Joe - Very Special Friend Lyrics

I gotta find, I gotta find a special friend
A little bit of sexiness
That's all I need
Someone I can kick it with (oh)
Won't put no pressure on me
And when the rain comes fallin' down
Will you be there for me
I need a whole lot of loyalty
I need you down on my team

You see
I been through too much drama in my life
You see
Every chick so far's been wasted time
You see
I need someone so special in my life
I need that special friend

Gonna search around the... world
'Til I find that... girl
New York, Georgia, Cali 'cross the water
Gonna find my baby... girl
Precious like a... pearl
I need a very special friend
(Very very very very special friend)
To be my baby girl to the very end


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Joe Very Special Friend Comments
  1. Gayle

    Joe you are the best.

  2. Tracy Knowles

    not Tyrone power special FRIEND fire close friend

  3. Veronica Nunley

    2019 😊😊😊😊

  4. Rachel Williams

    Rip Officer Carl Boyd MPD FINEST 31 yrs BEST Friend's that's what you were to Me My Besties Male Friend I will always Miss you My Hero 10/05/09

  5. Elizabeth Bogan

    Love this guy!!! Sing with your heart and not disrespect. Sing baby....

  6. Marvella Compton

    I am your client. What's your price? Cause I want to pay. Love JOE

  7. Rosângela Albuquerque

    Essa música é um hino linda

  8. Darrell b Davis


  9. LuLu gacha

    It's very very very very cool

  10. Lakia Reeves

    Every CD is on point

  11. Nidia Luccioni

    We the fans from around the world and me love your song Very Special Friend Joe your songs your voice your music from the fans from around the world and me Besitos
    Joe _ Very Special Friend

  12. J Shun

    One of my favorite songs by Joe. Sound so good, oh in 2019♥️🤩

  13. Bridgette Cobb

    2yrs latter still have my special friend Boss WCCJ. Butterfly 💋 Hello

  14. ANDY LUMEH© Ministries, Evangelist. My Father's Kingdom, Chelsea Black Church, London

    One Fine Song.....So the man went away and began to telling the Decapolis how much Jesus had done for him. And all the people were amazed. Mark 5: 20, Jesus Christ is Lord.

  15. ThatGirl CC

    Wow! I need a special friend too. Hope he soon find me. God help,he knows I need the company. Beautiful song

  16. Pj Jones

    I played to cd so so much, I cannot understand why he didn't get a grammy for this Album. Classic R nB, thank you - Joe, it will get passed on to my nieces and nephews and great-nieces and nephews.

  17. monique roberts

    put on them hooker boots and lets roll play... like really whos clever enough to hit that other than mr thomas

  18. Nat Dunny

    Joe was my first true love, then my husband stepped in! Still my baby, tho😘❤💋

  19. Valerie Rouse

    Yes love joe sing bae

  20. Shieler Cubie

    Special Friend saaang Joe🎤🎤🎧🎵🎶🎹

  21. Linda Lavalais

    Love me some joe he never disappoints 💜💜💜💜🎤🎵🎶🎼🎸

  22. Delshay Stormwolf

    Joe is the man... brother deserves mucho props!

  23. Mary Goodman

    awesome music, special friend comes from the blessing of God, stay focus as he will bless you, 😘 with a special friend💟🎶

  24. Deborah Friday

    My special friend! I’m his special friend❤️🙏

  25. Marylin M

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍all the song was just what my ❤ heart sent to me only thing joe
    Sung them to me.😘😘😘😘😘

  26. A.A.S. 35

    I Love him His Music is EVERYTHING

  27. Beautiful buffy

    Love it

  28. A.A.S. 35

    Heart broken right now thinking of divorcing a great man I'm just not stupid enough for him

  29. Towonna Jones

    Thank you Joe. I absolutely love your music.

  30. Letrell Hardin

    I Need That 1 Very Special Friend i Swear.....


    Joe fan for real!!!!

  32. Bahle Jali


  33. Patsy Andrews

    I love this song and him he can sing handsome self. I waiting on God fearing friend Then become my’s

  34. Vegas Element

    A jam....the best song on this album...

  35. Pj Jones

    I think Joe Signature is some of Joe's best work. I must've worn this poor cd out. I love his voice.

  36. Brian M

    Joe still doing it. Keep it coming my brother

  37. Lashawn Rice

    Loveeeee you, Joe!

  38. Phumlile Precious


  39. Humphrey Fitness

    Yea Joe is the one true legend. I love Joe.

  40. nadine Wilson

    💓💓 💓

  41. Joyelle

    Love me some Joe 😍😍😍😍

  42. Faye Davis

    I think Joe and the Jaheim, Avant and it manys more that need be in on top of the music industry

  43. Faye Davis

    Joe deserve alot of credit !

  44. Tyrone Preston

    Nice and smooth

  45. Ms. Jana So Blessed

    Still jamming in 2019....😍🔥

  46. Delshay Stormwolf

    It's a CRIME Joe doesn't get the PROPS he deserves... JOE IS IT!

  47. Stan .P

    His best album

  48. Laprecious Green

    NOTHING! Like having REAL, LOYAL, TRUELY DEDICATED friends.To all those who really take being a real friend. This is your dedication song. Need more like you. Whomever you are. "We 💖 U!💋💋💋

  49. Tony Febry

    One word TALENT 😊🙏👍

  50. Daphne Rodriguez


  51. Chrissy Ann

    Love this man songs 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💕

  52. Tinishia LoveCherryz

    Still listening in 2019 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  53. Kairmarius Champion

    I miss my special friend C. C.

  54. Cerria Starks

    I love this song!!! Joe's voice is so sweet to my ears!!!!! He's truely a musical genius!!!#2019

  55. Neal Edwards

    I need a lot of Loyalty, I need you down on my team. Simple words, It's just soooo hard to find.

  56. Ms. C Williams

    This is real R&B💖💖

  57. Fatuma Salim

    Nice song keep tap

  58. Deresa Moton

    Still today I love this album

  59. Ja'mmello Lewis

    This song when family could have a good time at bar- b- ques. No jealously

  60. Liz Johnson

    Can you sing this song for my joe i 💘 you voice Omg

  61. karen ward

    Love Joe 2018 and forever

  62. Talia Seays

    👀💞This. 👨and. He. Very. Sexy.

  63. Amichai Israel

    Every man should want this...I dearly do myself. I love this song

  64. méguy firoly


  65. Sharon Elliott

    Found my special friend. Looking forward to spending my time with him.

  66. Ms. C Williams

    Yes indeed a Very Special Friend💖💖

  67. Ebony Shephard

    Lost in this groove. Underrated RNB great.

  68. Nicole Allen

    Loved this whole CD.. And yes I'm still jamming it today in 2018.

  69. Monte C

    Upsets me when I see how this man has basically been blackballed by the industry. Most underrated artist ever. This is what happens when a talented brother with his ear to the street, a love of God who also has an awareness of what’s going on in society ....speaks. Not to mention, treating women with the respect they deserve. The industry will never properly promote someone like this man. Such a shame. Don’t matter, you can’t keep true gems hidden. My Man! My day one dude.

    JoAnn Muhammad

    Monte C Facts well stated!!

    Patricia McCoy

    Monte C So true!

    Lisa B

    You said a mouth full!!!

  70. Tamiko Daniels

    You found me I want you lol

  71. bruno santiago

    Muito linda 😍💓❤ essa música maravilhosa.amo amo amo também as músicas do Joe.

  72. Linda Lavalais

    Love this song and I love joe

  73. Shaun Heckstall

    Don't leave your girl alone in the coffe shop...😁😎🤗

  74. Nat Clay

    You're all invited to the wedding...via live streaming ; )

  75. Marilynn Brown

    I love this CD it's Joe who don't love .....ITS JOE❤😍💯

  76. Kenya Hastings

    I'm in Georgia Joe. You don't have to look no further..Lawd have mercy

    Farah Farah


  77. Shandrina Boyd

    For the grown and sexy here. I love this jam here

  78. Sherrie Mcclendon

    Joe is the next marvin gaye they voices are so soft and smooth those panty dropper songs

  79. Bryson Sabun

    I love you Joe

  80. rena5712

    My man! I can't stop listening to him! He makes my day & night! So much love in his words & music

  81. Loveystar78 cloud

    This song just lifted me up and gave me some perspective. But Joe's songs usually have that effect.❤️️❤️️❤️️

  82. anthony hubbard

    I need her, been to new jersey, Florida and Georgia.

  83. Sprint Metroplex

    Absolutely!!!!! ❤️

  84. 504mrbig

    Signature was Joe best album every song on it was nice.

  85. bruno santiago

    Música maravilhosa 😍❤💓 linda

  86. dinkyeknuf adeoye

    Great Song.......I love this any day anytime

  87. Charmeda Hardman

    luv me sum Joe💙😘

  88. Tasty Creations

    This song brings back memories with " A very special friend"

  89. gilbert biteghe

    best of the best. I love you so much J.L.T

  90. Shango Oya

    This song is my Life!!
    Absolute classic

  91. Nicholas Alonzo

    Hey joe. your best fan from Trinidad and Tobago. always loved the way you write these love songs. keep it up my brother. stay blessed.

  92. Demetrius Johnson

    That Base line make you wanna make love for no Dammmm!!

    Marsha Tyler

    To your special friend at that 💯

    Danielle Smith

    That base makes me want to fall in love even when the horns come in at the end

  93. Kim Herndon

    This is a loving song !!!!

  94. Isreal Brownlow

    So glad this full version of Special Friend was released

  95. caril vaneaton

    This song is special to me because I found my first love again

  96. Timothy Parks

    Love this song.