Joe Jackson - The Bridge Lyrics

Down there in the ashes there's gold and silver too
Dear sister, I try to share with you
Smug, you said, take your spoils away
And you broke the bridge on your side

You wither my trouble and all I dream to do
With half-smiles until I scream at you
Mad, you said, that's how you repay
But you broke the bridge on your side

And where am I as I swallow your tears
And the prince with the slipper appears
Do you back at your heel, do I try not to feel

I fail with my anger and with my sympathy
I tremble - so little left for me
Harsh, you said, now you walk away
But I left the gold for you to find
When you broke the bridge on your side

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Joe Jackson The Bridge Comments
  1. christopherwgcg

    Saw this on PBS in LA '96 or '97. Bought the album, listened to it during the rainy days/nights of that El niño year.
    So good.

  2. Jim Matthews

    That's it.

  3. Jafafa Hots

    This makes me cry.

    Brian Slartibartfast Lindsey

    Me too.

  4. ladycplum

    I love Jane SIberry.

  5. Clifford Depew

    Her voice is perfect for this piece. I've always wondered why she didn't become better known or appreciated.

  6. slickvguy

    This song makes me want to cry every time I listen to it. SO beautiful.

  7. myklmusic

    This is such a wonderful work. I am inspired by the 'space', though the piano work is very full.
    I love this.

  8. gergsar

    thank you so much for posting all of the songs from this perfromance of Heaven and Hell. It is a brilliant work...

  9. art labus

    my hat is always off to Mr. Jackson for finding the right person to fill each note perfectly through tone and emotion. the talent that went through that studio that night is truly astounding

  10. sostakovic


  11. lotsofhats

    always makes me cry.....the words are strong

  12. Thomas Smith

    So so true!

  13. Niotsu

    Jane Siberry is the only person who could have done this song and made it sound so beautiful. Great song.