Joe - Let's Just Do It Lyrics

You And Me Girl Its Just Right
So Why Do You Deny (How You Feel, Yeah Listen Girl)
You Should Be Up In My Arms At Night
And By My Side (Its The Way It Should Be, Now Listen)

We Can Talk About This Forever
Or We Can Just Do What We Know Is Right
So Lets Just Move On Cause We Got Love To Make Ah
Lets Do This Tonight
Dont Put Up A Fight

Gotta Make You Believe That
You And Me Together Would Feel So Good
Best Believe It
I Know You Can See That
You And Be Together Would Feel So Good
Best Believe It
So Lets Just Do It

Baby You And Me Fit Hand In Glove
Im In Love
Youre In Love
Aint It Good To Be Here
All My Life Girl
Ive Been Searching For The Perfect One To Be With Me
Could You Be Her

Oh Why Deny How You Really Feel Inside Cause
Baby All I Really Want To Do Is Love You
And I Swear That Its Gonna Feel Baby
Feel So Good

Now If You Be My B-A-B-Y
I Can Be Your P-A-P-I
I Need A Girl To J Me
Sorta Like Beyonce Did To Jay-Z
Kinda Like Janet J Did To Jd
And Maybe You Can Do Fab
Maybe Baby Trying To Say We
Dont Feel Right In The Back Of That Maybe
Yeah, And They Want To Convince Me
That We Dont Look Good On The Front Of The Bentley
So Lets Just Do It
Dress Fresh To It
Sf To It With The Necklace Through It
Wake Up In The Morning Eatin Breakfast To It
Or Keep Trying To Get Up On The Guest List To It
J0e And They Know Me
Keep Figures
Keep Niggas On The Job... Yeah

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Joe Let's Just Do It Comments
  1. nadine Wilson

    💓 X's 💓

  2. Jared Grimes

    That 1 dislike tho 👀

    AaronRagland TV

    I would give this 1 million likes by myself if it was possible.This was a man who came from an era of real rnb music.

  3. Dom Jú

    No doubt

  4. wilson dwight

    Still bangin

  5. John Batiste

    Been jamming this since I was 14,still 🔥🔥🔥to [email protected]💯💯💯💙💙💙💙

  6. sandy walton

    All i can say is legend who makes great music.

  7. Ceylon

    My Jam!

  8. Ceylon

    My Jam!

  9. Sugah Davis

    Throw back and I love it got some great memories from this album