Joe Cocker - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away Lyrics

Here I stand head in hand
Turn my face to the wall
If she's gone I can't go on
Feelin' two-foot small

Everywhere people stare
Each and every day
I can see them laugh at me
And I hear them say

Hey you've got to hide your love away
Hey you've got to hide your love away

How could I even try
I can never win
Hearing them, seeing them
In the state I'm in

How could she say to me
Love will find a way
Gather round all you clowns
Let me hear you say

Hey you've got to hide your love away
Hey you've got to hide your love away

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Joe Cocker You've Got To Hide Your Love Away Comments
  1. Charlotte Fairchild

    I want to sing this song. Joe did the best version I have heard. I love it.

    Beatles Best Band

    Sara Decapua Beatles is better.John Lennon voice is way better.

    Sara Decapua

    @Beatles Best Band Beatles are fine but I LOVED Joe.

    Ernie Johnson

    This is a nice version. Joe is anazing. Nice interpretation here.

    Fredrick Noble

    I think i may have heard this version. Before. But the more i listen im.not so sure. He is absolluttely pissa. Singing this tune. He sounds very gospel like like hes in church. Or by himself. In a barn .like hes actually talking to god or trying to reach out to him the best way he can. Withnhis voice and his soul .both of which appear to be the same. A true masterpiece for sure god bless him. THE NIGHT FENCER

    Fredrick Noble

    @Beatles Best Band jhons voice is better by far. But its mmm ice to hrar different versions. And jor does fo a nice version the night fencer

  2. Frank DaBass


  3. paweł paweł

    Kocham Pana :--) ❤❤❤

  4. José Alberto Vianna Coelho

    excelente cover

  5. José Alberto Vianna Coelho

    um lindo cover

  6. fabiana caporali


  7. JustAintThatWay

    The singer whose interpretation of makes the original even more beautiful.
    I'm not sure that reads the way it's intended - Cocker's cover adds power & depth to that which was already remarkable.

  8. Massimiliano Guidotti

    From the 1965 Beatles album Help to the 1991 Joe Cocker album Night calls... it has been a long journey. Lovely beautiful powerful cover. With a little help of our friends , everything is possible. Thanks a lot dear Joe for all the good times you have given me and for the strong emotions you still give me.

  9. Al Standridge

    One of only many favorites Thanks Man

  10. 1979lenochka

    Rest in peace, Joe--you've always been my inspiration...