John Legend - Another Again Lyrics

So we did it again
Knowing we should quit it, but we simply won't admit it again
Oh it feels good, it's so good, but I won't do it again
It's so dramatic again
After we go at it, we get mad then we go at it again
Oh I love it, then I hate it, she's my favorite again
I'm wasting time
I can't help it she's so fine
Oh I like her style
And I love the way she talks and I smile
As much as we may try
Can't quite see eye to eye
So in the meantime, I guess we say bye-bye

(And again and again and again)
Oh, and then, we do it again
We do it again and we do it again
Oh, and then, we do it again
We want it again, and we want it again

So we fake it again
I think we're gonna blow it, and we know it
But she's naked again
We get wasted, then I taste it, then I waste it again
I can't invite her again
'Cause she'll go from a lover to a fighter
And I'll fight her again
So it's over, but I told her to come over again
I'm wasting time
But she's always on my mind
I can't let her go
Oh, she's not the best, but she's all that I know
As much as we may try
Can't quite see eye to eye
So in the meantime I guess we say bye-bye

(And again and again and again)
Oh, and then, we do it again
We do it again and we do it again
Oh, and then, we do it again
We want it again, and we want it again

So I've got a new friend
I wish I could forget you
But I miss you, wanna kiss you again
She's like you, but she's not you, gotta find you again

So we remember again
The middle of December and I took you out to dinner again
Oh I love her, it's not over, just another again

(And again and again and again)
Oh, it's another again-
I love her, it's another again...

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John Legend Another Again Comments
  1. Hunter Briggs


  2. Binky C

    2020 who’s here

  3. Ebony Cargle

    Anyone still bumping this in 2020?

  4. Vanessa Chappell

    This is your best song in the world it's so

  5. Keana Green

    Always be My fav John legend song 💯

  6. Zal Malak

    2020-the older the better it gets

  7. Ed Monix

    still bumpin in 2019, cause i need this music again & again & again till forever again :)

  8. Chuck Johnson

    Yes, im still listening to this in 2019..


    We get wasted and I taste it again. Smdh

  10. Natalie Caruth

    Still listening in 2019?

  11. prettytoneyy

    This is the best John Legend song, fight me

  12. Kj Jermaine

    Listening in 2019???

  13. T W

    I want to see the official video for this song. Where can I find it? It’s not even on John’s VEVO channel. 😤

  14. Bobby Danzie

    An amazing track about a dead end relationship.....the hardest lesson I ever learned is that if a woman cannot make herself happy you never will either.

  15. Tsaps Rapzz

    The instrument reminds of moments in my past lifetime.

  16. Patrick Ego Woodstock Watts

    I love this song!

  17. Norma Briffe

    November 2019❤

  18. jamiel brown

    8 years together.....this song atill hurts

  19. Sadie G

    My ish... point blank period

  20. T Cooper

    Me and my boo we break up to make up! Again, and again! Knowing damn well we will never end! 2019

  21. Carmen Gaskin

    Pure beauty 😍

  22. Mishae Bethel

    Again...Im blushing with this one.

  23. Diamond Evans

    Still bumping this in November of 2019!

  24. TheBlackWolverine434

    "She's not the best but she's all that I know"...powerful lyric!

  25. Evangelia Benvenutti

    Omg 2019.. October...keep it rocking legend. 🔥🎤💪💜

  26. brittany gamble

    October 17 2019

  27. Joshdb34

    “ I can’t invite her again cause she’ll go from lover to a fighter and her father again” 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  28. ms1uptown


  29. Call Me Esis

    Favorite song 💚

  30. erv gotti

    Again waisting time, shes always on my mind i cant let her go, oh shes not the best but shes all that i know !

  31. Dameatis Brown

    Damn I was 6 when this came out and I understood everything then.. it’s much clearer now tho🤒

  32. Malik Carter

    Yeezy frisked this production down like it was nothing.

  33. Doris Leyva

    It’s not over, it’s just another again. I always think the last time is going to be the last time. 💔 still bumping in 2019”

  34. Drew B.

    Funny this song is about coke😂😂 .That fucking blonde girl got him .Bad !!!!🤣🤣 Home boys got a 97 percent pure yello connect somewhere that comes and goes . Somewhere in between him knowing he needs too stop all together ,getting cut shit and his pure supply hitting and missing we got this jam . LMFAO frrs😂😂

  35. nadia johnson

    I used to play this song on repeat with a glass of wine and candles lit and a bubble bath sooo relaxing thanks John

  36. Brooks Fleming

    Sick. Kanye doesn't do this anymore.

  37. King Melanin

    My favorite john legend song. I just bumped into my ex from 2007 and this was our song, crazy af how the feelings are still there

  38. LifeLearner45 Lloyd

    2019 bumping 😁

  39. jasmine white

    Finally found this

  40. Shania Robinson

    Awesome song brings back memories 💜💜

  41. RagingMinotaurus454

    Lmfao this nigga done made a toxic ass relationship sound beautiful/ romantic 🤣🤣🤣 fuckin light skin niggas man I swear



  42. Nikki M

    Omg he reached out to me but I had to shut him down forever can’t go back again

  43. Zach B

    When he says, she's not the best, but she's all that I know . Wow, hits me in the feels !!

  44. Xenalina Rose

    This will stay in my heart and my playlist throughout 2019 and forever

  45. Ray Anderson


  46. Cynthia Wilson

    John Legend's voice along with the music, made such a crazy relationship sound so beautiful. He's so smooth. Thank you for uploading!


    You're welcome. This is one of my favorite songs. I like that flute part.

    Cynthia Wilson

    @MsDreamscaper I Like that part as well.

  47. Emelio Keet


  48. Ericka Rhodese

    She's not the best, but she's all that I know.

  49. Omomayowa Akande


  50. Omomayowa Akande

    I have to just add a comment to tip it to beyond this no of comments

  51. Aisha Reid

    This album and get lifted is the truth 💯👌🏿

  52. shameke banks

    @11:32am on 7/28/19 .......still jamming!!

  53. mack smith

    Goodness gracious!! He went the tf in!

  54. Jacinnn

    I’m still bumping this in 2019 😩

  55. Starjammer 290

    This work so I gotta new friend!

  56. Tracey E

    He need to do this live and let Lizzo hit that flute solo.


    That would be amazing!

  57. daishia mouton

    My and my ex

  58. Shanea Rollins

    Sing that shit legend

  59. Danele Perkins

    2019 anyone 😍

  60. Leslie Marshall

    My song still

  61. NDB


  62. Artisa Conrad

    2019 ✨ quality music is like wine. Gets better every year 👏🏾

  63. Shauna Long


  64. Cindy-Leigh Brass

    This is my life ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  65. Taylor Marshall

    Anyone still bumping this in 2019?

    Bonita Williams

    And beyond.

    Olivia McGraw

    Absolutely still in heavy rotation

    Carlos Rocha

    You already know 2020

  66. DaBabyBoy

    been lookin for this song

  67. Joel Brito

    2019 this song 🙌🙌🙌🙌👌

  68. Naj Denise

    Oh I love it he’s my favorite, again wasted time can’t help it he’s so fine oh I like his smile and I love the way he talks when I smile as much as we may try we can’t see eye to eye so in the mean time I guess we say bye bye!

  69. Jessica Jefferson

    2019 🙌🏾🥰?

  70. Smart Kookie

    3 years and we doing this shit AGAIN!!!! Malcolm im tired of your stunts. I love u but, im afraid to tell you.

  71. Derek Franklin

    2019 til infinite...if you been thru it then you know💯💯💯

  72. D'Amonti Jackson

    Anyone still listening in 2019?

  73. Tical Benjamin

    Virgo / Sagittarius relationship

  74. Ashley Roberson

    my current situation

  75. Ann Bib

    2019!!! Yep!

  76. Elle Class

    I'd say he did another hit, again!! This is beautiful!

  77. Jewell McKee

    Listening again...2019

  78. April Pool

    Still listening to this in 2019

  79. Don Metatron


  80. Julian Balanzar

    still bumping in 2019??

  81. George Kitchen

    The music by itself just makes it all mellow.I have a special location I enjoy listening to this song.especially Hwy 287 waxachie Texas.

  82. Nicole Crocker

    Any listeners in 2019? 😊

  83. Hebrew Sistah

    Nostalgic to say the least! 💗💗💗 such a factual song. My favorite of John's library. Still listening in 2019

  84. Alexzia Winn

    2019 I’m in love again

  85. APoem YouNeed

    God bless you John legend. Can’t stop playing this song. Crack to a crackhead

  86. Alesha Corrine

    2019😍😍😍😍oh I love it

  87. Chaos

    Hard to believe that it's been 5 years



  88. kim alonzo

    I am in my feelings so I am bumping John Legend this morning. 2019 going strong!!!!

  89. SkyHigh Music

    This song still goes HARD 19’

  90. Ahmahl Amedu


  91. Eryca Lynn

    Anyone who still loves this song in 2019?

  92. Ashley Few

    2019 and I still love this album!!!

  93. Naj Denise

    It's 2019 and I play this song as if it just came out 😥😊💪

  94. neshia bleats

    2019 😍