Joe Cocker - Please No More Lyrics

We start a fight, who knows what for
Who knows who's winning, or who's keeping score
You say it's all right, as you slam the door
All I can say is, "Please no more, please no more."

I've had enough after how I swore
I'd never give you up
Loving you was easy, but one thing's for sure
It ain't me, it ain't me, you're trying to please no more.

Passions will burn, burn endlessly
All that's left behind are these broken dreams
While I still got some pieces laid out on the floor
I'm asking you baby, "Please no more, please no more."

I've had enough, after how I swore
I'd never give you up
Loving you was easy, but one thing's for sure
It ain't me, it ain't me, you're trying to please no more.

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Joe Cocker Please No More Comments
  1. aron schafferer

    Mouse i love you

  2. Monica Magliocchetti


  3. Haykerman

    Please, tell me songs like that guys.

  4. Diana Bakker

    You,re a star in heaven now *** but I will never forget I saw you many times irl..

  5. bigdancd

    Joe was awesome on all his songs and this is no exception. Joe could really add feeling to a slower song and this is my favorite. I heard this years ago by Etta James and when I first heard Joe sing it, I was blown away. What a tragic loss to the music world. Joe was my favorite singer of all time. I have watched this particular concert almost twice a week.

  6. WIKTOR B.

    Niesamowity wokalista w niezapomnianym utworze....

  7. Elena Ch.

    great singer, great man

  8. Unceha Sugian

    my memory song,I miss you my first love.

  9. Uwe Mangold

    No I have no heartache ... and yet I love the song.
    Profoundly honest ... soulful ... speaks to me from the soul

  10. Barbara Johnson

    the man is singing to my soul

  11. TerriLynne Campbell

    "It ain't me that your trying to please no more" In my opinion one of Joe's best tunes..

  12. Esther Gavillet

    May 20, 2016 - Shared on G+. R.I.P.

  13. Suzanne Swanson

    God bless David Egan who wrote this tune. We will always appreciate his talent and are looking forward to what he and CC Adcock have been writing the last while before David's untimely death.

  14. Mike Walker

    One of my favourites :-)

  15. carl goodrum

    For me its Elvis and Joe all the way.

  16. Portia Sibinda

    rest in peace Joe,please no more

  17. Portia Sibinda

    rest in peace Joe,please no more

  18. stuart phillips

    Take care Joe. Still one of the best and saddest songs Joe sang.


    No one could touch Joe one this one,in my humble opinion ( his best) RIP JOE COCKER YOU ARE WELL LOVED

  19. Nosipho Mabheka

    we love u Joe cocker R.I.P

  20. Nosipho Mabheka

    we love u Joe cocker R.I.P

  21. Cathy McCoy

    So many emotions in this song, puts a lump in my throat...... thanks for the memories Joe~

    LucindA Fitzpatrick

    Cathy McCoy 💕💕💕

  22. Al Standridge

    loved you forever, but baby I am tired, walking out that door, heart broken too long. Don't look for me. Please, Please no more. R.I.P. Joe

    Shirley Florence

    +Al Standridge . Hi Al was this a different version,sung by someone else?
    It is beautiful.

  23. Stan Wilhite

    I'm 61 years old and Joe has been my favorite singer since Woodstock (the REAL one).
    I've watched this video almost every day or night since 12/22/14....and I still can't believe he's gone....what a loss.
    There are a LOT of people just like me that will always be grateful for his talent.
    We will always love you Joe, RIP.

    Colin Hodgson

    @Stan Wilhite I'm 75 & my fav Joe Cocker Woodstock number is I Shall Be Released. I live 12 miles from his hometown Sheffield, South Yorks UK. RIP Joe you're irreplaceable.

    Barry Jansen

    +Stan Wilhite I'm just a little younger than you. Caught Joe many times in London since 1972, and once in Australia. I love the early stuff and then I Can Stand a Little Rain,  Stingray, Organic  and Hymn for My Soul the best. What a loss indeed.  There will never be another.

    LucindA Fitzpatrick

    Stan Wilhite Joe one of the greatest talents ever. Was not recognised enough for his remarkable voice here but was abroad.RIP Joe🙏🏿💕💕💕💕

    LucindA Fitzpatrick

    Stan Wilhite 💕💕💕

  24. Margrethe Weberg

    I hope it's not the end my love. Heartbreaking & touching me, this song.

  25. Mary Miller

    RIP Joe Cocker.  Seeing him sing still makes me cry that he's gone.

  26. duiveltjec1

    Oh wat gaan wij u missen Joe Cocker gelukkig blijft jij Music bestaan <3 We will miss you but you left as the  Music  softens the ¨ Pain

  27. vojislav ciric


  28. Judy Cameron

    Tears flowing for this wonderful musicman.....Vale Joe Cocker

  29. Luis Gutierrez

    Un genio, ira al olimpo de los musicos

  30. Deborah Labadie

    Seems I'm like the rest of you.  Been a fan since the 60's and he just gets better and better.  Love 'ya Joe

  31. Jerry Gray

    An awesome song with such deep meanings only Joe could do this song.. Oh well hearts get broken some times.. Thanks Sharon..

  32. Tahar Fattah


  33. Bee Mark

    I am going to watch this again. He's has a way of bringing out deep rooted feelings. Glad his music has been a part of my life.

  34. Lince Hasugian

    Sweet song,I am very2 like this song.

  35. Tony F

    Great job on a great tune.

  36. greeneyedgirl1975

    Love this!

  37. Egidio d'ambrosio

    Grande Joe Coker!!!Voce fantastica...Insostituibile!!!

  38. missyA1958

    He Leaves me breathless, none can compare to this genius of a voice!

  39. Original Live Video

    So do I tam :-)

  40. Hardy Heil

    try on wwwjpcde. had to type without dots, that doesn`t work here.

  41. kevin thomas

    How awesome is this??Just when I needed a prophet to voice what has me speechless.....yeah Joe, sing on brother...God bless her but it is time for this fool to pick up the pieces, and perhaps soon be feelin all right.

  42. ncr1jlj

    Where can I find this version of this song to download? ITunes only has a studio version. Thanks....

  43. Hardy Heil

    And there are some three idiots

  44. hirdy6

    Just beautiful.

  45. hirdy6


  46. Finca Fabiola


  47. MrMiamijohn

    lady you can see the magic in joe. he comes from sheffield where i live and back in 69 i met him in a night club (the shades) and had a few drinks with him and a good chin wag.a great guy who just gets better and better. regards john

  48. Norma Gresham

    loved it!!<3

  49. Norma Gresham

    I've loved Joe since the 60s, he only gets better! Love this song!

  50. thebigfut

    Heard a Marcia Ball cover of this on internet radio and was not really surprised to find he is the source of it after doing some research....

  51. Original Live Video

    Glad you enjoyed it, peep :-)

  52. peepsk771

    WOW!! What a song! Ty for posting. :)

  53. shelia wells

    This is the sadest song. I cry everytime. only Joe could sing it with this much feeling. I hurt for him. I love the man. He's happily married. Joe if ever and I hope not,should you be free again. I love you man.

  54. shelia wells

    don't know how many times I have listened to this song. Each time it brings a tear of compassion for him. Love you Joe. Great singer,with all his compassion for his songs.

  55. shelia wells

    I am so infatuated with Joe Cocker. about the same age as him. Love this song. He has the kindest smile. Love you Joe!!

  56. james snider

    Just fantastic. Ty for the posting

  57. František Růžička

    I would be happy if I could be present there and listen to the music.....

  58. lighthouscolor

    The world lost a great plumber when Joe decided to sing instead of install pipes! What a shame. LOL! Joe Cocker forever!

  59. Hardy Heil

    it`s so emotional and everytime i cry me a rtver

  60. Tonijean Wood

    Wow, Joe Coker's version gets me every time!

  61. Donna Hodel

    Joe Cocker is like a fine wine...:-)

  62. lighthouscolor

    now why would anyone dislike this?

  63. Polly Ess

    I have loved Joe a long time..........anyone heard this song by Bobby King-Terry Evans OmG......I think Miss Etta James tore it up, too.

  64. Jorge Gonzalez

    @Joelesque 1992 in Dortmunt

  65. abel reyna

    maravillosa interpretaciòn, genial.....

  66. Original Live Video

    Indeed, deb. I'd have to say he's probably my favorite male vocalist.

  67. debbieomi

    I do love me some Joe Cocker.