JMSN - Good Ol' Case Of The Blues Lyrics

See sometimes the people you thought was your friends, ain’t your friends at all
They was just tryna take advantage of you so they could ball out
But soon they will fall out
Dig themselves in a hole they can’t crawl out
Passed out in streets sprawled out
In bathroom stalls tryna knock and they bawl out
See I'mma lay it all out
Cause one day, I said one day
God gonna call out
And what you gonna say
You gonna be happy over what you did?
Just sitting with your wife and your two kids
What you gonna tell ‘em?
Yeah, you gonna tell 'em
Big daddy know the right way, right?
Take advantage of people to make your way right
But you don’t think about yesterday
Yesterday has gone away
You got more people to play
You got more time to waste
You got more money to snake
You got more relationships to fake
Awww yeah, it’s just take and take
Cause what the fuck they gonna do?
They make the product while you make the rules
So go play another motherfucker for a fool
See I'm trying to drop news
So everybody else don't get fucked by these tools
Cause to them, [?]
That's the machine that you fuel
But shit, don't you all feel cool though?
Yeah, too good to be true
I can't get mad at you
I made the same mistake too
But shit, What would you do
Someone gave you $250,000 you'd be feeling yourself too
See I ain't tryin' tell you what to do
Cause we all learn what we lose
And we all pay for it too
Shit, what is life, without a good 'ol cause of the blues

Hey, how are you doing?
Good, I'm good. You good?
Yeah, I'm good too. So are you here alone?
Yeah, yeah, you know
Me too. Well I mean, my friends just left
Can I sit down?
Yeah, yeah, for sure
What's your name

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JMSN Good Ol' Case Of The Blues Comments
  1. AugieGK4life

    Holy..... Fire.

  2. Chris Conn

    Damn bro, is this about your ex manager or agent?

  3. dejeu lu

    Passe bien la vibe

  4. Savoca

    wholesome music I love it