Joe - Lose Control Lyrics

Lose Control

As soon as you wake up -
You know who you were thinking
As soon as you freshen up
You know that you gotta get out
And you say that you still feel me from last week
That's just two lil marks that I love to leave
You say you hear them voices
Telling you to call me
After the club, oh oh

But when she's leavin' that club
She knows that
She's callin' me "Mr. Beat-It-Up"
But when she comes from that club
She knows
That I'm gonna tear it up
Uh Huh
First, remove the pillows from this bed
Then I'm a put your legs right next to your head
I'm a make you lose control
Oh-oh oh-oh-ooh
I'm a make you lose control
Oh-oh oh-oh-ooh
First we turn the lights down in this room
I don't wanna hear or see nothing but you
I'm a make you lose control
Oh-oh oh-oh-ooh
I'm a make you lose control
Oh-oh oh-oh-ooh

As soon as she get done
She's already planning for another one
She set it open like the last one
She got some tricks up her sleeve
I'm a think that she's a Magician
She want it again
Again [x5]
Again and again
She's gonna call me when she leaves up out the club, club
And she want it again, now!

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  1. ClauDonz

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  2. Chimere McCrorey

    Yesssssss Joe 🖤

  3. Queen Melanin

    Joe brings out every female inner sexiness

  4. Sounique89

    Umma make u lose control

  5. Leticia Jordan

    I like all his songs. he is a sexy handsome black brother.

  6. Nakita Battle

    this song is SOOOOO FREGNKN HOT TAMOLLY!!!

  7. Anna Console

    Hi, I am FoxyLady#T To All My Friends Out There and Everyone Across The World.So Happy That You Enjoy My Playlist, I Feel Very Blassed That I Can Reply Back To You..I Really like Joe Myself.l.o.l. So Thank You for Your kindness,l love you All.

    Freddy Cheers

    Anna Console Beautiful❤️

  8. Author Shanita Bell

    love this song

  9. Melissa Omolo

    Joe is not playing on this album!!!

    Tondria Grimm

    Melissa Omolo 💯💯💯💯💯💯.

  10. Latasha Davenport

    💘 this song!!! Love me some Joe! Yassss!!!😍😍😍❤

  11. La Bella

    This song 😍 Can't get enough!

  12. Latasha Garvin

    Yassss!!! 😍😍😍

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  15. Elisabeth Ayol

    i really love the song,keep on giving us more.

  16. Mel Gate

    yeahhhh! this the shizzz

  17. Linda Lavalais

    joe so sexy

  18. Anthony Ogans

    I so love him!!!

  19. Anthony Ogans

    This song has me hypnotized!!