Joe Jackson - Fugue 2 / Song Of Daedalus Lyrics

Call me cool as January
I walk like the breeze
And wear the world like filigree

Call me too large for life
That's only sticks and stones
I'm standing so tall
It seems that I've grown

Call me irresponsible
Your rules of the game
Are only clouds to float above

Call me, let's do lunch
When I get time for girls
I'm working on things
To astonish the world

Call me weird and laugh at me
I tell you its true
I've found a cure for gravity

Call me mad as March
High as in Hogmanay
Just watch me and weep
I'm out of this maze

See the wings made of feathers, of wax and of thread
See me soar high above all the quick and the dead

Call me now
Call me Stars and Moon and Plough
Call me Lord, call me Sire
Call me Earth and Wind and Fire
Call me Judge, call me Shah
Call me King, call me Tsar
Call me God

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Joe Jackson Fugue 2 / Song Of Daedalus Comments

    Joe Jackson est un génie. Tout comme Marillion, je ne comprends pas pourquoi il n'est pas plus connu.
    Un grand merci pour ces vidéos.

  2. Jason


  3. Jason

    listened to this show at least a thousand times and it never, ever gets old. pure genius. the beauty of this album and these live performances is beyond words. Thanks Geoffrey.

  4. Jeroen Wijn

    Thank you Geoffrey for putting up these videos. They are a joy to watch and especially to listen to. Will do this again (and again).

  5. Ken Is Free

    49-0 wtg joe!

  6. useless faker

    I don't know why I took so long to find this series of videos from the Heaven and Hell era. Probably because I didn't know to look for them! Thank you thank you thank you! The Heaven and Hell album was always pure genius, and these videos capture perfectly just how much Joe is truly in a class of his own. Best of all - almost all the major guest soloists are there (i.e. except Suzanne Vega, which is a pity, but still...).

  7. mrklein71

    i have two favorite concert and this is the first thanks for upload...saludos desde Puerto Rico!

  8. slickvguy

    This song (like so many others of Joe's) leaves me speechless. It gets inside of you and makes you feel things that are indescribable. I saw Joe performed this entire album live in a small club with a few hundred people. I've seen Joe many times. I sat there the entire performance with my jaw hanging. The two women he performed with were also stunningly talented.

    Ken Is Free


  9. Time Abstract

    It's good to be of Sicilian heritage.........we're not all "bad guys" (no body's perfect)

    Ken Is Free


  10. neil1963creed

    I saw Joe perform the whole Heaven and Hell album at the Elizabethan theatre in London many many years ago. It was one of the best live performances ever!

  11. ReallyGoinOutWithHim

    i love it when he sings the line "...i found a cure for gravity...". you sure did, joe. be proud.

  12. citydog

    Wow. Thank you for posting these.

  13. nattalie74

    I love this song the best from the Joe Jackson & Friends cd.Joe & the rest of the band members all did a great job.I never seen these videos from the songs of the Joe Jackson & Friends cd.The cd is excellent.Also the videos of Joe Jackson & Friends are the best videos that I ever seen of Joe.Zebrina

  14. Niotsu

    What is the name of the lady at the end on violin, I can't hear what he says. She is amazing.