Joe - Christmas In New York Lyrics

Walking down 5th Avenue
The lights are bright, faces glowing
Windows dressed up with toy trains
A colorful display

Snowflakes fallin'
New York's callin'
Land, sea or air
I just can't wait to be there for
Christmas in New York, New York

Rockettes dance at Radio City
Kick so high, they're so pretty
Ice-skating at Rockefeller
Drinking eggnog together

Snowflakes fallin'
New York's callin'
Land, sea or air
I just can't wait to be there for
Christmas in New York, New York

Sleigh rides through Central Park
Snowmen captured in art
Children gazed with fascination
They just can't wait 'til it's dark

Looking in through frosted windows
Finally here altogether
Singing songs of Christmas joy
With frolicking winter weather

Snowflakes fallin'
New York's callin'
Land, sea or air
I just can't wait to be there for
Christmas in New York, New York...

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Joe Christmas In New York Comments
  1. Sacha Granger

    I live in California and love the sunny weather, but this song URGES me to spend Christmas in New York one of these days!!

  2. Michael CANNENTERRE

    B E A U T I F U L !

  3. Melayah Gaither

    💖Joe Has An Amazing Beautiful Voice💖I Love How He Said "New York" At The Ending Of The Song💖He Can Sang His Butt Off💖A Very Talanted Brotha💖

  4. Anna Nasario

    Sorry fell asleep earlier! Thank you for keeping me entertained!

  5. Luís Sanandres


  6. Endria Cowart

    one if my favorite songs

  7. Maria

    Christmas in New York
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  8. 빨망이

    what is the song name?
    I didn't find..

  9. Lameka Harris

    i will Lahteast happy birthday and happy 4th of July

    Lameka Harris

    I'm talking bout postings so look on my timeline. bye!

  10. breakbot

    아.. joe 미쳤다 진짜

  11. Pam Gooden

    A. McGee, you said it!!  Them bruthas in the back DO look very nice, and are very talented, but that Joe. . . he's something else.

  12. Nettie Davis-Cooper

    LOVE to Hear You Sing
    Our "JOE" Beautiful
    Song!!!! GOD BLESS
    YOU and YOURS

  13. Cheryl La Vette

    I love this song sooooo much!!!!!

  14. Jamie Kincy

    one of my favorite christmas songs tbh

  15. JdLima6684

    I didn't know Xzibit could play the trumpet? LOL ;p

    Great song btw !!

  16. A McGee

    Joe KILLED this song. He is a such a great artist. Love his voice. This song is smooth and very classy...and them bruthas playin in the back don't look to bad either, LOL!!!!

  17. Dennis Tate

    I Love this song!...he makes you want to spend the Holidays in New York

  18. A mari


  19. Brother J


  20. CheckMate657879

    OOH - I love this song so-oooo much - have to listen to it at least three times each time it comes up - puts me in a New York state of mind holiday spirit for real - and Joe is just phenomenal - as usual - the band is spot on - sound - stage presence - whole nine. Happy Holidays one and all!

  21. Ok2bme1966

    @blaqbutrfly63 Wow!! That makes sense now. LOL. Thanks you soooooo much!!!

  22. Ok2bme1966

    Does anyone know the lyrics...the line after "snowflakes falling, new york's calling...???" This is driving me crazy :-) It sounds like he says "and see or air." WTH?

  23. melagate

    Ahh loooove Joe! Gettin me allll in the mood for Christmas!

  24. mynamemonday

    I luv this.. I already wait Christmas very much.. beacouse of this song.

  25. gaboman2006

    cindy925ya, I'm a Taiwan-based Joe fan too and had to import my copies of his last few albums from America. I hate that smaller record labels don't reach out to our local distributors (or vice-versa). Worst part is you can't buy music off the Taiwanese iTunes.

  26. 酷德

    I wish I could buy joe's album in Taiwan ! I obsessed him so much >3< I don't want to buy it on itunes ....

  27. Donita Wright

    Love this!

  28. loc254