JMSN - Juice (Interlude) Lyrics

[On Stage:]

[CROWD:] Jameson! Jameson! Jameson! Jameson!



[JMSN:] What up, what up?

[MARVEL:] Fucking crazy! I swear to God, that was the most amazing shit I've ever seen in my life. You built that shit up on your own!

[J:] Yeah, yeah...

[M:] That's why we're here right now. We're gonna grow you into a fucking star. We're gonna mold you like some motherfuckin' play-doh. We're gonna get you in the studio with the right producers, the right engineer, the right vocal coach, the right vocal producers...

[J:] Yeah, yeah...

[M:] Just make hits. Not to say that you're not a hit-maker...

[J:] Nah, nah...

[M:] But we got the best hit-makers on the planet! Hands-down, alright?

[J:] [Chuckles] It's true, it's true

[M:] We got millions of dollars. And I know you've never seen this kind of money before

[J:] [Laughs]

[M:] Wait, wait... where you from? Detroit?

[J:] Yeah, Detroit

[M:] I could fucking tell! Detroit makes so much sense!

[J:] Yeah, yeah...

[M:] No wonder this fucking big money is confusing you!

[J:] [Laughs]

[M:] You guys got fucking running water over there or no? Hey, can you gimme some copper pipes? [Laughs]

[J:] You motherfucker. Alright, okay. Alright, yeah, okay... Nah, I gotta...

[M:] So look... I know you're gettin' a lot of guys coming to you with some bullshit, but this isn't bullshit. This is big fucking money. You know what big fucking money smells like? It smells like fucking teen spirit. And you know who's buying records? TEENS! They're out there camping for t-shirts

[J:] Yeah... Really, though, I gotta...

[M:] Those guys are fucking spending money...

[J:] I gotta get back on stage, man

[M:] And we're about BIG MO-

[On Stage:]

[J:] What the fu-?

[Security:] You got your credentials? Alright, you good

[J:] We're gonna play some songs for you right now

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JMSN Juice (Interlude) Comments
  1. Septien Patterson

    that copper pipes shit was not funny

    Matt Garcia

    Lmfao it was fucked up I'll say that

  2. EggsandMayo

    ah so that's how you pronounce your name.