John Legend - What Christmas Means To Me Lyrics

Oh yeah...
Candles burnin' low
Lots of mistletoe
Lots of snow and ice
Everywhere we go
Choirs singin' carols
Right outside my door

All these things and more
(All these things and more)
That's what Christmas means to me, my love
(That's what Christmas means to me, my love)

Oh yeah
And ya know what I mean
I see your smilin' face
Like I never seen before
Even though I love ya madly
It seems I love you more
And little cards you give me
Will touch my heart for sure

All these things and more, darling
(All these things and more)
That's what Christmas means to me, my love
(That's what Christmas means to me, my love)

Oh yeah
I feel like runnin' wild
Feel just like a little child
Greet you neath the mistletoe
I kiss you once and then some more
And wish you Merry Christmas baby
(Wish you Merry Christmas baby)
And such happiness in the comin' year

Oh let's deck the halls with holly
Sing sweet silent night
Fill the tree with angel hair
And pretty, pretty lights
Go to sleep and wake up
Just before daylight

All these things and more, darling
(All these things and more, my darling)
That's what Christmas means to me, my love
(That's what Christmas means to me, my love)
Oh yeah

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John Legend What Christmas Means To Me Comments
  1. katsumi Jessie Lar


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  13. Katherine

    Its Christmas eve


    Katherine it’s Christmas day

  14. alan fox

    I seen Jackson five Gladys knights and the pips and Steve wonder Xmas albums all in one day always the way when you don't have the money kind regards Alan fox

  15. yeu kiendang

    i came here after seeing a dog got wrapped

    Anja Kišiček

    ahahahahah same

    Sigkae Tuason

    Same hahaha

  16. Melo Beatz

    7 days til Christmas 🎄

  17. Marc Primo

    stevie wonder's was much better

  18. Nita Williams

    Im singing this song for my christmas program i have a solo tomorrow. anybody gonna wish me luck?

    god bless

    God bless you. I hope it goes really well 🎉


    Hope, everything went fine. Merry Christmas!

    Brenda Rinebold

    Kellar Schaefer dang u mean

    Brenda Rinebold

    Nita Williams good luck even know I’m late but yea

    Sigkae Tuason

    Good luck even though I'm late

  19. Theodore Cruz

    🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 JOHN LEGEND with Stevie Wonder🎵 🎼 ♠

  20. Matthew McCallister

    Why have I never even thought that he had a Christmas album. THIS IS GREAT!

  21. Ollie Gills

    Thanks; Mr. John Legend; super fan
    Love your music

  22. mary clunie

    Love it!

  23. Veerle V

    I LOVE this song😍

  24. Josue Diaz

    bro you released this amazing song on my birthday lucky me

  25. Grace Heath

    ''dust the trees with anal hair'' 1:40

  26. Sabrina Simpson

    december 2019?

    Maggie fix

    24/12/19 merry Christmas from Germany! ❤️❤️❤️

    toffee talks

    Sabrina Simpson no 2020

  27. Rik Eo

    John legend ruined this classic. Fs. Dodgey geezer.. and his wife

  28. Anonymous Dog

    Here because of Charli

    Casper 0570

    Anonymous Dog honestly, same

  29. Daniel Garcia

    Can someone enlighten me on how John became Legend?

  30. chiara sala

    Listen my school very good

  31. Solimar Leon

    My teacher told me to listen to this song and I love it!

  32. CodyThe Gamer

    Best Christmas song ever!!!!!❤❤

  33. Sudharkar Suvarna

    Sooooooooooo cutie 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  34. Jessica Myers

    John Legend Stevie Wonder All the best singers.

  35. Takisha Etienne

    Who’s here in the summertime??

  36. Michael Angelo

    Oke LBH, THis song is the New WHMAM, LAST CHRISTMAS #Let's Pray People will Wake up.. And Finally.. THERE IS A NEW CHRISTMAS SONG.. #2019, - 2020.. Thisss will be the song for XMASS.

  37. Chang Joshua

    Some nice bass going on starting 1:16

  38. Cy Koppang

    Saw this live in Boston, one of the best shows ever

  39. Esmeralda Rodriguez

    I love dis song it is my favorite one!!!!🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄😇🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

  40. RealHipHop4TheFam

    CeeLo's version is better

  41. Geek E Media

    His version is much better than Chris brown's version of "this Christmas " for sure. But however I still very much enjoy stevie wonder version better but maybe that's cause that's what I'm used to. But I'm glad this his version is actually good and doesnt suck

  42. Juan M. Urbina

    Arthur´s Christmas

  43. this ain’t it

    this reminds me of the Matilda scene

  44. Liliana Cavaliere The Best Music

    ╰☆╮Merry Christmas ☆┊★┊☆

  45. Sicily Von schober

    Merry Christmas 🎄

  46. Jellyguest 1234

    I love this song!

    Like if you agree

  47. Daniela Suárez

    i'm so in love with this album

  48. Michael Christian

    The most legendary christmas album in all the universe's. Thank you mr legend

  49. Ana Freire

    I want John Legend in my Christmas dinner's Eve!

  50. Lillie Johnson

    I'm loving John Legends Christmas album! #repeat

  51. PatchmadeDemo

    Before this gets famous

  52. Who else but Tim

    This is a hit!

  53. Robert L. Crawford


  54. O'JAY #gamer

    it's so smooth yeeet

  55. Danielle ferns


  56. Danielle ferns


  57. Danielle ferns


  58. Danielle ferns


  59. Danielle ferns


  60. Danielle ferns

    love this❤❤❤

  61. Abubakar Deerow

    My favourite Artist is here

  62. Beverley Bousaleh


  63. Stefania Policoro

    Just...i love this one😍❄

  64. Arron Williams

    i just got a ticket jumping out my car at stop light too dance darn cops lol

    Julie Sellers


    god bless

    Be careful.

  65. gemini.

    Christmas came early to nyc.

    Shamiah Walker

    gemini. It dead did 🤣🤣

  66. Randy Barrientes

    jhon legend and stevie wonder spreading some holiday cheer 👏👍✌️🎄

  67. Mafr0

    Nice, but not as nice as Hanson's version

    Rachel Marie

    Mafr0 right!!?

  68. oliviab

    I love Christmas, I love this!!

  69. jolie markyest


    Latrice Guitroz

    I love her version

    Geek E Media

    She has one too?..

  70. Effrom Robinson

    It is: "I feel like running wild/As anxious as a little child"
    It is NOT: "I feel like running wild/I feel just like a little child"

    John Legend, one of my biggest pet peeves is when someone covers "What Christmas Means to Me" and doesn't correctly sing the lyrics. Everything from "as angels and a little child" to "as eaches and a little child." It's as anxious as a little child! But do your thing, and correct it when you sing it on tour. ;-)

  71. Kayla Connor

    Can someone point out Stevie Wonders part to me?

    X. L.

    Kayla Connor Stevie’s playing the harmonica solo at the end.

    Vera Coates

    Kayla Connor

  72. riverratbond007

    Fuck this no talent asshole, AND his equally dopey no talent wife

  73. True Love2

    I love this version!!!!

  74. Rosie mishaylee


  75. Daniel Willis

    Here before a million

  76. Gerald Ccanaza

    I loved it!

  77. Kelvin Nugen

    Love this!

  78. José Augusto dos Santos


  79. Daniela Martínez

    I fell like in a movie! Love this!!!

  80. Kim O

    I prefer the original!

    hey dude

    Then go to it boi cause that's what Christmas me to US!!!!!!

  81. Angel Austin

    Always loved this man!! he also comes from my small hometown Springfield <3

  82. world peace2

    Who else here before halloween and Thanksgiving

  83. Rin Rin

    I see John Legend..and Stevie Wonder, I clicked!

  84. Davidzinho Gameplayer Da Favela

    Br alguém?

  85. Daniel Armando Estrada Macias

    Wow 🤩❤️

  86. sidney ricketts

    it's a wonderful song me that nice Christmas vybz


    Luv ur songs

  88. Danny Cueva