JMSN - It Is. Lyrics

There's something bout the way
I could die for love and be satisfied
It'd be worth my whole entire life
I would dedicate and sacrifice
Cause what is time
What is time
When I'm so in love with you
So in love with you
Yeah, so in love
I wonder
What do you want from me?
I said what do you want from me?
Cause I've given you everything that I have
No I don't think about the past
The past is gone
I gotta carry on


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JMSN It Is. Comments
  1. Maya Rivers

    Wedding song found.

  2. Mani jones

    This song right here is everything.

  3. Carlos Eduardo de Andrade

    you're amazing

  4. Den Washington

    Juste un commentaire en Francais pour dire que ces musique elles tuent de dingue!!!!

  5. Mark Henes

    Much respect, learning a lot from your music and feel that soul. Touches deep. Production on point.

  6. Natanael Montenegro

    Damn! So genius!

  7. GGRR

    soooooooo good

  8. Bibi Love

    Greatest song ever!!! It goes straight to my heart! It makes me feel so!💛

  9. Zanobeats

    uoww !! this intro is amazing ! jmsn
    is amazing !

  10. Sougz

    pinches possers sólo vienen por el panochas locas

  11. Andrik Nando Rodriguez

    jueves de swag!!

  12. fernando Santacruz

    we need an official video

  13. Edward Suarez

    like si viste el video por el jueves con swag de screamau

    Andrea de doblas


  14. Abigail GC

    llegue aquí por Screamau, chao


    Jajaja yo igual

    Marlon Gomez


    Andrea de doblas

    yo igual😂😂😂

    Mary VR

    x4 😅 haha

  15. DezzyxReyezz

    been seeing how far hes came already, makes me so proud... i love him soo much ❤❤❤ can't wait to see whats in store in the future for him.

  16. Carldine White

    my brother told me to listen to him. After 1 song checked songkick, I'll be seeing him in October!

  17. Aiko Ladesma

    underrated artist.

  18. Leslie Harlan

    This is my dude he never fails ....

  19. Itscristae

    ...This is how I feel about classes :*(

  20. Heshke

    listening whole album on Spotify RN.


    the best

  22. Lara Barros