JMSN - Love Ain't Enough Lyrics

I've been tryin' baby
Said, I've been tryin' baby
Lord knows I ain't tryin' hard enough
Well I guess I forgot that somehow love just ain't enough

Sometimes I wonder
This gon' pull me under?
Or is this a different kind of lover?
'Cause I've been doin' this for a long time
And I stay on my grind
So please don't be, please don't be playin' games with love

I decided baby
See, I decided baby
See, I've been thinkin' and drinkin' so much
And I decided baby
That it's time for me to hit the road 'cause I got shit to do
And you know what they say. You know what they say?
They say the goin' get tough

Said I'm leavin' baby
You know I'm leavin' baby
But, if it was up to me, you know that I'd stay
We both know, this ain't how I wanna be livin'
But I can't change the mind I'm givin'
Cause if it was up to me, you know that I'd stay
But I got so much pride, I got so much pride
And Lord knows, I ain't takin' that hit today

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JMSN Love Ain't Enough Comments
  1. Karen Marin

    this slaps

  2. Галина Кузнецова


  3. Jay Henry

    This song a whole vibe

  4. nicolas blanc

    erotismo puro

  5. Lono 99

    I’ve been looking for a sound like this for years ... I’ve finally found it..

  6. TheDel365

    Black*ish bought me here...

  7. Lauren McNaughton ashamed to admit how much this resonates....

  8. Somalie Ahmed Garoon

    Wow...Black-ish got me here, and I'm really glad that show did.

  9. Ju Knows23

    Was a great song to collect my thoughts to. before my last break up. Music just speaks to your soul. Nothing new JMSN been doing this for years.

  10. anna bouberlova

    im in love with this

  11. Edon Ceka

    amazing , simply amazing .

  12. amanda stéphanie

    oh babyy

  13. Jackeyh Almeiida

    MSC viciantes meu Deus 😭😍😭😍....

  14. Scrot Tom

    as a metal head, his music gives me the same happiness when the breakdown is happening. idk

  15. Jim White

    Chilling with my B.flat Clarinet in 99 degree Las Vegas Summer Coolness, Learning this mighty fine composition.. "hat-tip" Team JMSN. I b jim Nv

  16. Abhishek Simgekar

    JMSN is the vibe you need. 🕴️

  17. kama paprika

    this needs more fckn views !

  18. Russell Quiazon

    Where all my female JMSN fans at

  19. Paloma Geronico

    this is so sexy, cant wait to go and make love to my girl while playing this. Such a fucking mindblowing soul, and the harmonic at the end basically summerises my orgasmic feeling

  20. Shiv

    You and weeknd would be perfect on a song.

  21. CharcoalArt by R

    this MASTERPIECE deserves more views! amazing!

  22. Rosa Vink

    Love it

  23. İrem Cirdakli


  24. Hronis Arva

    That's a fine blend of JMSN !!!

  25. SunKissedMelanin

    Dang this is hitting. Love the music.

  26. Lenka Zivkovic

    I love this!

  27. Ana M

    lyrics in the description

  28. Sarah Rose

    Absolutely incredible.

  29. Apulux

    man this shit is amazing

    synamon townsend

    its that soul we been missing in music....

    George Thompson

    synamon townsend haven't been missing it. It's still been around, you just gotta sift through some crap to get to it.

  30. marianne a.