incrível como esse louvor sempre me impacta! Parece que estou ouvindo à primeira vez...

  33. Joseph Soto

    Anyone know off the top of their head what key this is in?

    A.j. De Mello

    key of "C"

    Ann Bennett

    C major

  34. Dontahontas Warrior

    This song is still so anointed after all these years ..Still moves my heart . God help us ,your children love as you love . Thank you for loving us.
    Love this song, I know Steven would too.

  35. Killer Miller

    unprofessionally recorded! i don't like hearing loud sniffling in my ear!

    Leslie Branch

    Then don't listen to it. I think it is beautiful, the raw emotion. He wrote this the day after his best friend died. Listen to the David Crowder version if you don't like the emotion that John Mark put into his song.


    It's actually a quite good recording. Of course, you are entitled to your opinion. We love playing this song at our church. I'd be interested in hearing some of your stellar examples, I'm sure they're amazing.

    Tiwaladeoluwa Adekunle

    Holli Arguelles He doesn't always take the pain away, but He always holds us through it. I hope things turn around for you soon!

    Frederico Ferreira

    voce é um babaca, cara! só morre!

    Jonathan Calderon

    But baby i could listen to listen to this forever. A professional recording of a hillsong song can ever top this

  36. aka_bigLou 1996

    Love you Sunburst Family class 12 Wolfpack !! Everyone from SYA! I miss you all !!

  37. wonderboy510

    I think David crowder band kinda saved this song

  38. Caramelyz

    When you choose the longest one so you can worship as long as possible...

  39. Molly Grace

    I had never heard this song until it was played at the funeral of one of close friends who committed suicide a few months ago. His name was Stephen, and when they played the last first of this song at his funeral I couldn't help but burst out crying because I felt as if it were speaking to me directly, giving me hope, closer, and comfort. This song now how has an incredibly special place in my heart, because not only does it remind me of someone who holds a spot in my heart it also assisted me in coming to know the Lord. Thank you John Mark McMillan for this wonderful song, for so many ways.

  40. cestherrun

    Never mind my first comment. I found it. :)

  41. cestherrun

    Is this the version labeled "Alternate" on iTunes? It seems longer. Not sure if it's the same one. I really like this particular one. Thanks for sharing!

  42. David Moreno

    Hes the original right?

    Benny Guzman

    yes ☺


    Yes you can find him telling the story on some live versions!

  43. Hayden D

    This is the version everyone should know. We need more genuine heart felt music like this in the worship scene and less Hillsong-esque Christian radio pop.

    e546a 850

    @Jesse Collins yeah it is I hear it on the Christian radio all the time.


    I was there when John Mark first sung this song at morning star. Hillsong has its place, but we shouldn't all sound the same. I think no song in heaven will be the same. So many different unheard of sounds and sights!

    Kiva Karmen

    Everyone has a different degree of brokeness. In all the billions of people on earth, no one person will express...pain and brokenness the same yet we can relate. This song's lyrics are powerful and those who are rendering offerings of a broken and contrite heart will belt out such expressions according to their experience, passion, and intensity of pain or healing. Yeshua is not in a box...we are.

    Mike Bolitho

    @TomDaMoose That song is how I found JMM so I'm thankful for it to be certain.

    joe doe

    @haise You don't need permission to cover a song once it's been recorded and made available to the public.

  44. Brooks Mitchell

    This is such a beautiful heart felt song. I had never heard the original version before until now and I think I like it even more then the remake. God bless you all

  45. Robert Jenkins

    Yes He Loves Us! Romans 8:38-39

  46. Renee Roll

    Can not stop crying. The last verse.

  47. jalguitarman

    This reminds me of Red House Painters which is awesome!!! But the fact that it is unto the Lord takes it to a place beyond words!!!!!

  48. GetMadBeHappy

    In my personal opinion, I think this song is great for youth to sing to their church. I find that in churches that don't agree with the youth group playing music to the congregation really need to hear the youth sing this song. Many youth are so worried about figuring it all out and trying to understand the glory of God and the first thing about this song is understanding. "He is jealous for me" Like saying all of the judgments that come from jealousy are already taken care of. As much as the youth may understand that, and how much a congregation may hate that youth are so easily taken by jealousy and greed, the point is the same. God loves us, and look at how powerful the feeling is when you accept God's love at this age with the insecurity and change that comes with life. The Youth are the church, never quiet them down, never shut them up, let them flourish and grow and have them remember that God loves them infinitely.

  49. LeftyLegend

    This is my favorite version of this song and iTunes has to get rid of it. Why? I want everyone who is listening to this to pray to God. Join me in this prayer; Dear Jesus I pray to you that this man lives a long, wonderful life. I pray that Steven, his best friend, is watching him and is thankful to the Lord that God has used this sacrifice to embrace the power of Jesus. I pray that anyone who has lost someone: A family member, friend, pet, relative, Lord I pray that you will help them to the pathway to Heaven. Amen.

  50. Maxwellius

    He wrote this song from the heart. And the have it edited on the radio played by some other band.

    - superkodu93 -


  51. HungerandThirstWorship

    Hey friends it would be awesome if you could check the worship videos on my channel we put up our first cover! Thank you! It's how he loves :)

  52. Josiah Ward

    What's the lyrics on the last verse? the one about Steven. Kinda hard to understand. Very heartfelt.

    Sujith Medari

    I thought about You
    The day Stephen died
    And you met me between my breaking
    I know that I still love you God
    Despite the agony
    See people they want to tell me you’re cruel
    But if Stephen could sing
    He’d say it’s not true
    Cause you’re good

  53. AnonymousCowardX



    @WorldWar2ismylastnam I genuinely appreciate your nice attitude, and understand your compensation and search for consolation and sense after this trauma. 
    However, lots of Christians tell me about a trauma they suffered. 
    I don't mean to sound cold or mean, but this is no indicator at all for an existence of some metaphyiscal entitiy in the skies punishing or rewarding us. 

    You don't know me; I am very simple. 
    For me, I am part of nature, and that's an amazing, beautiful and mesmerizing thing to me. 
    It seems true, pure, and natural. 
    I also adore the scientific approach to things. 
    Natural sciences are an absolutely marvelous philosophy and spirituality. 
    The most logical, reasonable, rational approach to truth and reality. 
    Real is what exists. 

    I am totally not religious in a classic sense. 

    Well, I am always glad to hear someone found his luck or spirituality. 

    But in my case, I am totally somewhere else. 
    It may sound terrible to you, but the existence of a "god" (I really don't even know that that word means at all) would be terrifying me, and take all sense aways from me, and science. 

    You will very rarily find religious people in natural science. 
    As soon as you start to dive in that super complex and fascinating world of natural sciences, simply "god" will become too of an immature concept, too simple, not answering one single scientific question. 
    "God" would just be not necessary. 

    You said
    ", I believe in a God on the  basis of pure, cold, rational, evidence". 

    That is very interesting. 
    How did you do it? 

    I will turn into a believer right now if you provide me with evidence. 

    Anyway, I appreciate your gentle words and attitude, like I said, but I will probably stick to my thinking and perception, and I'm not the guy to believe in ghosts or phantoms. 

    I cannot add your personal experiences and traumas as evidence, please bear with me, although I am very sorry, but also glad to hear you found something to hold on to. 

    Greeting you here for now, maybe on FB in the near future, hope to hear from you as well. 



    Friend, again I know where you're coming from. I used to think the exact same way, but upon my journey into my education I found that my thoughts were lacking. To be absolutely honest, I found that my dumber self (not to say that everyone is when starting out) was the atheist, and my smarter self was the believer.

    Contrary to what you said, I have several colleagues who are real scientists and Christians. I'm not a scientist by any stretch of the imagination, but I do philosophy of science. And I think that philosophy has a great deal to say about science, as it does with many other things pertaining to life. Anyways, regarding your statement about rarely finding religious people in the natural sciences, particularly Christians, is false. I can name hundreds, but I'll name just a few prestigious ones for the sake of capacity: John Lennox, Eben Alexander, Werner Arber, Robert T. Baker, Francis Collins, Darrel R. Falk, Brian Heap, Simon C. Morris, Matthew Randolf (a good friend of mine working in cancer research), Mary Schweitzer, William Newsome... etc. The list goes on and on friend.

    I'd also like to add that Christianity invented science. While the Greeks played with the idea of science, it never became something to where it manifested into the method we use today. The method we use today is called the Baconian Method or simply the scientific method, and this method was invented by Fancis Bacon, a Christian. You can look at any source, heck, you can even look at Wikipedia, and find that he is considered the father of empiricism, which is demanded of from science. Not only that but the founding fathers or the pioneers of science were all believers in God, and not just any God, the Christian God. To save time, because I know many atheists will invoke a genetic fallacy and say, "Of course science grew up in Christianity. Everyone who made or did science knew nothing else." That would be to invoke a logical fallacy called the genetic fallacy. One cannot invalidate another persons position based on origin. Anyways, all of the evidence leans towards the Christian faith that made science, and indeed, many, if not all atheists agree to this claim. Even Richard Dawkins agrees (who I think is a wonderful scientist, but a very poor philosopher, and even worse historian).

    Concerning evidence, I'd like to ask what exactly do you mean by evidence. Do you mean philosophical evidence, or scientific, material, theological, experience... etc. If you could first clear up what you mean by "evidence", then we can proceed from there. I don't like to waste my breath when discussing important matters such as this. I like to get at the meat of the topic, so we can discuss it on terms by what you mean. I can actually go into depth with all of them, but for the sake of our conversation, I'll wait until you respond by what you mean when you say "evidence."

    Also, if anyone has treated you to a rude attitude, I apologize. I believe in discussing topics with respect and dignity. I hate it when Christians and Atheists resort to intellectual suicide with name calling, and utter rudeness. I read a few of the comments above, and I can say that many of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ lack the capacity of maintaining a conversation with you. You have legitimate points, though I think they are easily answered, but you deserve the answers your questions beg.

    I appreciate your sympathy, friend. Her loss, and several others have been difficult to bear. You have no idea what it means to hear the word, "sorry." Though we are strangers, the bond that can form just over sympathies warms the deepest wounds. Thank you.

    Please, don't be shy on FB. Add away my friend! Looking forward to an interesting dialogue with you man!


    @AnonymousCowardX Friend, I agree entirely. Having a sense of some strong emotion from an external cause does not necessitate that there is a God. However, it does give time for one to pause for a question if God does exist, that is if one produces such a thought. Unfortunately, many Christians appeal to this illogical thinking, and I understand it to simply be the "God of the Gaps" type of thinking. Thankfully, my mind didn't conclude that God was real based on an emotional experience, rather it came with time and study. I too, like you, enjoy a rational approach to explanation. It's the way our brains were designed. I think science is a wonderful tool to help explore, and fill in the gaps of knowledge mankind once did not understand. Also, like you, I am a hardcore realist; like you, I believe in the notion that real is what exists; unlike you though, I happen to be religious in every sense there is! I don't have a problem with maintaining a belief in God, and juggling rationality and logic with God at the same time. I think it fits beautifully into one big picture for me.Friend, I have several atheist friends: gay, lesbian, black, white... etc. I'm used to having atheist colleages, and the belief that differs from mine doesn't shock, or offend me in any way. Most of the atheist friends I had to begin with were hostile towards me, and I have to admit, at the time I was hostile towards them too. I don't see how if a God existed, why that would affect you in a profound way. Everything that begins to exist has a cause, and science is always digging to find out where and wence and object, thing, or organism came from. I think it would serve one well to find God at the end of the search. To me it would baffle me more, because I would want to understand how it was done. So there would still be plenty of curiosity left to curb your appetite for wonder.I would disagree with your scientist statement though. Fields of science are brimming with people who are believers of God, though not all may be Christians, they still believe in some sort of higher power. In fact, if it weren't for believers in God, specifically the Christian God, science would have never existed. Perhaps we would have just recently discovered Science, but we can't truly tell, because that would be committing a logical fallacy. Anyways, if you look at the foundations of the Scientific origin, you'll find that the pioneers of science were Christians. In fact, the scientific method, which is still in practice today was constructed by a Christian - Sir Francis Bacon. The method we call the scientific method was once known as the Baconian method. Not that this proves that there is a God, but rather I'm using it to illustrate that atheism/ agnostics were not the founders of science, but Christianity. You don't even have to have a college course on sciences history, all you simply have to do is google it, and wikipedia it! Haha! I also want to name a few prominent scientists today who believe in God, because I disagree with what you said about scientists not believing in God: Matthew Randolph (he's actually a really close friend of mine), R.J. Berry, Eben Alexander, Darrell R. Falk, Francis Collins, Brian Heap, Alister McGrath, Kenneth R. Miller, Ghillean Prance, Henry F. Schaefer lll, Gerhard Ertl, Stephen Barr, John Lennox, Christopher Isham, Pamela Gay, Don Page... and so many more. Evidence is a hot commodity that is abused in todays world, so first, before I give any evidence, I'd like to ask what your particular interests are. I don't like having my time stolen away from those who aren't interested in having a discussion. I expect questions and prying, but don't write anything off unless I say something absolutely ridiculous like, 'God is real because just look at beautiful people, like Jeniffer Aniston.' I would expect that, but if we're going to have an honest discussion about evidence, then I expect an open mind, because it requires one to have it if we're talking about facts.I appreciate your sentiments. Even a strangers sympathy brings healing to my heart when they take the time just to say, "sorry." Absolutely! I look forward to our next encounter on FB! Hope to see your friend request soon!


    @***** Why, if I may ask?


    +AnonymousCowardX I was wondering if you've had the time to look at my response. Hoping you do get around to replying.

  54. Zedi Awakening *John Kim*

    damn!! WTF fuck you !

    Leesy -gurl

    why do you hit 'play' if you don't agree with this stuff - get a life and 'get out' - oh and DARN you!  ugh

    Zedi Awakening *John Kim*

    @Fair-minded girl Be Fair because i didn't know

  55. heinajadeg

    This is the song inside the sounds of breaking down <3

  56. Lea Phan

    For me to wake up and my first spoken words are these lyrics, it just puts you in an amazing mood and my heart just praises <3 oh how He loves us so!

  57. thunderbass7

    This song is what I herd when I was in my deepest darkest lowest time. Thank you GOD for telling me through this song how much you love us ( ME) .

  58. lawdawg grif



    Good for you.

  59. lawdawg grif


  60. LoveisLifeJOBMUSt

    Always thought the content of this song and why it was written is beautiful but after I heard this version one day the raw intimate emotional last part stuck with me. When I wrote my second song the last part brought some inspiration to the last part of my second song. Lyrics and chords aren't exactly the same but the rythm is. Thinking about sharing it one day. Working on my first one for now though.

  61. Sarah A

    This song brings me to tears.
    R.I.P Grandma. 
    You're happy now :')

    Simon Kim

    God bless you and your Grandma, God loves you both <3 <3

  62. Oliver Charles

    Oh! How he loves us so!

  63. Ryan Black

    This song to me is so easy to feel the presence and love of the Lord. One can't help but sing it from their heart.

  64. Mara

    I cry every time I listen to this 

  65. Lizette

    My beloved pastor of 15 years passed away 2 days ago. He performed my wedding ceremony just 5 1/2 months ago and I just can't believe he is gone. He was a wonderful man of God and did so much good work for God's people; I find comfort in knowing that he is now with God in heaven. He will be missed by all who knew him. Among many, this was one of his favorite songs...I can still see him in my mind singing it during worship. I love you Pastor Oliver. May you rest in peace. :'(  Till we meet again. <3


    Yes, he is in heaven; praise God! :) I only meant "was" as far as him being on earth with us. We miss him so much already. Thank you for your kind words. God bless :)


    are you from the bakersfield area?


    Well he isnt really gone...he just changed his address like Billy Graham used to say. :)

  66. Iris Bobadilla

    Cuanta tristeza en ese último verso...

  67. Nightcore Neko

    God bless everyone, and God bless the one who wrote this song<3

  68. joel lovesGod

    Guys i need prayer. I studied hard for my exams but i got mostly Cs and one D. I feel so stupid and no matter how much i pray my results are still the same i dont know what to do or who i can turn to anymore. The one person whom i thought would always be there for me doesnt seem there anymore. I need a miracle in my current situation and assurance that he still is and will always be there for me without fail. thanks


    I will pray for you, Godbless

    Shane Lawson

    I know how you feel. I have been in the same sorta predicament before. The trick is to pray, but also manually jot down important things. For some reason, physically writing the info down engrains it better in your brain. Dont jot every note down tho, just the critical stuff. Hope that helps. God bless!


    Have faith and patience. God may be closing these doors on you for a reason. I don't know what you are studying but I know God! If we pray for his will to be done, we have to honor that. It may conflict with your own personal goals. God veered Jonah, Moses and many more. This may be a test of how God is forming you. Don't put anything in front of God, you won't regret it.  


    Go to your teachers. They're there for this exact reason. If they are any good at their job, they'll help you understand the material.

    Cedalione Nemo

    I'll pray for ya:) don't u worry ur pretty little mind, everything's gonna be alright^^ Ciao 

  69. Kayla Underwood

    Truly a beautiful song with so much emotion. 

  70. Brennen Johnson

    Xbox Music has this CD listed as explicit!!!! What??????

    Totes Magee

    You better be careful what you listen to young man! xP


    Explicitly awesome!

  71. Emily Likes Giraffes

    I'm listening to the long reading the comments and my eyes filled with tears and then they bust out like rain store after a drout. And I go the this amazing camp camp tapawingo and we sing the song and I just fall apart every time I hear it. Its just so beautiful. God bless you all.

  72. Emily Likes Giraffes

    I'm listening to the long reading the comments and my eyes filled with tears and then they bust out like rain store after a drout. And I go the this amazing camp camp tapawingo and we sing the song and I just fall apart every time I hear it. Its just so beautiful. God bless you all.

    Brother Boyer

    I am crying too.  This song is so annointed.  I fell apart when I learned it was about inspired after his friend died.  I had so many friends die of drugs or accidents that I almost felt like I was next.  I lived in fear and torment all the time wondering when my time would come.  This song really gave me so much peace when I found out his testimony.  We are going to be ok and I believe they are ok too.

    Emily Likes Giraffes

    @Brother Boyer  God bless you. 

  73. scarlethread08

    Twelve years today 20 Jan. we lost our precious son Jonathan - also the bass guitarist in the church band. He died in a freak accident and was with our church people at the time. It sounds a long time ago but as a mum it is always fresh in the heart.

    I remembered this song as I woke today and listened to it with such peace and joy. To know our loved ones are in our future.

    Oh how our Father in Heaven loves us...He loves us so.

    Mason O'Neill

    Such a Precious story Ma'am... I'm So sorry for your loss.. I Love you Sister in Christ, May the Lord's Peace be with you and your family the rest of your days.

    Miriyam Varner


  74. takertown

    It's always good to know that despite us sinning against him, he STILL loves us. Amen!!!!!!

  75. Caleb Chesnutt

    John's Friend, Steven, was at a church group, and he was praying about how he would give up his life to shake the youth of a nation, that night he died in a car accident. and because of that event John wrote this song.

  76. Russ Graziano

    I cannot listen to this song without worshipping my all mighty God and being so grateful for His love and mercy.

  77. Seth Johnson

    For some reason, this song kept playing through my head today. When I got home, I found my grandfather had passed away. God was providing comfort even before I knew I needed it.

    Rest in peace, grandpa. Oh, how He loves us.

    Maritssa Nino

    Seth Johnson Same thing happened to me the morning my mom passed away. I wake up with the song Oceans playing in my head.
    still can't hold back the tears when I hear the song. 😢😢

  78. evemoonlight


  79. Jessica Woodard

    Trent Koder...He loves you. You said you wish you could believe to feel and I say, "Lord, you hear his desire...fill his heart until it is spilling over...wrap him up in your arms, Jesus and just let him FEEL you with him."  Trent...he believes in you. That Jedi Knight in you knows that the Lord has stirred you up...just listen...He loves you...

  80. Christian Burnett

    That ending tears my heart apart every time I hear it. There are so few people I have heard in my life that put their entire heart and soul into their music like this man here does. He is a true musical and more importantly Godly influence in my life. 

  81. Paul Langer

    This song has touched MY LIFE so much as well!!! I can remember the period of time in my life after God revealed the seriousness of how I was living in a dream (There was a pressing in my spirit multiple-many times where I could just feel that if I died I was going straight to hell. I could feel the seriousness, the gravity of my decisions, my life), and I didn't have peace ever since that day to keep on continuing down my path of self-sin. I knew that I had to change, but during that period where I was struggling to come out of my sin, I believe God allowed me to find this song. This song literally kept me, I felt the spirit in this song, and I knew that I had strength just listening to it and meditating on God. At that same time, I had been visiting different churches (I had always been in church, but by force with my parents and not of my own will) to find a new home church, and literally that day, this is the song they were playing for the altar call, and I remember being led by the Spirit of God, and that song I felt like God was singing that to me until the day I came before Him at the altar to surrender it all and give my life completely to Him and He has been keeping me, and loving me, and protecting me, and blessing me, and giving me way beyond what I deserve ever since, and I just thank God so much for His love toward us, and His beckoning for us to come out of our sin and enjoy what reality and freedom really is. Thank You God and may we continue to be that love that You were and are to us

  82. FranciscanDude

    Sang this in church tonight! Made me cry :')

  83. FranciscanDude

    Chances are you've probably felt the passion to some degree that you say you long for sometimes... maybe you just weren't aware of what it was. You're a closet Christian bud :) you'll find what you're looking for.

  84. Reed Sowell

    Dude! You can! Being a Christian is not about being religious or acting righteous, it is about bowing before Jesus and putting him on the throne of your life.. God is so much greater than our doubt or fears about coming to him and admitting were broken. I Encourage you to cry out to Lord like never before. I love you man, and will be praying for you!

  85. beatrice

    I had never heard the original till yesterday... Thank you so much, this is so organic and beautiful, words can't express it.

  86. Trent Koder

    Not a Christian. Not a religious person at all. I have "Jedi Knight" on my dog tags for my religious preference. But john Mark McMillan is one of my favorite artist. Learned a lot of his songs on guitar. I remember filling in on bass for a Christian worship band and playing for a summer camp. Sometimes I wish I could believe to feel that passion you guys feel.

    Andrew Pettigrew

    I know this message is 5 years ago, but I pray the Holy spirit comes to you tonight. Play this song, just call out to the lord Jesus . He will give you the passion you describe...He will give you the desire. Keep playing marks songs, and call out to the lord.

  87. Han Park

    This version goes beyond the remakes. He pours his soul and emotion into this that you don't hear from David Crowder Band and Kim Walker, look up the story behind this song

  88. Sarah Ann McGuire

    {{favourite worship song}}

  89. Sarah Ann McGuire

    Yeah he loves us. Oh how he loves.

  90. Chrissy7aj1

    Man those are real tears. You can hear how he is trying to hold him self together. After his best friend dies still knowing how much God loves us.

  91. Kyle Daigle

    I know if Olivia could sing she'd say its not true too...

  92. Tandy Msimanga

    The biggest of sinners but he loves me:-)

  93. Malka Capener

    The love dare helps if you haven't done it already. I will be praying for you both! God can restore anything, He has no limitations.

  94. Nicole Farley

    Thank you Jesus..that you met me at my breaking and you lifted me up..I will praise you forever!

  95. Toussaint Carrington

    Pray for my marriage to be restored to Glory Christ.thanks

  96. zzTurnUp

    Very beautiful, raw and honest. Nothing like it. This is the bottom line in my faith. Hits you right where you live--the heart.

  97. toottoot

    "Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away."
    James 4:14

  98. Rebecca Adrian

    Thank you for sharing this! I listen to this song to reMind me of his love for me and I break down and cry.

  99. Tristan LaBelle

    I applaud John Mark Mcmillian to sit there and start crying about his friend and still worship God and praise him and it's just absolutely beautiful and sad.

  100. Angie Stark

    how can you say the crying is fake? all you are doing is hearing him cry you can't see his face. He had lost a friend in a car accident, the crying isn't fake!