Joe - Love Is Just A Game Lyrics

Love is just a game
Oh ooh ooh ooh yeah yeah yeah (telling you) [x4]

You cant keep doing this shit...
Oh oh, love is just a game...
Oh, listen babe...

Quit playing around, like it's a game,
You tell me to go, you tell me to stay,
Living with you is emotional,
Roller coaster ride, like you're Jekyll and Hyde,

Crossing the T's, and dotting the I's,
Trying to make it work but you won't let me,
It's like you're fighting with your self,
But baby I can tell, that you really don't wanna leave,

Love is a game for you, I see, but it means a lot more to me,
To ride it out when the going gets rough,
Then she closed the first real love,
Can't keep playing around with me,
If you really don't want me to leave,
If love is a game, then I don't wanna play,
Cos there's someone out there for me,

Love is just a game...

Heard you were on the phone just the other day,
Talking to your girl, telling you that I'm leaving,
If you didn't mean it then why did you say it,
This love thing ain't a game to me,

I'm packing my bags here I go again,
Wanna kick me out, OK, well I'm leaving,
Ain't with those childish games, so baby tell me
What's it gonna be,


I'm tired of all the fussing, and the fighting
We can't keep, just going on this way
So tired babe and angry,
You hurting me over and over and over again,
You making me wanna leave,
U don't understand what you're doing to me
Maybe we're not meant to be


Love is just a game [x3] [Fade]

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Joe Love Is Just A Game Comments
  1. Asli Asees


  2. Still listening to this in 2018 I love this song.

  3. joyce Ileka

    best RNB artist of all time

  4. Alisha Lowe

    I luv this song!

  5. John Batiste

    Still 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😭😭😭😭

  6. Tiffany Hughes

    love this song

  7. Amichai Israel

    left my wife off this song...

  8. Linda Lavalais

    Ain't no singer like you in the world joe

    Amichai Israel

    too true

  9. Linda Lavalais

    Beautiful song joe is such a amazing singer he has such a smooth silky voice. Love you joe you are so damn sexy



    John Batiste

    LAKENDRIA LEAH Gibbs I swear💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  11. adagator33

    You got that right Bruh.