John Anderson - Takin' The Country Back Lyrics

Goin' down to Muscle Shoals where the swamp water rhythm flows
Live the only way I know I'm just a common man
Headed down to Texas way where the honky tonk heroes play
Gonna find that lost highway that's where I'll make a stand

Takin' the country back it's high time we face the facts
Heart and soul slippin' through the cracks we're takin' the country back
Takin' the country back we're not sure just where it's at
We've got to get it back on track we're takin' the country back
Bright lights and limousines fame and fortune I have seen
Still searchin' for that dream it's callin' me back home
Down to earth where the music's real singin' bout what the people feel
Timeless truth now that's the deal we got to pass in on y'all

Yeah takin' the country back...

Yeah takin' the country back...
Takin' the country on back

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John Anderson Takin' The Country Back Comments
  1. Joshua Brooks

    This song should've played over the white house's loudspeakers when Donald Trump became president.

    P. S. I think it would be awesome if America celebrates Trump's 2020 victory by playing this song on the radio. Anyone agree?

  2. Dana Rogers

    One of the all time greats. Coolest voice ever. Real country

  3. Please Bring Back Apostrophes

    Hell YEAH!!! #KAG2020 with Trump/Pence!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. Dick Hagen

    great tunes

  5. ruger 1911

    Fuck hick hop!!!!!!!!..........Luke Bryan sucks and Jason Aldean swallows!!!!!

  6. Debra Chestnut

    This is what I was talking about! This should be Presidents theme song. Praise Father God!! 😂😂👍👍🙏🏻🙏🏻. Been trying to get someone to send him the song.

  7. tony gonzales

    kson repeat this song til we take tha country back!

  8. Randy Robinson

    needs to be did. No more shitty music

  9. Randy Robinson

    time to get rid of country rock pop shit

  10. Christina Burke

    Taking our country back...putting the twang back in our music and taking our country back from the liberal lunatics ruining this great country of ours. We did that on Nov 8, 2016. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  11. nemesisgenius

    I'm surprised Keith Whitley, Randy Travis, Vern Gosdin, and Moe Bandy are not featured in this video.

    amelia smith

    i wish they were

  12. colorado1819

    Wonder who the Hillary Clinton supporter is who disliked this video?

    Randy Robinson

    fuck Hillary Clinton. dum cunt oxygen thief

  13. phoenix 22

    hell ya"! dun took it on back!!!

  14. jimmie Cannon

    Hell ya! sing it John

  15. phoenix 22

    drive on! all the way!

  16. Tim Pruitt

    Can't wait till all the illegal aliens are out of this country and we get all the terrorist killed and out of this world. This is the best country ever and all those stupid city people should just face it that the country people are going to take to awesome country back.

  17. B Joseph

    should be Trumps theme song

    michael smith

    frankly I could care less and yu no doubt a trump supporter a law breaking head busting trump voter now so screw yourself and the horse you rode in n..

    B Joseph

    Michael Smith you are obviously a sick liberal.


    If you actually--oh, I don't know--WATCH the video, you'll see it's about taking country music back to its roots. At the time when Marty Stuart and Curtis Wright wrote it, country artists were having mainstream crossover success on the pop charts (Shania Twain's album, The Woman in Me, went Diamond), so this song was in response to that. It has nothing to do with politics and Anderson would probably be repulsed by the idea of a politician using it.

    0TruckMafk ☢TM™"... The BigMean CommentSection BadAss

    That was a pretty NPC comment, @michael smith

  18. chuck wick

    too late,country is fucked just like every other music

  19. rabbit0193

    heck yea!!! subbing right now. I making lets plays so I hope more people sub to me that would b awesome!!!

  20. Danny kidd

    it used to be if you made it in nashville because you could play good now it how much money you got it is not like the good days everything went to hell in nashville

    amelia smith

    soooooo right

  21. jasone burton

    Country music even went to shit..... Wish the ol timers still recorded an played still.

    tony gonzales

    hank jr saw him last month?!

  22. therockkkkher

    we need to take this country back, LITERALLY!!!