John Legend - History Has Its Eyes On You Lyrics

Whoa... Oooh

I was younger than you are now
When I was given my first command
I led my men into a massacre
Witnessed their deaths firsthand
Oh, I made every mistake
I felt the shame rise in me
And even now I lie awake
Knowing history, history

History has its eyes on me
History, history, history, aaah
History has its eyes on me
History, history, history

Let me tell you what I wish I'd known
When I was young and dreamed of glory
Don't nobody have control
Who lives, who dies, who tells your story

I know that we can win
I know that greatness lies in you
But remember from here on in
History, history

History has its eyes on you
History, history, history, aaah
History has its eyes on you
History, history, history

Whoa... (whoa)

History has its eyes on you
History, history, history (whoa)
History has its eyes on you (oooh)
History (ahhh)
History has its eyes on you (oooh, ooh)
History, history
Oooh, yeah

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John Legend History Has Its Eyes On You Comments
  1. Is This Rain?

    This version is disgustingly underrated. This is such a good piece of music that has not received its adequate share of attention.

  2. becky donaldson

    It is so emotional and I love it

    Well done John

  3. joshua lozier

    John and Kelly need to do a version of it’s quiet uptown

  4. Guuru

    holy hamilton this is amazing

  5. Jenna Keys

    I love John Legend, but shouldn't be singing as John Lauren's?*sly smile*

  6. Chase Witherspoon

    It's so good. I can listen to this song over and over

  7. Suzanne Roberts

    Church. Take me to church. This is brilliant.

  8. M Isabella LS

    i love u john

  9. Assra

    Hamilton+John Legend= Perfection

    Louis Tran

    Name Legendary

  10. Easton Hammond

    This is my favorite out off all the songs, it just soothes my ears

  11. Sabrina Roche

    u r good but I'm I rather listen to the regular one...sorry...this isn't a bad comment u r great just this doesn't really get my attention like Lin manuel Miranda did with the regular version sorry

  12. Ferraris Boricua

    Omg wow! Things song is so soulful and well done! I felt every word

  13. Aubrey R

    Sorry just don’t like the sound of the music you use

  14. Kadee Axiak

    wow. this is amazing

  15. Saniya Bynum-Russell

    this video is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Chosen

    This is great but it should be played in a minor to give it that sadder tone it sounds way too happy for telling someone how you led people to die


    tru tho

    Suzanne Roberts

    Disagree. This is a brilliant re-telling (re-singing?) of this song as a hymn. This is that "Great getting up Sunday morning" gospel, and I think it's perfect in a major.

    HeyIt'sMe XoXo

    Suzanne Roberts Same. Sounds like Something So Great Inside

    joshua lozier

    It’s the same key as Glory, isn’t it?

  17. Phoenix King

    Anyone only realize it's john legend when the video started and dropped their jaws 😱😄

    Black Rose


  18. BatManBen

    1 dislike out of 11,000 people... Instant respect

  19. Rhianna Williams

    This is JUST AS emotional as the original but with a much more soulful twist and I LOVE IT. It sounds more like it could be a Civil War hymn rather than a Revolution War hymn. Love it. I've not been the biggest fan of much of the Hamilton Mixtape but I think this may be my favorite, along with You'll Be Back. So good.

  20. Dania Colon

    This is amazing. It so slow and I love to just close my eyes and jam out on my school bus 🙃

  21. Joester toaster


  22. Malachite132

    Too slow for my liking but all your other music is great

  23. ken

    John please release the song shoes from the LeBron nike commercial. PLEASE THAT SONG WAS GREAT AND MANY PEOPLE WOULD AGREE

  24. William Kendrick

    ohohohohohohohohohohohohoooo yeah.

    john legend? now we're TALKING.

  25. Monica Rider

    John did an amazing job with this song!

  26. Kennedy D