Joe Jackson - Passacaglia / A Bud And A Slice Lyrics

Give me a bud and a slice
And leave me alone
If I want your advice, I'll ask ya
They tell me caviar's nice, but I wouldn't know
So what's it to you
Who needs your airs
And your micro-brew

Look at the sun
See how it hangs
So still in the sky

Give me the new TV Guide
And get off the phone
Go on and take sides, its not my problem
Waiting for worlds to collide in the comfort of home
They say Lucifer's free
What shall we do
Don't ask me

But it's not like I never go beyond these walls
I've got culture
I go to the movies
Last week, saw the new Tarantino
Starring shit what's that guy's name again
You know the scene where they
Put the blowtorch to his balls
Bloody brilliant
My daughter threw up, she didn't understand
I told her it's just like the Beano
It's not real
And if it was...well, so what?!
Come on, lighten up!
Let's all lighten up

Give me a bud and a slice
And leave out the book
I've got one of those, thank you
As for that guru you prize, he might be a crook
And L.A.'s so hot
Still, I might go

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Joe Jackson Passacaglia / A Bud And A Slice Comments
  1. eyeL ikeT

    Curious, why the umbrella?

  2. Tom Weast


  3. The22Healer

    Great performance from Joe and friends! Great video quality given the time period.

  4. Byron Gordon

    What this music does best is show off Joe's talent as an orchestrator/composer. That doesn't mean it's his greatest album by any means. It belongs in its own category of music, exactly what, I'm not sure.

  5. Jim Carlson

    Finally a song with a beat I can dance to.

  6. Alain Guilloux


  7. Bethany Drivas

    Brad Roberts' voice is like dark chocolate for my ears.

  8. HumanoidOrganism

    If you like Joe and this album you should check out his autobiography "A Cure for Gravity". I am about the same age as Joe and grew up on a council estate (Leigh Park) near his (Paulsgrove) - both overspill estates for post-war bombed-out Portsmouth. He epitomises what I would have liked to become - unfortunately I don't have his immense talent. The fact that he has produced some of his more classical work in his latter years seems to have escaped most of his fans, which is a pity. "Heaven and Hell" is unique and to have recruited and collaborated with such talented performers makes this album, for me, his most accomplished work. When are you coming to London again Joe??

  9. ladycplum

    I bought this album because I am a rather ridiculously huge fan of the Dummies, but the album itself is a masterpiece.

  10. useless faker

    Heaven and Hell is one of the very greatest Joe Jackson albums, which is really saying something. And I have always felt that A Bud and A Slice is my favourite JJ song, or very close to it. This song has all the JJ hallmarks. It's a perfectly realised vision; it comes across as being exactly what he wanted to say, musically and lyrically. (And you can say the same for his most recent album, The Duke, which is absolutely breathtaking. That record is so staggeringly perfect that one takes it for granted. The same is even true of Big World, which everybody forgets was recorded not just live, but direct to stereo.)

  11. David Wallace

    Incredible! Thanks for posting! I remember the first time a friend shared JJ's whole Heaven & Hell song cycle with me. As a long-term fan of passacaglias, this song blew me away. . . the form really underscore the lyrics here. A good pop / hip-hop passacaglia is Flobots "Handlebars." I use these to help my Juilliard dance students understand the form. When commissioned to compose a dance score for the Juilliard Centennial, I chose to wrote a passacaglia called "Portal." See it on my channel!

  12. DannycitaBR

    Maravilhoso álbum, foi um divisor de águas em minha adolescência. Simplesmente espetacular, não me canso de ouvi-lo.

  13. jwbinkonline

    Indeed, a gem. Brad Roberts perfectly underlines the meaning of the song with his mimick (and beer..)

  14. shrew972

    this is fuckin' exceptional - thanks for reminding me of that great great album!

  15. veryoldandugly

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I've twice this tour while JJ was singing in place of Brad... Probably two concerts in my own top 10. Unforgetable !

  16. hoofhearted1469

    Awesome, very, very, very, very cool... my favorite is More is More what a f'd up great song. Thank for posting these. I would love to see Bela Fleck mixed up in this mess ;o)

  17. projectjko

    Holy crap...I worked in a movie theater in NYC around 1998-99 and remember hearing this song playing over the tunes between shows. To this day I've not forgotten it. I'm so glad I was bored tonight and went searching for it.

  18. nattalie74

    I like Brad Roberts.He's a gorgeous looking singer on there.Joe Jackson is a great musician,as well.Zebrina

  19. LoRonce Anderson

    Radharc, thank you for sharing! I've never seen any of this performed, and I am so happy to have the opportunity. Peace to you.

  20. Niotsu

    In my opinion, some of the best instrumentalists are there in that studio, so beautiful and powerful. I love it.