Joan Jett And The Blackhearts - Little Drummer Boy Lyrics

Come, they told me, pa rum pa pum pum
A newborn king to see, pa rum pa pum pum
Our finest gifts we bring, pa rum pa pum pum
To lay before the king, pa rum pa pum pum
Rum a pum pum, rum pa pum pum
So to honor him, pa rum pa pum pum
When we come

Baby Jesus, pa rum pa pum pum
I am a poor boy, too, pa rum pa pum pum
I have no gift to bring, pa rum pa pum pum
That's fit to give a king, pa rum pa pum pum
Rum pa pum pum, rum pa pum pum
Shall I play for you, pa rum pa pum pum
On my drum

Yoi da adash, pa rum pa pum pum
The ass and lamb kept time, pa rum pa pum pum
I played my drum for him, pa rum pa pum pum
I played my best for him, pa rum pa pum pum
Rum pa pum pum rum pa pum pum
Then he smiled at me pa rum pa pum pum
Me and my drum
Me and my drum

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Joan Jett And The Blackhearts Little Drummer Boy Comments
  1. Ken Kellogg

    Bought a cassette tape of "I love rock and roll" way back when.
    Later, I believe, Little Drummer Boy was replaced with a less "sexy" version

  2. Jurgen Blick

    Wow that is good

  3. Drew Millett

    Ah that's better...

  4. Troy Proper

    I keep listing to this

  5. leo alex

    X-Mass eve 2019.

  6. TBill

    Brings back memories! Best Little Drummer Boy!

  7. ScorchedEarth

    One of the best versions I've heard of this song.

  8. Sepher Agon

    Now I finally know who sings this, like after 40 years. lol Too bad it's an ode to Jesus, I hate that motherfucker! But the song is great.

  9. blankity blank


  10. Markus Gawor

    Merry X-mas time 2019


    My 5 year old daughter loves this version. She keeps asking me to play "the Christmas song from the lady who rocks."
    Proud father.

    Markus Gawor

    @Kevin Seems you and your daughter have a good taste of music :-)

    Troy Proper

    @Markus Gawor I agree

  11. G3Ld0f

    Trop bien cette version rock de Little Drummer Boy !!!!
    Merci !

  12. Willgregg10

    It’s Christmas time once more

  13. Jim Denis

    Baaaaaby Hey-Zeus....

  14. Jimmy James

    Have a very Jetty Christmas.

  15. Roxanne Wood Donahoo


  16. Гора Маркус

    Мы шли под грохот рок-энд-рольной канонады, что-бы воздать почести новорождённому Иисусу...

  17. James Fracasse

    Just now discovered this version of drummer boy. I like it

  18. Nick Carlson

    i like Bob Seger a lot but this version beats his.

  19. pasquale davino

    1981 this song have soundtrack class 1983

  20. arkayo arkayo

    Well done.

  21. scooby

    but in my cradle was cibeles! (Isis, inanna, mari, freeg, frejya, afrodita, venus) nornia major (moira mayor) the star of cibeles in mesopotamia is the rose of the winds that today is used in maps


    Christ was born when the shepherds pastured in the spring, being the god adonis (Tammuz, dumuzi the shepherd king) who is born in spring and dies in autumn, being holy week the celebration of the death and rencarnacion of tammmuz (adonis, dumuzi) death and resurrection of Christ!!

  22. Jannine


  23. Peter Callan

    Jesus Christ wot a fucking natural

  24. Ann Wilkiemeyer

    I love JOAN JETT version of Little Drummer boy

  25. Raymond Gilbert

    I was looking for this by Celtic Woman but stumbled upon this instead.

  26. Nilton Borges

    Jesus is my light!

  27. Higzy Teflon

    My personal fave Christmas song since I was a wee lad and no one covers this one quite like Joan. Merry Christmas to all. --2018

  28. Antonio Miranda

    Me encanta esta version de joan jett. Cada año la escucho a gran volumen esperando la noche buena y la navidad. Grande joan jett. La mejor rockera de todos los tiempos.

  29. Lori Driskell

    Merry Christmas !!!

  30. Dennis Regling

    I hate this song, but I love this version. Joan Jett can make anything better!

  31. Brandon Colis

    When Joan rocks it, she rocks it, you go Joan!

  32. milson castro

    Simple como un ave

  33. milson castro

    Es un estado que quiere Ser libre .se él allá humanos


    Love Joan Jett!

  35. Pex_the_Unalive Drunk

    I love Joan Jett's version of this ancestors were from Hungary and this song is my family's(Dobos) namesake.

  36. nature trails

    very good guitar and drums, good song!

  37. Izzy Boo NZ

    This is actually a pretty good version

  38. Gary Claassen

    "Shall I shred for you? Ba rrrum pum pum pum"

  39. Brian

    If this was a perfect world Joan,you would be mine!!!🎸

  40. Michele Lynn

    This is my go to every Dec! Love this version.

  41. Sky Henry Blue

    December. Three

    When. Young. Eyeing. My. Ferrari. Custom.


    This. Song. Rich. Cool. As. Can. Be. In. My. Heart. Not. Pockets. Yet

    My. First. Company

    Shrimp. Company

    Queen. Ann. Secretary. Desk. Brass. Green. Glass. Brass. Desk. Lanp. Anniversary. clock

    Glory. Days. Round. Twenty. Something. But. Sell. Whole. Sale. Shri.p

    My. First. Suit. I. Bought. Move. about. Second. Or third

    Black. Pin. Stripe. Red. Tie. Silk. Paisley. Baggy. Harvard. cut. Black. Oxfords. Bass. Weejuns

    Boss. Saw. Me

    You. Look. Like. A. Kennedy

    Well. damn. If. I. Dont !

    Liked. That. So. mouch. he. Said. That

    Baton. Rouge. Mexican. Shrimp. Cartel. Official. Government. Monopoly. Real. Struthers. To. Protect. Distribute

  42. randall scott burress

    Lost this one? the cassette thing ate it?

  43. Brian

    Stop just stop! Kill it with fire! Then blast it with a shotgun.

  44. TooFarGone FromEarth


  45. Sage Rene'

    Her voice makes me shiver. I love her so much!The true Queen of Rock and Roll <3

  46. jörg stephan

    singing it loud and clear

  47. crystal retzlaff

    Go Joan jett

  48. crystal retzlaff

    Pa Rama bum bum

  49. crystal retzlaff

    I love it

  50. ClassicMoviesYes MMCHNo

    One of my favorite singers and hymns!

  51. John Pearson

    My favorite version

  52. Recovering Liberal

    There were two women of that era with amazing voices who got little recognition ..Pat Benatar and Ruby Starr. They could saaaaang.

  53. Trev Caulton

    I'm in love

  54. maggietorro

    Peace and Love to all in 2018

  55. Caidee Brereton

    Cool. I like your effort, Joan Jetts! 😎

  56. Jake Norton

    She wants no peace on earth like David Bowie wants , she is filth

  57. AceTheBathound

    That's our little Joanie singing that??? Guess it is... Dayum.

  58. Joan Leogrande

    Still love her version of this. the guitar does it for me.

  59. Alan Rohner

    They smoked it!

  60. Randy Smith

    Best rocking version ever!

  61. Mad Ao


  62. Kirby Thedog

    I heard this in one of those 80's movies. Love this cover.

  63. Mikey Tatts

    I've always liked this cover, very rockin'! I've always wondered if she was inspired to cover this just to put a rockin' twist on a classic or if she wished to honor our Savior in her own way. Some of both I hope! Can't help but think Jesus digs it as well!

  64. J. Alan

    Absolute best version of this tune!!!

  65. Verlando Henderson

    Every year you rock me with this awesome drummer song. 🎄

  66. Richard Leigh

    Great version by the sexy Joan Jett and the black hearts

  67. Patrick Canedo

    🤟marry Christmas 🎄

  68. Jason Klotz

    Xw? Ed caxa xq xaza xazwzqzq xazaahnvmeishxmynhxb2nfjwc bqxbwhci x

  69. Edmund Hern

    I love this version of little drummer boy. It is my dream to do such things!!!!!

  70. Mala Mak

    Super muza....polecam

  71. Bruce Wayne

    Best version little drummer boy

    JB Molina

    Bob Seger’s version is Christmas

    nature trails

    jars of clay best version ive heard

    adm tikriti

    I think bad religion version is better


    Timothy Mostad I cry every time I hear this too. I'll use my teeth to tear the throat out of anyone who gives me a hard time about my weeping. Have a merry Christmas!


    @GASPAR1414 This version by Joan, the one by the Cranberries, Jimi Hendrix and also by Bob Seger, are all excellent rock versions of this Christmas season classic. However my personal favorite will always be the duet version sung by Bowie and Bing Crosby. Not a knock guys against Joan Jett as this is probably my 2nd favorite version. Merry Christmas to all celebrating here in 2019 and beyond.

  72. Edward Kollin

    Best Christmas cover ever.

  73. robulusx2

    best hard rock Christmas tune

  74. Lolformeh

    Don't know why a quality act like Joan Jett can't play more than three chords. Could do heaps with a rock version of this classic. Wish the Ramones did a version.

  75. RegionPhilbis

    this kicks ass!
    great recording...

  76. quickstar81

    love her!

  77. LesMarie Stewart


  78. John Osbourn

    WHAT A FANTASTIC RENDITION!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  79. Adam Sizemore

    Yeah And she's still HOT!

    Nick Carlson

    alas, she "plays for the other team". Which is alright.

  80. MewWolf5

    Punk Christmas!

    Lonnie Christopher

    ...Get it on...Punk Rock Christmas.....!!!

    Patrick Canedo

    MewWolf5 🤟🎄 IKR

  81. Stephanie B

    Joan sings it like she feels it. I can see the baby Jesus rocking out to this. I sure am.

    Fire Queen 80s Synth Girl

    Stephanie B she didn't sing Jesus though

    Stephanie B

    That is nowhere in the lyrics. It is clear who she is singing about. Read the lyrics so you don't look so asinine next time.

    Patrick MacLeod

    The song is about the baby Jesus, you dumb ass.


    It is about the baby Yeshua , You dumb ass. They spoke Hebrew not English. No one at that time was called Jesus.

    Tom Metzger

    Now kiddies, you all don't fight and take some Hersey kissies

  82. T-bomb

    Christmas songs always make me wanna O.D. on Ex-lax.

  83. Brian Marrie

    Really good version of Little drummer boy!

  84. ft55555

    The lyrics in the description are wrong. It's not "Jesus". It's "Yehsus".


    +ft55555 It's just a different pronunciation of "Jesus". Latin pronunciation of J sounds like a Y. Spin Doctors do the same thing in Cleopatra's Favourite Cat. "Jesu Christi Domine, et tu Brute" = Lord Jesus Christ! You too, Brutus?

    Taylor Brubaker

    +ft55555 The Hebrews ran around (and still do) calling Him Jeshua (Yeshua).

    Joe Mang

    But she says Yehsus


    The Oldest versions of the Bible are in Greek. Jewish people do not believe in Jesus. You can speculate all you want but the best translation is GEESUS. The Spanish HEYSUES was a Spanish pronunciation of an English word. (What if it was the Spanish word Gallegos and all of us English Speaking folk said "Gally GOES" not "GUY A GOOS:). Seriously FOLKS!!! Write your own song calling Jesus "Fred", "Mohamad", "Sally" or what ever you want.. this is the song "Little Drummer Boy"; it was written in English, for English Speaking People. Not "North Korean.. where Kim Jon Un.. is GOD ON EARTH". Go write your own songs for that. Actually why don't you go and create a God Called Xenu or Xemu, (and create some conflict about the real name), you can then get your believers to confess their darkest secrets.... then you can black Mail them into turning over most of their money to your religion...) Oh, sorry that has already happened, it is the church of scientology. Maybe all you true believers can write your own version of "Little Drummer Boy".. that debates "Xenu" VS "XEMU". How about the rest of us who have been listening to the original version of this song... (Written for English Speaking Christians... who believe in Jesus... ), just move on and continue to listen to this song and every other Christmas song... like "Have a holly Jolly Christmas".                                       Seriously this song was written by the family depicted on "The Sound of Music".. and your trying to Rewrite history and say that when they wrote this song they meant to call Jesus.. "Billy Bob" or What Ever??? and that their lyrics were all BS until this Youtube Post of a Joan Jett Video???                                           Some groups in India think Jesus was the Yogi Master ISTU... (istooo), Should all of mankind be required to call him that?? or The Nazis felt he was a Representative of the Evil "Rat People" who leach off all other Humans and need to be dealt with via "The Final Solution">>> ie Death Camps..                                        My Point is .. European People, (other than Spain), call him Jesus. The original version of this song uses the term Jesus. Non Believers have no "Skin in the game" other than to discredit him. Joan is calling him something else in this song, (but us believers appreciate the Christmas/Christian Effort). People who don't even believe he existed are the ones who are trying to redefine/rename him.

    Deon Smit

    Fuck off you stupid boy...

  85. Elsa Borzoi

    I LOVE this!

  86. Vilkku


    Love her voice ^^

    Peter Callan

    My fave wot are the odds joannie covers your fave song Bless her xo

    Clarence Erickson

    Her voice I love her she's hot.

  87. John Barry

    She looked a bit like Johnny Thunders and then the fabulous and still sadly missed Richie Edwards took the look.

  88. David Wiseman

    Best xmas gift- her going into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2015. ABOUT DAMN TIME TOO!


    thank you 107.9 the bear

  90. NAC

    My grandpapi's favorite Christmas carol... RIP ol man.... and Merry Christmas to all of you!!! \\m//

  91. David cook

    She helped me make it through my teens. LOL

  92. Daniele De Rossi

    best  Christmas  ever............

  93. Terry Koch

    Besides being a great version, she does a nice job of trilling her --   r's ----- ..

    Kenneth John Odle

    Very true. She is so under-rated.

    Kill McMullen

    Makes me want to trill her R's for her.

    New Waver

    @Kenneth John Odle How is Joan Jett underrated? Impossible. Known the world over.


    her r's always looked fine in those.

  94. ron verbeek

    Xmas year round.