Joe - Circles Lyrics

Uhm uhm uhm uhm
Oh girl uh oh uh uh oh

There is a system that we keep doing (oh oh)
I know the system got us thinking
What to do (What to do uh oh uh oh)

Oh we have been saying we are trying to make it work
How long is this got to go on
I think we are just keeping on lying
So we don't get hurt
So we can keep on going on further
In the winter time we love being so close (so so close)
But in the summer time I guess we love being on the go
We don't wanna let it go

We are moving in circles
I guess we keep doing the same thing again
We are moving in circles
I beat it up four the season that you leave
Four season again
I guess we are moving in circles (Circles [x5])
I think we are moving in circles (Circles [x5])

When we get up we both know that we forget about what we do (nah)
Because the sex is so good you keep on telling me nobody else better come through
Just you

Oh we have been saying we are trying to make it work
We lying cause we never been trying
I think we are just keeping on lying
So we don't get hurt we wanna keep doing what we do
In the winter time we love being so close (so so close)
But in the summer time I guess we love being on the go
We never gonna recognize we are going in circles

I guess we keep doing the same thing again
I know we are going in circles
I beat it up four the season that you leave
Four season again
Going in circles (Circles [x5])
I know we are going in circles (Circles [x5])
I know we are going in in circles

When we are going to stop (Circles)
I want you bad as you want me
We need to stop lying circles
I know we keep doing the same thing
I guess we keep doing the same thing again
We are keep moving in circles
I beat it up four the season that you leave
Four seasons again
We are moving in circles (Circles [x5])
We are keeping moving in circles (Circles [x5])


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Joe Circles Comments
  1. goldenlady97

    Who is still listening to this one in 2020?

  2. Georgette Tekpo

    Tu es unique

  3. Kendra Johnson

    My Sissy Love her some Joe❣️.

  4. Zenaida Cruz


  5. La Cross



    Joe is the greatest. I love his music

  7. Amery Bullin

    Like this 1

  8. La'Shell Smith

    Absolutely love! Wonderfully smooth track!! Flawless💖#LoveMyJoe!!

  9. Yolande Gill

    One of my favorite Joe's love this song much, the beat is awesome!.

  10. goddy King

    Fav' Jam todate

  11. earlene champ

    Still on repeat in 2019

  12. rondala kelly

    My 💩 forever


    Here in 2k18 💕

  14. La Cross

    Whole album Cold

  15. La Cross

    My shit💯

  16. Amichai Israel

    been going in circles for 8 years now!! SMH

    Swanky Bee

    Definition of insanity...

  17. Amichai Israel


  18. Blood,Sweat & Gears Motorsports

    2:48 when the beat kicks back in...smh!

  19. Blood,Sweat & Gears Motorsports

    We don't wanna let it go,we're movin' in circles!(Man just listen to the lyrics real!)


    Who has the better song? Marques Houston circles or Joe's circles. Both are talented brothers. I think Marques Houston has a better layout with beat vocals and feeling. I felt the pain more in Marques song than this one not to take anything away from this smart talented brother but the lyrics where slightly better and the content in which you can better relate is better. This song all in all Is a good one but he could have put more verbiage in it to cast a better story in why there love was moving in circles. I just felt it was mostly chorus. Well what do you all think?

  21. Joshua Rivers

    Don't hear music like this anymore.

    La Cross

    Joshua Rivers nope

  22. Pellier Mermin Pierre


  23. Joyce Colter

    Know what that feels like

  24. jeremy chappell

    Who still listening to this in 2017?

  25. Lena Batista

    Love him 🎶❤️

  26. Penny Jackson

    Love this, it takes me back to a tough time, but I came out of it. This year the situation is similar, but I will overcome.

  27. Alicia Eyana

    Beautiful !!!! Beautiful !!!! Beautiful !!!! Music ohh ohhh ohhh yes.

  28. Melissa Omolo

    Ohhh I love the way that Joe sings songs that I can relate to.... I am loving his music....

  29. MrBlactye

    I don't understand why artist like Joe isn't well known like others artist. This man is always on point with his music and with the lyrics. Joe please keep making music.

    Ed McGuire

    tank too

    Tracie Martin

    MrBlactye So true.

    Tracie Martin

    Edmund McGuire You're so right.

  30. ashlie averett

    how i feel right now about to cut that shit off no more circles 💔💔💔

    Raymond Lumpkin

    ashlie averett call me beloved.. 8608973433 Rayn

  31. Ty Jonas

    I think we're 7337 @

  32. Melissa Phiri

    this song totally explains wat i am going thru in my relationship....his based in sa and i am in zim and instead of building us further we kip going in the circles mainly about the past i dont get it. times doesnt wait for anyone nor does it have a rewind button once its gone its gone.

  33. Jaboy Lola

    i like hi song

  34. Khaliq Thompson

    This will always be a bed banger

  35. Vee W

    this song reminds me of an occasional lover of mine...the wonderful love that we share is always temporary ❤

    Candies Williams

    +Veta W that's good but won't it be better to never leave each other

    Vee W

    +Candies Williams distance is the reason why we have a situation

    Candies Williams

    +Veta W oh well sometimes didtance can make a relationship grow and once your close everything falls into place I hope it last great luck to u

    Vee W

    +Candies Williams thanks sweetie ❤

    Kelz Boogie

    Hey y'all I know it's been a min sense y'all posted but I do hope the distance has come to a flourished romance

  36. Tondria Grimm


  37. sikhumbuzo vanto

    the beat! l.o.v.e this tsong #on repeat

    La Cross

    sikhumbuzo vanto yup

  38. ELELUDU soniohhyd

    I understand +_+

  39. Brenda Pratt

    Joe is blessed!

  40. Paige Rossario

    I love this song my boyfriend dedicated this song to me before he pasted away 2 years ago.

    Candies Williams

    Paige Rossario dam sorry for your lost I hope u doing ok its been two years but dam its so sad

    Winnie Wanjiru

    Paige Rossario sorry for your loss.

  41. Una Johnson

    This definitely makes me reminisce...I had a wonderful summer...o also played this alot at my shop along with Jamie foxx (es) Unpredictable you joe for life...

  42. Elio Silva

    The amazing Joe. His songs never get old. After more than 10 years he is stil the man.

  43. zsu0923

    just sorry...

  44. msamErica Girl

    One of my favorites from the soulful Joe

    La Cross

    msamErica Girl me too

  45. Douglas Wimberly

    Joe remind me of a baby Charlie Wilson. This Alabama brother be rockin smoke a blunt u in all nite true. Brooklyn stand up. True the God body mc. Peace

  46. Phillips Lual

    This is a very nice song coming from Joe. Circle repeat!

    La Cross

    Phillips Lual yup

  47. EIB HUB

    Very good song with nice beat

  48. drakestar13

    because you choose the wrong stations ;)

  49. Maxime

    Good lyrics !!

  50. Lolo Monroe

    I think I listened to most of Joes songs and I loved ALL. Top 5 songs:: Number 1 Girl, More and More, I Wanna Know, Things Your Man Wont Do, and definitely Circle. ^_^ Joe is too under rated. Rnb used to stand for rhythm and blues now its ratchets and bitches smh.

  51. LaQuincia Mcmillan

    people hate on good music.. thats why we never hear his music.. he is the best i love all his music..

    La Cross

    LaQuincia Mcmillan me too

  52. Banekonza

    great song

  53. Sweettoothforsuccess

    Joe doesn't get the amount of media attention as he should.....smh. I LOVE THIS.

  54. leesha812000

    They don't promote R&B artists like they used to! They would rather play that pop garbage for the kids.

  55. Couturez 222


  56. Breezie Williams

    this is beautiful

  57. Majid Gaal

    I totaly agree babe this is a real music

  58. BOSS1124

    ThanX for posTing!!!!

  59. BarrelofSnakes

    Because music today is used as a weapon and not for love!!


    The best male rnb artist in this era!!! Tank comes second! I love them both

    Ed McGuire

    you are hip! tank IS the man...

  61. MrBlewis01

    yo the album is great you can play from start to finish , not many albums these day can say that get the album you wont regret it

  62. Geo Nora

    ♪ ♥ ♪ ♥ ♪..Music!



  64. Travious Harrell

    Man this song is the shit. I can't stop listening to it. Straight love making song.

  65. goldenlady97

    Me too...

  66. Candies Williams


  67. Maha Alyafie

    his voice literally gives me a shiver in my spine

  68. Rebekah N'Cole

    Now this is real music. Why don't I hear this on the radio???? Smh

  69. Janni Pakos

    :-) GREAT SONG

  70. dawnsworld3

    2:36-2:50 the best part of the song

  71. Aaron Thompson

    I like this song

  72. Kay Cee

    i love joe also, have since he first came on the scene...thanks for mkng great music, that creates awesome memories... your Biggest Fan!!

  73. Amanda Taylor

    i love joe i have for 13 years all his music is so clean i got hooked on better days and i've been a fan ever sense go joe keep good music alive to many fake artist out there you make real good music dont stop please

  74. Elvis Eki

    very nice song i love <333

  75. JAHzJaJa

    This jam is from a VERY Nice CD by Joe (Thomas)...typical...I wouldn't expect anything less. Keep doin' ya thang Joe: comin' with that REAL MUSIC!

  76. JAHzJaJa


  77. DarkAngel201032

    chill and smooches......

  78. Official H Black

    @MichelleAGIS ..Lmao Tru Tru.This is one of the artist where you can go out and buy the cd without listening to it because you already know it's gonna be solid from track one to the end.He's under rated like alot of artist like donell jones and more to keep it short. The Real music will come back soon on the radio.It's only a matter of time because the radio in playing non lyrical content bs now.

  79. SMGaming

    The replay button is going in circles XD

  80. Simmy sweet

    i love this song! can u say repeat

  81. Donya Eghbali

    One of the most beautiful male voices out there.

  82. Skouzyone

    Joe live in the HMH in Amsterdam along with Keith Sweat and En Vogue last year was the BOMB.. Joe was chillin' backstage when Keith called him on stage again for a duet.. PFFFFFFFFFFFFF Joe blew me away.. Thanks Joe!!

  83. DATDJ4L

    Joe is underrated.. He knows it, we know it, but for those who Do know Joe - Have been blessed to Hear his great music over these years.. I feel sorry for those who dont know JOE

  84. TheBatman1104

    this is the s*&% love joe

  85. Debbie J. sexy, so relevant, smooth jamm....I love this mans music!

  86. Jacmaclin

    Thanks again Joe, missed your music.

  87. Prizymm Rone

    this song is wht tha truth is..
    #good shit

  88. Bridget Magembe

    this song is so fitting...been there

  89. stéphane Chevalier

    pas de souci un chanteur a classer grand la voix la plus précieuse du r&b

  90. teena82

    damn joe just has that smooth ass music!!!! Always puts me in a good mood

  91. fortheluvofmusic75

    love, love, love this song, this album is a must!!

  92. Choclongleggz

    Joe is one of the top crooners out there and has been for a long time. This man is pure sexual chocolate gum drops delish with his vibe! He is the ultimate EARGASM for my sweet soul!
    Loving his vibe for life! smooth, sexy, silky, shizznit sho nuff stuff!!!! mmm

  93. unclerob49

    One thing fo sho! R n B is ALIVE AND WELL!! Ded 'em Joe! Food got hamburger SERVED up Panty Helper...for me anyway.. lol!

  94. melagate

    Looove this whole Cd! #8's the cut!!!

  95. Terrencio johnson

    He wrote this song about me... yes.. and you are mad about it.

  96. Terrencio johnson

    legendary...bed time classics