Joe - Life Of The Party Lyrics

I Don't Wanna Believe That it's Over

You Might See Me Smiling
But Inside I'm Dying
Too Proud To Let It Show
I Ain't The One
You won't See Me Crying
But it's Hard To Let It Go
All My Time On The Tour Bus
Wasn't Good For Us
And Then You Throw It All
Started Getting Around With A Few Choice Chicks
But We Had Something Special
Plus The Sex Was Sick

Do You Remember
From The Bed To The Wall
On The Floor By The Fireplace
I Know You Remember
On The Truck Couldn't Wait
So We Got Off On The Garden State
Somehow We Must Of Got All Turned Around On Last Freeway
Now I Cant Find My Way Home To You
Oh Girl

I Get Love In The Hood
Acting Like My Life Is All Good
Putting Up A False Bravado
When I Lost You I Lost My Winning Ticket To Lotto
Everytime I Raise My Glass
I Try To Drink Away My Past
To The World I Might Appear To Be The Life Of The Party
But They Don't See Me

I Never Thought I'd Be The One Missing
Oh, I Can't Take This Emptiness
And I Can't Keep Going On Like This
And I Can't Keep Pretending That This Don't Hurt Like A Mother Babe
I Know That it's Crazy For Me To Come Over
I Had To See You
I Know I Gotta To Change Girl
I'll Do That Quick
You Need To Take Me Back Cause The Sex Was Sick

Remember When We Used To Ride The Bus
Girl How We Came Up
Money, career, Chicks And All That
Id Give It Up Just To Have You Back
'Cause Money's Only Paper Girl
And This House Don't Feel Like Home When I'm Alone
Whenever You See Me
Baby Remember

You all Don't See
You Only See What You See On The TV
This Is My Reality
Girl You'll Get To Know Me

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Joe Life Of The Party Comments
  1. Shelley Shelley


  2. Nzarama

    2020 listening?

  3. Miya Goodwin

    Still listening in 2020!!

  4. Richard Mayo

    The real king of R&B period.....


    Sitting in my car at night in the rain listening to this over and over reminiscing

  6. Bowlegg41 Smith

    Love this man's music❤‼

  7. Mary Gibson

    Joe 💕💜💛❤️💚💕Joe❣️💞💝🎚️🎶🎤💞💝🎶🎤🎤🎶💞💕💜💛❤️Joe 🎤🎶💜

  8. KevJ

    One of my favorite songs by R&B Legend Joe...

  9. Marcus Peter

    still my number one musician ...!

  10. Senzo Mthembu

    Unique voice unique style and timeless music. Thanks brother Joe

  11. Jean Coutts

    I appreciate your music Joe ,it speaks to my soul /Life of a party a song that tells a deep story ,I can relate

  12. Frenche33


  13. Latasha Chase

    Simply 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. Mae Morrell

    I love him and his music this man is fantastic my favorite please don't ever leave us!!!!

  15. SHADY


  16. Melveena Anderson

    0:00-0:25 gives me lifeeee it sounds like a bomb ass interlude

  17. nyang12 deng


  18. Trenneth Crutchfield

    Hey fan be to other and good to your self welcome to the party your late night player/dj

  19. Latisha Blount

    I dont wanna belive that is over

  20. Latisha Blount

    I love this song

  21. Lakesha Hill

    2019 anyone??😍😍

    Celeste Dumas

    Yes mam

  22. Letrell Hardin

    2019 in this Bih

  23. Tommie Wells

    This money isn't nothing but paper and this house doesn't feel like home anymore everytime I raise my glass I try to drink away my past it hurts when you've lost someone and life isn't the same when there gone a piece of u leaves and it's hard to recover but what hurts the most is that u remember the good times u had with her and u can't get them back because she's gone

  24. Shelley Shelley

    Goodness this mans voice, style is unmatched!

  25. Yasmin S

    This song speeding on the motorway reminiscing on you’re life.. what could of been. I love this tune 💕😍

  26. lion sun

    I don't wanna believe that it's over
    I don't wanna believe that it's over

    I gotta take my time with this one

    You might see me smilin'
    But inside I'm dying
    Too proud to let it show
    I ain't the one
    You won't see me crying
    But it's hard to let it go
    All my time on the tour bus
    Wasn't good for us
    And then you throw it all
    Started gettin' around with a few choice chicks
    But we had something special
    Plus the sex was sick

  27. Jay Bee

    Im sooo good loookin ladies fwm

  28. Jay Bee

    I love this song much omg

  29. Yasmin S

    They don't see me!

  30. Adrian Campbell

    I love this song❤️

  31. pamela terry

    This song got me through i always come back too reflect

  32. Thandeka Xhosa

    I ain’t an ebb fan but this song hits home, thanks to bae for introducing me to it👌💯❤️

  33. Roz Wynn

    Joe is timeless AF! Love this man!

  34. Dexter Fitzpatrick

    whew thats South Carolina cacalac Joe this boy is nasty wit it

  35. Linny Johnson

    Joe, you can be the life of my party. This is a sad song, but a truthful song. What will Joe come up with next I'm sure whatever it is it will be great. #1 fan Love me some Joe. Lonny johnson

    Celeste Dumas

    Yes it is very beautiful but deep emotional and sad



  37. 504mrbig

    Still My Ish.

  38. Mary Gibson


  39. Tanya Jean Williams

    I can listen to Joe music forever! He have that certain sound and voice to his songs. He's Amazing!

  40. Millicent Evans

    Great song joe 🦋🌻🦋

  41. Millicent Evans

    Joe your so cool i.really like your songs having fun.this early sunday morning i am having a great birthday cant wait until.later.nice one.joe🦋

  42. John Wamah

    That is so cute from Joe

  43. Millicent Evans

    I really like joe Thomas this song is one of my favorite songs by him he is super talented 💋

  44. Kaylah Samaad

    Back when i was a kid!!!! I remember❤❤❤

  45. DJSimurgh

    Preach! 🙌

  46. Phil Deez


  47. xxUNDERD0Gxx

    Still 2018

  48. Marcelle Smartt

    All ima say Joe be jamming check em out at 3:05

  49. sandy walton

    2017 i love joe songs.

  50. Annette Chuck

    Auto replay.. Love me some Joe.. This song is deep, listen to the words..

    Miya Goodwin


  51. Marcelle Smartt

    Somehow we must of got all turned around on loves freeway

  52. Kim London

    Where have I been? First time hearing this masterpiece !!! I love it !!

  53. Rodney Nash

    Dirty jam

  54. Felecia Myers

    Love  this song. Timeless. My favorite artist, always!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Ismahane Bounadour

    I don't wanna believe that it's over

  56. Stefano Rigoli

    One of those songs that stays with you forever

  57. Leonard knight

    all Love is beautiful.

  58. Kistal Mack

    Joe did this !

  59. Samantha Shelton

    I love joe he just make a women think real bad about how love is yes lord

  60. Connie Moore

    I love this song

  61. trina robinson

    i dont want you no more sing it joe!!!!❤i love this song!!!!❤

  62. Sikelelwa Ngambu

    most definitely my favourite

  63. shadrach omofomwan

    this is one unic stuff from Joe amazing bag of good song and rythem, keep it up boy, working brain.....xx

    Darrell Miller

    I know what this like

  64. Alexandrea Gray

    😢Still My Fav after all these years!!!! With my other half deceased for nine years....

  65. Veronica’s World

    My favorite!!..

  66. Jojn Doe

    Still 2016

  67. akeysrock

    one of my favs i love joe!

  68. Pamela Allen

    Love it!


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    Scud 昔ね、ジャンプを買ってたんだけど、チョッパーが登場したくらいで、ジャンプを買うのやめちゃったから、それ以来読んでないんだ!yあ、私、オタクじゃないからね!

  69. nadmessamena