Joe Cocker - Need Your Love So Bad Lyrics

Need someone's hand to lead me through the night
I need someone's arms to hold and squeeze me tight
Now, when the night begins, whoa, I'm at an end
Because I need your love so bad
I need some lips to feel next to mine
Need someone to stand up - to stand up and tell me when I'm lyin'
And when the lights are low - and it's time to go
That's when I need your love so bad
So why don't you give it up, baby and bring it home to me
or write it on a piece of paper, woman - so it can be read to me
Tell me that you love me - and stop drivin' me mad
whoa, because I - I need your love so bad
Need a soft voice - just to talk to me at night
Don't want you to worry, baby
I know we can make everything alright
Listen to my plea, baby, come on bring it to me
'Cause I need - your love so bad
Baby, I need, I need - woman, I need your love so bad

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Joe Cocker Need Your Love So Bad Comments
  1. Mark Arao

    Loving this! ❤️

  2. DBM Gréti

    I can feel every word he sings!

  3. Fabulous Mizz G

    Peter Green sang this before the girls were hired to Fleetwood Mac. Great song, covered by many. Allman Bros did a great job of it too.

  4. Maria Aparecida Pinheiro

    Nossa! Que emoção!

  5. Pluto girl

    I have been in love with Joe cocker since 1969.
    I do not love him any less since he's gone I only say some prayers for him now though I know he's doing great singing his heart out still. He was just so damn cute...

  6. mocha mochiña

    Increíblemente SUBLIME.!!!!!

  7. Karmen Jazbec

    yes joe,I NEED HIS LOVE SO BAD

  8. Karmen Jazbec


  9. Moni Alvarez


  10. Veg Katalin


  11. Rose Blake

    Wished he would have performed this at Woodstock. Nobody can out sing Joe Cocker. No more to be said. He had swagger before it was cool to have.

  12. Donn Kizzee

    Really nice soulful cover of Willie John's classic

  13. Raechel Donahue

    No, Sweetie, it's a Little Willie Joe song

    Richard Busson

    Little Willie,s is the ultimate. It is his version that inspired Peter Green to record it.

  14. Tee Adam

    The "white" Ray Charles. So much soul in that voice. I love it.

  15. J F

    You done it again, Joe! Miss you and your voice goes on.

  16. 51tomtomtom

    to bad Joe did not record with Peter Green ! But still.......the drummer has no drive , sounds like a machine.....

  17. egojosepio

    Aunque a decir verdad no supera a la versión original de Fleetwood Mac

    Isabel Fernandes
    Esta es la versión original y la supera enormemente solo con esa voz que tenía Cocker

  18. egojosepio

    Muy buena interpretación. Gran vocalista Joe Cocker.

  19. milica rubezic

    ohhh, loveeee

  20. Gasvald Hare

    That man has stunned me for years. Just remember from Woodstock at 68. The same gordius voice to day as then.

  21. Clinton Crites

    Fleetwood Mac version is my preference for this song, but I dig me some Joe Cocker

  22. jaxbluesfan

    Joe's version of this this song has the desperation that Peter Greene's lacks, nothing against PG for sure. I just feel that Joe's bluesier sound better matches the tone of the lyrics.

    cynthia tarver

    jaxbluesfan he was definitely a son of the blues and soul, you feel every word and his voice.


    robert palmer version is great

  23. John Robertson

    MrC DEFO ..up there ...the best voice ever

  24. Mariechristine Aulay

    Une belle personne

  25. Nathan Parks

    Only the best to cover the best.

  26. milica rubezic

    adore this song, adooorreee this version by Jo. C.

  27. staxmantim

    Why is it the soulful singers are British? Best version of this I've heard was by a Stax artist who didn't become a star like she should've. The amazing Ruby Johnson backed by The Memphis Horns & the MGs with Steve Cropper killing it on guitar!

  28. darwinbrando

    peter green's version sets the bar.

  29. vincent hennixdal

    pour un soir dans mon lit voila une musique qui va m'endormire la je me voie danser avec des jolie femme au claire de lune mon ami Pierrot vient danser avec moi .Bonsoir à vous tous ;)

  30. Pete C

    I love this guy. Every word he sings make me "feel his pain". However, my favorite version is BB King and Sheryl Crow.

    rembrandt #1

    sheryl crow?...are you joking me...are you on drugs?

  31. dachs suzuki

    one of best !

  32. Douglas Ranger

    the blues are meant to be interpreted by anyone..that is what makes the Blues The Blues

    Barbara Johnson

    well said...


    Interpretation is not cemented to one genre. It depends on the individual(s) who perform however their style when they sing. Joe was an amazing performer. Wished I saw him in concert.

  33. Douglas Ranger

    This is a Litlle Willie John cover[written by his brother Mertis]

  34. Anna

    Well Well, I LOVE the way Gary Moore does it and Bobby Bland...I just Love the Song.. period..

  35. John Paflas

    Love Little Willie John's original and Greeny's Fmac version.  Also try the Fmac live Shrine '69 version.  Tons of killer guit from Peter.

    Douglas Ranger

    Peter's performance at the Shrine were at the top of his game...vocally and musically....

  36. Barry Jansen

    Bill what's your problem mate?  A blues song sounding bluesy.  This was written and first recorded by Little Willie John -  but Peter Green cut an amazing version.  Joe does a great job - and he aint ever ever boring.  Was the ABB version of Stormy Monday on Live at the Fillmore too bluesy for you Bill.

  37. Bill Pfeiffer

    Wow, no one does this like the Allman Brothers Band.  This version is a little too boring for me, a little too 'bluesy', not because of Joe.  It would have been so cool to have Joe singing on the ABB version!


    This song is Peter Green song, sind whit Fleewood Play.....

  39. Sonia Badillo

    Waoo cuanto talento, que voz, maravilloso.

  40. Cynthia's Channel


  41. Steve Norton

    if you need a guy to hold a tune,look no further

  42. James Chaves

    Grande, genial!

  43. Murp h

    Go on Joe

  44. Bert Kruize

    love that voice

  45. Jón Ragnar Björnsson

    Joe is the best!

  46. Laqi Tayan


  47. Jim Newberry, Sr.

    Willie John sang the first recording of this song.  His brother Mertis wrote the song. 

  48. Ray Cumpian

    Sorry, Joe I love you man but,,,,PETER GREEN STILL KICKS ASS!

  49. Eliezer Pennywhistler

    LWJ wrote it as well.

  50. Nino Meladze

    Piano part is so great!!!!!!

  51. rburb1

    Fleetwood Mac covered it
    Little Willie John did it earlier

  52. Angel Petrov

    Най добрияр сантиментал в пеенето!

  53. Gabi Raicu


  54. Fafa Ariza

    Peter Green, BB King and Joe Cocker, everything indicades that this is a great song!

  55. breffnipark

    Great version all round .. but ..
    Peter Green and Fleetwood Mac are unbeatable !!

  56. Shawna Graham

    I can feel every word he sings! Love you Joe!

  57. Joe Baxter

    I love Joe's singing but this is Peter Green's song, no matter who wrote it, it's Peter's song. Peter plays better guitar than whoever's on this too, a thousand times better..
    Sorry Joe, still love your singing man.


    Need your love so bad

  59. lucrese1

    that would be wonderfull!!! I'm a big fan of both artists...

  60. perkalov

    nothing wrong with Joe but Peter did well as good as him, so in reality. Joe+Peter wont be any better then Fleetwood Mac's version.

  61. bazjanagain

    Who hates Joe ? Lovely lovely man who just puts his all into it every damn time.

  62. reclusewidow

    You either love or hate Joe. I, for one, absolutely love him! Such feeling, grit, truth. I've loved you, Joe, for too many years to count.


    reclusewidow does anyone hate Joe Cocker?

  63. Mary Ho


    Grandma mary

  64. Koj

    I'm in that flipping awesome part of YouTube again.

  65. Allen Holley

    Incredible song that speaks my love for my Wife, Beth Ann! No One can fill the void you left in my heart!

  66. Wouter Vuijk

    @ alisezen: Who's criticising????????
    Robell states Joe is doing a pretty good job, and cave79ster wants to see Joe and Peter together here. So what is your opinion?

  67. Mehmet Ali Sezen

    who you think you are to critisize joe ??

  68. robbell

    As much as I love Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac version I believe the original was written and recorded by Little Willie John in the 1950's
    Joe doesn't do a half bad job either.