John Fogerty - Lookin' Out My Back Door Lyrics

Just got home from Illinois,
Lock the front door, oh, boy!
Got to sit down,
Take a rest on the porch.
Imagination sets in,
Pretty soon I'm singin'.
Doo, doo, doo,
Lookin' out my back door.

There's a giant doing cartwheels,
A statue wearin' high heels.
Look at all the happy
Creatures dancing on the lawn.
A Dinosaur Victrola
List'ning to Buck Owens.
Doo, doo, doo,
Lookin' out my back door.

Tambourines and elephants
Are playing in the band.
Won't you take a ride
On the flyin' spoon?
Doo, doo-doo.
Wond'rous apparition
Provided by magician.
Doo, doo, doo,
Lookin' out my back door.

Tambourines and elephants
Are playing in the band.
Won't you take a ride
On the flyin' spoon?
Doo, doo-doo.
Bother me tomorrow,
Today I'll buy no sorrows.
Doo, doo, doo,
Lookin' out my back door.

Forward troubles Illinois,
Lock the front door, oh, boy!
Look at all the happy
Creatures dancing on the lawn.
Bother me tomorrow,
Today I'll buy no sorrows.
Doo, doo, doo,
Lookin' out my back door.

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John Fogerty Lookin' Out My Back Door Comments
  1. Juan Pedro Amador


  2. Frankie Scott

    Love it

  3. Makoons Willowbee

    They were on LSD when they made this song and if you pay attention you can actually pin point when it hit them. They also didn’t practice this song. That say they just grabbed their instruments and started playing

  4. Randy G

    There was a rumor on why he was so Happy, after returning home, he received information from the Selective Service that he had fulfilled his Military Obligations 🇺🇸💃🏻🇺🇸

  5. allymayful

    Another international #10 hit, from 1970. Released with 'Long As I Can See The Light', as a double side single. Reached #2 in the US & #1 on the AUSTRALIAN charts. From the sensational COSMO'S FACTORY album

  6. Tingle Mingle

    Was it Fogerty that payed for Charlie Patton's gravestone? Just for doing that you're real gangsta.

  7. J B

    LSD ... hell of a drug

  8. Olav Wischulke

    Sorry for all who dislike this video , lightless people .

  9. Arseny Raisky

    Where is THAT America???

  10. Eduard Happel

    On weed?

  11. Jose Licona

    One of the best American BAND

  12. Jim joe Kelly

    Is one of the band members trosky

  13. Hunter Durrett

    My little sister is laughing so hard😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Greg Guillory

    Amen, I am here December 2019, long as I can see the light.

    Kathleen Thomas

    I'm here, too! Nice to meet you!

  15. Colton Roark

    I'm only 22 and I have CCR quote tattooed on my chest. Their Music is timeless

    Kathleen Thomas

    Great idea! I mean the tatoo!

  16. Da Sch


  17. Chase Shultz

    I wonder what it was that they were smoking when they made this song

    Giannis Georgiou

    Are you an fbi agent man?😂

    Kathleen Thomas

    probably the same thing I smoked in 1969 Seattle at the UW

  18. Denilson Orchanheski

    Hoje em dia só bosta

  19. Denilson Orchanheski

    Nunca mais veremos

  20. Denilson Orchanheski

    Que show 👏👍👏

  21. Aline Rocha Siqueira

    Adoro vocês

  22. BIG Joe Eagl

    so, it's NOT "Happy Preachers" & "US Marines & Elephants"?!😳


    Lookin out my back door in 2020


    Man john and CCR changed a revolution when you think of Vietnam you think of creedence Clearwater revival am I right

    Kathleen Thomas

    Well how about the Doors, a What if they gave a war and NOBODY came poster on my dorm room wall! and CCR of course! PEACE!

  25. Gabriel C.A.Independiente

    Que temazoooo!!! Tengo 30 años pero me gusta esta música.Saludos desde Argentina!! 🇦🇷

  26. Joseph Lechuga

    Cold caguama on my right hand while crusin' to the jam!😎

  27. TAY LOR

    Wouldn't hold out much hope for the tape deck.....or the creedence

  28. Kenan Bajrić

    Where was this band all my life!

  29. BradsOwnChannel

    “They gave dude a beeper...”

  30. Desperation and Revenant

    Yea well, that’s like, your opinion man

  31. Rozsa Tuba


  32. Susan Millington


  33. Kevin Stutz

    el que no le gusta credence es un pelotudo

    Rivert Cruz


    Slim Barentse

    = ) Yo no podría escribirlo dicho mejor.

  34. Vany 7

    2020 ❤

    HarryPotter 111

    Noch nicht

    Vany 7

    @HarryPotter 111 😑

  35. Yolanda Ortega

    Love this grew up on it.

  36. Diana Carmona

    La mejor musica de oldies y la mejor musica del 2019♥️♥️

  37. Francisco Godoy

    Por siempre el follaaaaaaaaaa

  38. brucecambell7

    i got family who live outside chicago, this is always played when i pull into my driveway at home

  39. DaughterOf Zion

    My uncle favorite band thanks uncle Tonga 😎👍

  40. Ivan Araya

    Medio tema shushetumareeeee

  41. Ole Bras De Ruiter

    I love this song i listen to this one on my dad’s old vinyl its so good

  42. VitalExistence

    why does he have the cord up his leg?

  43. John Sticher

    this song is so catchy it is ridiculous.

  44. Jay

    Thanks for posting this song. I forgot how great it is.

  45. Oral Cummings

    Classic classic

  46. Jumping Starfish10

    Everyone in the video looks like their having a blast!

    Tacio Carro


  47. Blankslate

    I only remembered Doo doo doo and bingo found it. Love this song.

  48. TheJaqecheese

    He wrote this song for his son. The happiness on thier faces as they play is great. This song brings so many happy memories

  49. p m

    Mercy. Greatest American Rock n Roll band of all time. Ramones are close 2nd.

  50. stephane cailleux

    big love

  51. Marcos Coldibeli

    Só show

  52. Levi Hanoi

    Beautiful. The lyrics, the beat, everything. I wished I grew up in that time, the generation of the best music, the best cars, .. you guys put a man on the moon! The Greatest Generation.

    These boys have fun making music, can you see how happy they are? So much different from today.

  53. Наталья Корнеева

    Английского языка не очень знаю, тем не менее, ЛЮБЛЮ ВСЕХ и БЛАГОДАРЮ✌
    Надо БЫТЬ самим собой! ❤💕

  54. In love With A Cyborg

    poor donny 😢

  55. torres torres

    🙂 glady baby got me a CD from them

  56. M Alota

    I always bang on the roof of my car when this song starts.

    History Book Reviews

    In some states it is the law that you must do that.

  57. GG AriZøna

    Who else gets happy when listening to this song and the Beatles Obla Di - Obla Da?


    Life goes on bruh la lalala life goes on

    Slim Barentse

    For Desmond and Molly Jones...ha ha ha ha ; )

  58. Jytte Thykjær

    I love that song. Long time since listening. 2019

  59. Emp Tee

    I would give ANYTHING to go back to the 70s, even though I was born in '87. Music then was solid gold, compared to the dogshit that's out these days.

  60. VAGA Official TV

    it is sad but true that is a army in YouTube ,small army exist that dislikes everything good ..crazy

  61. Linda Panknin

    LOVE all CCR songs....They were all unique.

  62. Francisco Pereira

    Esas sim são músicas lindas

  63. WSGtr

    I love their faces when they're playing. It looks like they're having so much fun! :)


    music has amazing power it pulls people together and joy


    @deviant It sure does


    Honestly knowing how much they hated John it just seems like he told them to smile, and they passive aggressively complied LOL

  64. Damien TruRocque

    Look it's Bradley Cooper

  65. Philip Dickey

    The look on Doug’s face is I sense a big hit song, and he was right on that, loved CCR as a kid in the 1960’s, and still do

  66. Teresa Urrutia


  67. Juan Manuel

    2% comentarios en español
    98% comentarios en ingles

  68. curtandoscar

    I had no idea they had ever done any videos. Wonderful to see this great little band.

  69. swamp thang

    Will always love ccr

  70. Andy Boerger

    Help me out here, guys and gals. HOWWWW can there be ANY dislikes for this gem?

    L H

    Misanthropic bots.

  71. josh hess

    Love it they all looked Stone. Love the guitar from fogerty in drop d tune. God please expose the new generation to this music

    josh hess

    Lol stoned*

  72. Magdalena Morales

    4 de noviembre del 2019 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  73. Diego Colombo

    0:58 Arnold Schwazenegger

  74. Larissa Arredondo

    Favorite the credence


    Almost 2020 listening this beautiful song

  76. Sneaky Adolf

    RIP Tom. =/

  77. Giannis Testebasis

    I came here from the big lebowski!

  78. Michele Mirarchi

    I Punk pure e Floid rasa fiori no nero no gioso si e meglio si

  79. deviant

    thanks DAD

  80. roger bloxham

    why do i feel like Joaquin Pheonix would nail playing John in bio movie..

  81. Jesus Malacon

    When did we go from this to bad bunny

  82. Cleonidas 21

    I miss the 70's. Was born in 92, but somehow I still miss the 70's 😂

  83. Gonzeta23

    nnanananananannanananananananaa buenardoooooooooooooooooo

  84. Rob Robi

    Ma jeunesse :)

  85. a b s i n t h e

    a girl might break your heart but creedence will never break your heart

  86. César noe Rosas robles

    Arre rraza

  87. Juan jesus Besada romero

    GIGANTES Creedence, feliz año 2020, saludos desde Galicia (España)

    Tanya Scott

    I was to young to rember the song but I have. Three older sisters

  88. Linda Röth

    tu tu tu looking out my back door . radio got loud, listening to every word. they were sensation.

  89. Kerstin Herder

    Fantastic ❤

  90. JR216

    The story of this band and their aftermath is almost unbelievable. There should be a movie about them.

  91. Dezi Demon

    Go Blue bombers Go ! Grey Cup champions forever

  92. Dean Schofield

    Av it my doggy called creedeence73

  93. Rebecca Anne

    I sang this to my daughter when she was little. No baby songs, she grew up on CCR. Patsy Cline, The Beatles, Neil Young, etc. She is 27 now and sings the same songs to my 2 year old grandson. ROCK N ROLL FOREVER!!!!

  94. Somchit Suk

    Lookin' Out My Back Door
    Just got home from Illinois, lock the front door, oh boy!
    Got to sit down, take a rest on the porch
    Imagination sets in, pretty soon I'm singin'
    Doo, doo, doo, lookin' out my back door
    Giant doin' cartwheels, statue wearin' high heels
    Look at all the happy creatures dancin' on the lawn
    Dinosaur Victrola list'nin' to Buck Owens
    Doo, doo, doo, lookin' out my back door
    Tambourines and elephants are playin' in the band
    Won't you take a ride on the flyin' spoon? Doo, doo, doo
    Wond'rous apparition provided by magician
    Doo, doo, doo, lookin' out my back door
    Tambourines and elephants are playin' in the band
    Won't you…