JMSN - Power Lyrics

I mean, everybody's got problems (everybody)
What makes you special (What makes you special)
Yeah, oh baby...
Yes it's hard to solve them
But we've all got potential
It's not circumstantial

I said every one of us are free
To be what we want to be
History is history
We are strong enough
Be what we want to be

Since you can blame who you want to (you can blame who you want to)
But it don't make a difference what you're gonna do (it don't make a difference)
What you're doing right now, what you're doing right now

It starts in you, (it starts in you)
You got the power baby, (you got the power baby)
It starts in you, (it starts in you)
You got the power baby, (you got the power baby)

We don't care about love
There's no doubt that we loved each other

There's a secret that I got to tell you now (now, oh yeah)
You're the only one who's holding yourself down (holding yourself down...)

I said everyone of us are free
To be what we want to be
History is history
We are strong enough
To be what we want to be

You got the power...

(There's no doubt that we loved each other)

There's no doubt we loved, there's no doubt we loved
Loved each other

Always some resistance...
Tomorrow's another day
I swear it's all okay
Swear it's all okay
We all live to see another day

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JMSN Power Comments
  1. Nasen Baer

    This was the soundtrack for my pulling out of depression last year. I will never stop being greatful for that jmsn I love u no homo or homo whatever floats your boat

    Nasen Baer

    Now I'm back at blaming the world though

  2. Anthony Truman

    This song is sooo good. ♥️

  3. Anthony Truman

    I will listen to this 1 million more times

  4. Tam I Am

    Love this!!

  5. D Matthews

    I LOVE to see people let loose! Fuck your capacities . . . fuck your ego . . . fuck your fears . . . express yourself, dance, do you, LIVE before it's too late!! But certainly don't get in anyone else's way of doing so and try your damndest not to get in your own.

  6. Alex mendivil

    thankyou jmsn this song is very true

  7. Anthony Truman

    Peyton Manning is a great dancer and I am happy for him having fun and dancing despite his corporate office job

  8. Wynn Mac

    The song is a BEAST.. Love it. The video goes perfect with it. Reminds us all that life may take you there but "You Got The Power" The Power Baaabeee...

  9. Lakshmi19 Ruiz


  10. Anthony Truman

    JMSN snapped on this song

  11. Louis Maurer

    That guy was me getting home from work

  12. Stephanie Montgomery

    Anybody who pays homage to Michael Jackson is wonderful to me...♥️♥️♥️♥️

  13. Lucas SCott

    this is me literally everday after school

  14. さかもん。


  15. Nasen Baer

    This really means a lot to me.

  16. Dcproimages

    dude you are dope i love the feel of the music its needed today

  17. Ana Paula SouSantos

    Esta música e clipe , também, ficaram magníficos. Parabéns, querido JMSN!

  18. Kayleigh Starkey

    This song is so healing ❤️

  19. Zanobeats


  20. Lala's Craft

    One year later and I still need to listen to this everymorning. I love your enthusiasm, i love your moves, love you JMSN

  21. Coco D

    I love this song!!!!

  22. maili allende

    His music and videos are always on another level. Never stop JMSN

  23. Mani Bo


  24. Lakshmi19 Ruiz


  25. Ana

    love the video and this dude and his dance moves :) JMSN is so fucking inspiring, his music great!!

  26. Davann

    Dance like no one's watching. Do what makes you happy.

  27. Draes Rah

    solo 134.000 reproducciones?? really??

  28. MC Puffy

    so thankful I've found my lord and savior, JMSN Christ~

  29. Timea Hlavackova

    Thanks God for giving us this man 💞

  30. Alliya Acfalle

    This song literally put a smile on my face & happiness hit deep within my soul!

  31. Shameless Titan

    My man is a cross between Drew Bree's x Richard Simmons. Amazing music video.

  32. Emily Wagner

    If only my husband could hump the fireplace like that and dance on a small table... man..


    Well, that would certainly give new meaning to the term "hotbox"...

  33. Rachel Farrar

    omg. charlie.

  34. Simulation Theory

    That's some big tymer movie magic.

  35. dongjet

    sad r u hearing this

  36. Keman Poças

    everybody still sleeping on this man

  37. terry tsianos

    this is one of the best underground r&b artists out here right now. he is amazing live which I saw in Toronto last year, and all his videos are crazy love them. can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

  38. Keila Avalos

    this was me when i got home played my this on spotify and started dancing and singing to this

  39. Aventerra01

    I love this song!!!!! I need to see him live one day!!

  40. dean seryokon / amiel

    Listen to this song on a cruise ship my boys! Vibes crazy ~

  41. justjayok

    Thumbs up for the dancing alone! You better go boi!

  42. Jizzy Roc

    Diddy IG brought me here💯

  43. Shalisa Sample

    This song makes me feel some type of way spiritually. I can't even put it into words

  44. Coriander Womack

    love you guys

  45. DivineForcesBro

    I like the video.

  46. Adi Singh

    Who is this actor? He killed it.

  47. Leila Davis

    Full jmsn

  48. MD Gsxr

    fyi...I felt like the eggs where looking at me

  49. MD Gsxr

    I cried, called a ex, made up, got divorced, ace found out I have a kid... thanks jmsn

  50. Horfinn Durron

    MJ - I Cant help it

    anybody else?

  51. Adé Ly

    The new Craig David ? lit af

  52. peter l

    that bassline is from somewhere... or maybe not. got this nujabes vibe to it. can't place my finger on it though.. this song dope!!

    Joe Bourke

    yeah mate i reckon it samples i can't help it by michael jackson - or whichever track that sampled (no clue if mj's track was a sample). fantastic appropriation of it

  53. Dio Presents

    Wow, this makes me feel free, confident and inspired at the same time. I'd love to be in a video like this myself. Love it but I'd probably end of crying. That's how I feel like right now. Thank you for a song that moves my soul. Thank you for you JMSN.


    Yes it's so weird. Just watched this video and listened to the song for the first time and I feel the same... somehow it makes me happy and inspires me, but at the same time I feel sad x)

  54. Charlotte Perrin

    I love your music ! sopport from France , we listen to you

  55. Black Minimalist

    Legit thought this was Van Damme at first then just realised it was another guy doing his kickboxer dance

  56. Sean Carlson

    Check out my music

  57. Weeaboo Tariku

    This that shit mom would play in the kitchen while she cooking on a Saturday morning.... Love it

  58. Thomas R

    you got the power babe...

    You got the power to change right now. Good message and nice dancing :D

  59. Patsy Magdaleno

    not what I expected but love this, so creative <3 JMSN

  60. Moreno m.

    alguien mas esta aquí por el cabeza de codorniz de scremau?

  61. Charlie Lutz

    The song has great meaning. We all have to go through rough times to appreciate the reward from our hard work. The secret is not to lose focus on what makes you happy. Keep pushing forward Bro

  62. Charlie Lutz

    I'm lucky to take part in this video. Thanks to JMSN

    May Madarang

    Charlie can I ask what church was this filmed in? It's definitely a Catholic church yes? I feel like it looks so familiar!

    Charlie Lutz

    May Madarang St Anthony’s in Detroit


    damn man! yo dance better than those crazy kids out here in downtown LA. you got the power!!

    Charlie Lutz

    augustus andrada thanks for the nice compliment.

    Thierno Thioune

    Well played and well danced 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  63. cour coeur

    that bass reminds me of Altered Image "Love to Stay" probably coincidence. Loving everything I've heard from JMSN so far

  64. Mathieu Priez

    This artist is amazing. Sound like Step in the name of love. I want to be free as fuck Mike him

  65. Zanobeats

    * dance moves by JMSN

  66. Anneliese Herbosa

    omg that was amazing

  67. Léa Beure

    Damn it feels so good

  68. Andre Mora

    jmsn does no wrong.

  69. stud002

    Seeing him tonight in denver! so pumped

  70. Tim Carl

    imagine how much the production costs and not enough publicity

  71. toxicpimpsmack

    next video should be funk outta here. Fire!!!

  72. Channel Yellow

    I love u JMSN your music has gotten me through so much lately!

  73. Scruffy

    2:45 F****n' love the fireplace


    great song though

  74. Samantha Salgado

    You are so damn crazy, thank you for your music :)

  75. Von Zipper


  76. smartalex531

    Graduating with a major in accounting next week. Thanks for the positive outlook JMSN lol

  77. Mundane


  78. Justin Timeless

    best MV of 2016

  79. Cristen Hamonic

    That's so good

  80. Marco

    I was at your concert last night dawg and I got kicked out for being too hype and almost fighting a dude haha

  81. Sarah Hanson

    YAAASS!! GET IT HUNNY!! Moove and groove your stress away!!! This makes me so happy!!

  82. Ghaith Mostafa

    So He was Stripping for being upset? :D

  83. Kareen Lomax

    I think I just fell in love .

    not with the guy in the vid, with JMSN .

  84. Andrea Moscoso

    Love all the songs you put out < 3

  85. soisyourface1234

    this is garbage

  86. Ron Simmons

    For those who are saying the video sucks, there is a very clear meaning behind it. It's basically saying that regardless of your day to day problems, sometimes you just have to let go & be free. Just dance man. Just have fun. Be positive. Relieve some stress. Just LIVE LIFE. Don't worry so much & don't stay down too long. The power to change your circumstances is in your own hands.

  87. life no. 9

    the best video I've seen in a really long time. so good, so meaningful.

  88. Immortalis PvP

    Vitally? You've gotten old man

  89. Apulux

    whos dad

  90. Adam Best

    Deleted scene from middle of video
    *Wife calls*
    Wife- Hi honey, what are you up to?
    Husband- Nothing, just coming home from work
    Wife- ...Do I hear JMSN - Power in the background again?
    Husband- Gotta go!!
    *Husband hangs up, gets back to breaking it down*
    Love the video!

  91. Moskalus

    <3 <3 <3


    the best