Joe Jackson - Hell Of A Town Lyrics

It's a hell of a town
There's smoke coming up through the holes in the ground
It's a hell of a town
Plenty of devils for taking you down
Any time of night and day

It's a hell of a town
Getting drunk on the tears of a clown
It's a hell of a town
Steppin' out in a bulletproof gown
So get out of my goddamn way

I'm walking here
I'm talking here

It's a hell of a town
Swimming out where the ships run aground
It's a hell of a town
Always room on the merry-go-round
So step up and be damned today

I'm walking here
I'm talking here

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Joe Jackson Hell Of A Town Comments
  1. Eric Hovdesven

    Love this album but just noticed it had a similar beat to Mantec 77 which is a pretty basic beat. but now when I hear it I think of this song or Happyland

  2. Byron Gordon

    Why this album wasn't promoted more by radio I'll never get.

  3. michael mccracken

    love the changes in this song.brilliant."im walkin here"

  4. Michele Righini

    Grande brano!!

  5. pio primo

    Una meraviglia! Dio Joe Jackson!

  6. Renzo Centofante

    Che bello...

  7. Protest Songs

    That's a hell of a song. Thanks for sharing it.

  8. timmmahhhh

    I stumbled into this album looking to get a copy of night and Day on CD back in 2003 and decided to check this out. I totally agree this is an awesome successor. It's a real pity not it wasn't as popular as the first one.

  9. jwbinkonline

    I totally agree! Night and day 2 is a wonderful and worthy sucessor to Night and Day. It paints, again, a vivid story of NYC, it's inhabitants and (sometimes) tragic lives. Musically still based on Latin Rhythms and even richer and more mature than its predecessor.. it is more a leap forward than a look back. No more need to step into the light there remains the urge to "stay". This wrap's it all up and connects both albums.. in a very mature and (for the fan) still totally recognisable way.

  10. KingKaitain

    At first I wasn't that fussed about this album, but a decade on, I think it's one of Joe's best. All of the songs grow on you, and there's a hypnotic pulse that runs through the entire work.