John Anderson - Small Town Lyrics

You can talk about the weather
Or the mayor's sister
You can talk about small talk
You can walk the city limits
In a matter of minutes
Talk about taking a walk
You can count the stars in the clear night sky
Or sit back and listen while the train rolls by
Hey it's a small town
They roll the sidewalks up
Come around sundown
Hey it's a small town
The place where we grew up
And still hang around
That rich young widow
Keeps talkin' to the preacher
Lord help their souls be saved
And Mr. Johnson's daughter
Flew in from Nevada
When they put him in his grave
Tommy took a summer job in Pontiac
He's still writing letters but he's not coming back
Hey it's a small town
They roll the sidewalks up
Come around sundown
Hey it's a small town
The place where we grew up
And still hang around
Hey it's a small town
They roll the sidewalks up
Come around sundown
Hey it's a small town
The place where we grew up
And still hang around
I'm easy to be found
Hey it's a small town.

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John Anderson Small Town Comments
  1. Kennith Tubbs

    We love you John keep it up I want too see you come to Alabama

  2. Willy D79

    I've seen the dark side of small towns and you can have them. Too much bullshit in a small town especially for a quiet guy like me who goes his own way instead of living by other people's standards.

  3. Kennith Tubbs

    Old school he's good your in our hearts

  4. drivermagyver

    Left a small town when i was seventeen came back when i was thirty five im fifty five now i should never have left in the furst place

  5. dback928

    what a good song


    i love old country .now i need hard rock...yuppies fuckd up country music

  7. Bentham Butns

    Obama 2020!

  8. Ronnie Sorter

    Forgan, Oklahoma

  9. Lutian Murphy

    My hometown ( pop. 616 ) ...small town but great memories...still listening to John in 2019..…

  10. Paul Letchworth

    Went to a country music dance hall /bar and John Anderson was performing there that night I was front row standing the whole time what a awesome talent , amazing how it seems he was always over looked , great song writer as well ,

  11. Paul Letchworth

    The people that dislike this song should just go to hell wtf are you listening to ? Nothing here to dislike

  12. Joseph Deffendoll

    Look up his song called Look Away by John Anderson. You will like it.

  13. Joseph Deffendoll

    That must be his family at the end.

  14. Braxton Creakbaum

    Between 2 corn fields 2 stoplights growing up on Hank Williams. This is real COUNTRY music.

  15. Mari Reynolds

    Hard working people.

  16. Kennith Tubbs

    Dam he's good

  17. fairyarlo

    can you marry me cause your hot

  18. Dick Allen Tracy

    I've primarily lived in the suburban south (Memphis, Tn and Jackson, MS, metros) but there is something that absolutely speaks to my southern soul in this song!

    Dick Allen Tracy

    god this sort of song is missing in modern music.....nostalgic for sure

  19. Brandy Mocanu

    A reminder of better times. Once again, good Christian country folk can't be passive. Have God and family in your heart, a gun on your side, and if you see something that doesn't jive with the 10 commandments, all stand up with your palm on your holster and say, " No Sir! Not in my town!"

  20. dback928

    when country was country

  21. Patricia E Owens

    Love the old songs bring back remember s

  22. Lutian Murphy

    What a great country sound....!

  23. Evaristo Blazquez

    Why is this song not available on I tunes or Apple music ?
    Bloody ridiculous 🤷🏻‍♂️🙄

  24. Ben Morgan

    📢He is a legend...ppl don't know shit bout real country if they don't realize that💪🤠

  25. Richie Hembree

    My dad grew up in a small town and his dad grew up in a small town it was so little you cud not even see it

  26. Dick Hagen

    John is best country in my ear, I love him

  27. Denfktinso Noyb

    I grew up in a place like this, then oil moved in and turned it into a dump. Everything oil touches turns to trash not fit for decent people to raise children..

  28. Elizabeth Barreto

    I'm from a small southern town off old 61 hwy, and my kids are growing up in a even smaller town.

  29. Jimmy E

    At times because of the current times, I wish I could stay forever in my small town moment when I'd wake up in Greeley, Colorado, and see the sun shining in through the window and at the same time, I could hear eggs frying. My grandma who raised me would be up early cooking. God I miss her so!

  30. Daniel Mesery

    Catch the rest

  31. Mr Davis

    My home,Woodfin NC,,I love you.

  32. West Iz Best

    Love you John....from Colorado ✌

  33. Lisa Bennett

    Looking forward to Pittsburgh, PA 2019

  34. Ken Barb

    United corporate States of America has infected has infected most the the smallest towns in America. there's no way small businesses can compete with these corporate entities.
    This corporate fascism. but we have no choice the owners/ bankers, want this.

  35. John Anderson

    God bless you all who still love true country music

  36. Chatham Apostolic

    New city Illinois just a stop sign!

  37. Linda Dustin

    Thanks all the folks who voted for Prez Trump, he's keeping promises.

  38. Connie Williams

    like I said before sweet sweet sweet voice and amazing music

  39. Wendell Stafford

    The little boy sitting on the mailbox is just too darn cute.

  40. Debi Clingenpeel

    This man sounds so darn good! Saw him in concert at the Martinsville Speedway a few years ago and he sounded like the first time he recorded a single. Thank you John for this memory for me and my hubby. Enjoyed this concert at the Martinsville Speed way in Martinsville, VA

  41. SRL

    This video reminds me of that day in Forbestown day's when we were looking in that small chapel church and you grabbed my hand and started singing 'that song' and the guy standing next to us was really a preacher and offered his service's, lol!!

  42. Donna Blechle

    I love country music

  43. Sensei Juan

    Where did great country singers like John go????? This is a real country song, not that pop crap that masquerades as country music today.

  44. Mississippi Taxpayer

    The certain people you don't have to look at in this video is why these small towns are still a nice place to live in

  45. Kansas

    Living in Kansas City for nearly fifteen years makes me miss living in Clearview.. a quiet, beautiful town. Perhaps moving back won't be a bad idea

  46. TheGRider56

    Love your songs and voice, John. One of a kind!

  47. purplefurball

    just discovered this man, he is wonderfull

  48. El Chihuahua

    I live in Spain but never hear country ,

  49. El Chihuahua

    Lovely song

  50. Jim Dodge

    I miss john Anderson . He was 1 of a kind.

  51. Mary Smith


  52. Hrothgar O' Dhughaill

    I grew up with this stuff many years ago, living on my foster parents farm and will always love it. My foster dad played the mandolin and bluegrass...Have loved the music ever since. Im covered in tattoo's and not what most expect when they think of "country boys" but Ill take this old country over anything..any day.

  53. Trippy Memez

    Apparently there are some special people who were in the video... John follows me on Instagram, does that count?

  54. Don Juan

    I wish I knew where those people are now...

  55. 3rd Coast MOB

    my old lady actually believed they rolled up the side walks at dark when she was a little girl. I love you girl.

  56. Carlos Vieira

    Howdy all y'all brothers and sisters.....listen a Country song like this....makes me wonder how much i may thank GOD, To be from South.

    SWF Construction LLC

    Carlos Vieira amen brother

  57. Trevor Graham Welch

    Lets talk about his brilliant guitar playing he makes me pick up my Stratocaster and plug it into my Marshall and lets look at where those Lyrics come from Deep inside the Heart of a Man with a Genius manor of getting the Facts of Life Together in a Song .

  58. Jon Grundy

    I owe this one to my boy Kyle Betinbrock!! I miss you brother!! And I probably spelled it wrong Mr Arizona... Lol.. look me up brother!!

  59. udru boika

    Great great song! I'm a metal head but I love good country too!

  60. Bill Bass

    Somebody rescue me from this hell up north! please come get me out of here!

  61. mjlover 4ever

    Go cuz u sing that country song

  62. mjlover 4ever

    John Anderson is my cousin he don't know me though I wasn't born when he knew my mammal

  63. J Mart

    I think I know everyone in this video. Nothing better than small town livin’. ❤️

    Charlie Smith

    You know Darcey?

  64. Gordon Browning

    Love this song,  brings back memories of the good old days.  I guess you have to be from a small town to understand and appreciate stories behind this kind of music.  I will never get tired of listening to this music.

    River Billy

    My heart belongs in the south and a small town.

  65. Brian Fuller

    John Anderson is Legend, folks.

  66. Mike M.

    I grew up in a small town. My wife grew up in an even smaller town. All of my kids are growing up in my small town, as are my grandchildren. Thanks dear Lord for small towns.

    Kelly Dunn

    Amen and amen

    Just a Man

    That's awesome... Everyone came bought my entire little town up. I can't even show my kids anything

  67. Greg Tweedy

    John Anderson is true Country!

  68. tpitman

    I wish this video would've been shot in his hometown of Apopka, Fl.

  69. James Williams

    Ain't nary a soul in Tampa knows anything about Country.

  70. James Williams

    This Man IS a Country singer, and sings the TRUTH only. Need about 50 more just like him. God bless his entire family.

  71. Joyce Lyles

    John Anderson is such a good singer love all of his songs saw him at lake winnapasakah in Chattanooga TN many years ago

  72. Choff C

    Brilliant..........FLA Born & Bred............Real Deal Mr. Anderson

  73. Kenneth Kinser

    New Middletown, In the sign hung past town limit. Great place to grow up.

  74. wilsocn

    I love how his voice seems to do volume swells.

  75. Matt Ing

    I just love that little guitar riff in this song

  76. Cathy Brashier- Moody

    John Has A Very Unique..** Love His Voice & The Fame Or Money Didn't change Him At All..** You
    Know It is John Anderson As soon as His Music & That Voice..** All I Can say is I Wish We Had Pure Country Music
    As HIs Voice Never Changed..** A Fan Always..** CAB**

  77. rp9876 p

    I was playing this in the truck one day and a buddy said he'd heard the voice before and when I told him who it was he remembered. He had been at a hay ride near Apopka Fl and a guy with a guitar hopped on and started playing for them. No pay, no big announcement. He just played, and it was John Anderson.

    Mrsean Stevenson

    rp9876 p Thats because folks like John Anderson dont care 'bout money but they would give you the shirt off of their back if you needed it because they genuinely care about you.

    Spunk Ison

    sounds about rite, i live n south fl, everglades, he's been nothing but wonderful 2 us, will love him forever!

    dot benton

    Just "REAL Folks"

  78. rp9876 p

    I generations in Tampa Florida(settling here 2 years before it formed). My family has seen it go from orange groves and cattle, to where it is today. Unfotunately I was born long after it was a small town but us old Tampa folks have a different culture than the new folks. We are southern and we talk southern, and we have all had connections to the cattle and citrus industry, some still own some. I am getting back into the industry so I have to leave Tampa, but It will always hold a large part of my heart.


    Tampa has change so much from b n kid n the 60 , i wont even go dwn thr ,

    Dawn Fusko

    i've lived in Riverview for 40 years in the same house ! hell yes ive seen changes but it will never take the country out of me !

  79. Dino Velvet

    To think, we're the target of blame these days! I miss Rural America, things were much simpler when I was growing up!

  80. Fire Hades

    Does anyone know who that tall dark haired chic is holding the little boy? Her beauty is mesmerizing!

  81. Harry Prater

    Love this song...!!!

  82. Owen Roop

    u wont never find any other real country music like this thats why i never get tired of yet that pop contry it dont cut it it makes me sick put jhon anderson on i give u a big fat smile 👂👏❤😄

  83. Harry Prater

    God Bless small towns.........alot better morals. Hollywood has no idea...!!!!

  84. David Partee

    that's country music, please country music, come back home--BajaDave

  85. Harry Prater

    I Love John Anderson...........He was on the tail-end of of real country. He makes really good music...!!!

  86. brian flincher

    This is definitely my town , it's so small its considered a village instead of a city

  87. Debra Plantier

    Love his music & definitely his voice

  88. Deiradinn Draven

    Every country video before the year 2000, "this is country music, I miss this kind of country, etc".

  89. Exploring an bottle collecting with Jimmy

    I live in a small town now I would never move back to the city

    Robbie Frentz

    Exploring an bottle collecting with Jimmy im not saying i live in a small town. However we are outnumbered by cattle

  90. Ken Born

    33 yrs in small town, 100 mile house. B.C. Never give it up for nothin

  91. Jeff and Laura Callaway

    Had the great opportunity to see him in small town Springfield Ga, and what a Great event it was. Always one of my favorites still to this day. hope to see you again soon sir,and thank you.

  92. Eric Reynolds

    Great song.
    Living strong in a small town in Tennessee for about 30 years now.

  93. Henry Homes

    agenda 21, no more small town...

  94. Susan Davis

    the 40 people who dislike are justin moore fans

  95. Shawn Winter

    Milford, Delaware

    rp9876 p

    My dad is from Milsboro... Beautiful area up there. He left in the middle of a snow storm cause he hated the cold so much.

  96. Alessio Meier

    ..and we all support the team

  97. dollarbill108

    This man is a legend!! Love him, his voice. No other voice like him. The 39 who disliked it probably like luke bryan.

    Miss Nic

    some of his music is very good, some is too sappy, people should be able to say what they think, yes? J. Anderson, good entertainer.. not 100% who is?

    Sam Iam

    Who the hell is Luke Bryan

    Ricky Gunner

    dollarbill108 I would have liked your comment but I like where it's at

    Paul Letchworth

    dollarbill108 exactly dumb deaf bastards

    Robbie Frentz

    dollarbill108 luke who???? 😀😀😀