JMSN - Fuck U Lyrics

Said I don't know why, I don't know why
People act the way they do, yeah
They make believe (go on make believe, yeah)
That the lies they tell themselves are true
But you and I know, we both know...
That everybody's got something to prove
(Everybody's got something)
(Everybody's got something to prove)
Said life's a struggle
(Life's a struggle)
(So hard)
And somebody's gotta lose, yeah
(Uh huh, come on)

Fuck you talkin' 'bout, yeah
Fuck you talkin' 'bout
(Fuck you talkin' 'bout)
All stressed out
(Don't you know...) Said we all stressed out
Fuck you talkin' 'bout
(Fuck you....)
Fuck you talkin' 'bout
(Fuck you talkin' 'bout)
Stop complaining
Don't just stand there
(See's there's one thing you gotta know)
That there's something going on in here (Uh huh)
Ah, ah yeah, and everybody's got the fever
(Everybody's got fever)
You should tell me what you gonna...
(This ain't about them)
Tell me what you gonna do...
(It's about you, just you)

So what the mailman say?
(What he say?)
(What the mailman say?)
What the mailman say?
(What he say?)
(Hurry Mister Postman)
Yeah said it's time to pay your bills
(It's time to pay your bills)
Almost everyday
Damn near everyday
(We workin' everyday)
You know I don't to this for thrills, hell nah
So you got a bankroll
(What that mean?)
See that don't make you powerful
You're not special
Just live in someone else's shadow
You're probably a fucking asshole
You're just renting someone else's castle
Finding someone else is better

Fuck you 'talkin' 'bout
(Fuck you...)
Fuck you 'talkin' 'bout
Just work it out
(Fuck you...)
Just work it out
Go on and work it out
Fuck you 'talkin' 'bout
(Fuck you 'talkin' 'bout)
Fuck you 'talkin' 'bout
Ain't nobody like a....(uh huh)
So don't be a....
Yeah, you know there's something going on in here, ah
Everybody's got the fear
Won't you tell me what you gonna do?
Tell me what you gonna do, yeah

My world is so,'s sideways
My world is so sideways
Wish things would go, yeah...
Wish things would go my way
Wish things would go my way, yeah
Oh, oh, ah

Yeah, uh huh
Oh you waiting for your big break?
Yeah, me too
Fuck else we gon' do?
I mean you all dealt the same hand right, right?
We all got the same chance to understand shit, right?
I mean, what you got, no money?
I been there
What you got, no friends?
I'm living that shit everyday, come on now
See all them problems you think you have
Has got to do with you and only you
And what the fuck you gon' do?
I said what the fuck you gon' do?
Ain't about me, ain't about them
It's about you and only you
Now what you gon' do?
Fuck this where's my....

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JMSN Fuck U Comments
  1. J DIX

    i was digging it at first...then it just kinda went left. i think it was the cadence that i didnt like and the second verse got kind of redundant. i still like the song. bit negative for my positive vibes playlist though. i'll be checking for more from him for sure to see whats else is in his catalog. that beat is banging

  2. Owney Me

    Dont stop period

  3. M Jay

    Song of 2016. Classic

  4. Jeremy Mathers

    Donell Jones needs a guitar part!

  5. Eri Medeiros

    So fancy!

  6. zakattack ovoxo

    Always love the music they make

  7. Felipe Ignacio Mansilla Freire

    jmsn with fkj whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???? xD

  8. GOON

    The song hits on so many levels

  9. Josiah Triumph

    JMSN I know you're white but you're my nigga!

    Mz Kegz

    That's how I feel

  10. chels

    He’s sexy as hell. Damn. That face.

  11. Coco Dreamz

    Those moves 😎

  12. Franco Becerra

    Puta que es bacán esta banda culiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

  13. Kryptonite

    john mayer needs to drop a guitar solo on one of his tracks. actually, i wouldn't hate it if jmsn did a cover of john mayer's "slow dancing in a burning room"

    Franco Becerra

    Recién estoy escuchando John Mayer y no puedo estar más de acuerdo contigo, love

  14. M Jay

    This whole song is a classic

  15. victor keeps it 100

    I need him to get on a record with The Weeknd

  16. NormalDeformation

    Still a beauty 💋

  17. SystemOut

    wow wow wow wow check this out

  18. RaeLuvv

    He gives me Jon b vibes ❤️

  19. Tiara

    Pure Art.

  20. Louis Maurer

    My man drove around the corner just to make sure more people could see him break it down on the truck

  21. Ricardo Estigarribia Soares

    So reckless and old school.. I knew him by the Patiently song, but ain't no patience, Wanna eat all his songs at the same time!

  22. Rise and shine to success

    jmsn damn

  23. live slow

    Can I really text him ?

  24. GIO

    What is your reaction if you live in this hood you lookin at you window and you see him climbing on his car and weird dancing lmao


    And its 10 pm

  25. Maynard Henry

    Somebody’s gotta lose☹️ why can’t we all eat...

  26. Edward Snorten

    One of the best these Days, ish give me goosebumps

  27. Luis Marino

    por vezes corto um pulço com este som, gostumuitu <3

  28. Jairo R.

    All them problems you think you have, has got to do with you, and only you.

  29. Teaira Baldwin

    I love THE FUCK outta this man ✊🏾🖤

  30. Kathy Ficarotta

    Jesus got a hold of his heart along time ago, but he's been a marathon man for too long now. Home is calling <3

  31. Geo Kan

    Fuck me....
    He's freaking hot...

  32. Creation

    Intro music has me feeling like the end of The Wire.

  33. Gerhard Golz

    next micheal jackson!!!

    Gerhard Golz

    but hopefully without the pedo-roumors

  34. awndaas

    what's his name stand for?


    Just Makin Some Noise


    JMSN that's dope af brother I just caught on to u your dope dude


    Cool Hell yea! it definitely doesnt stand for that though hahaha its just pronounced Jameson


    JMSN lmao u got me ain't gonna lie I think u should seriouslly consider it..fits

  35. Hunay Saday

    he is reminding me ta-ku it's fascinating the ressemblance! i love iiiiiiit

  36. Hilal Yılmaz

    this is fuckin art❤❤

  37. Kiyoko Holland

    man jmsn changed my life! just work it out fuck u talking bout 💪💪👑💩💯

  38. Rachel Farrar

    and happy birthday boo, sorry I'm late.

  39. Rachel Farrar

    Christian dude this is dope.

  40. monkeyDbaaka

    tellement bon ce son, pour aussi peu de vues ... respect from France !!!!!!!

  41. Septien Patterson

    Only 100,000 views?! Wha--!! Don't sleep on Christian

  42. Alegría Castro Merino


  43. THOMAS B.

    love this fucking song

  44. Pacdemiso

    This raises me to another plane, elevates me to the cosmos

  45. Howie Day

    Now we know where Drake got his white dude dance from!

  46. Jay T

    1:19 JMSN drinking Jameson. Lit.

  47. Dani Zareen

    irresistibly sexy and soulful, damn

  48. Ewelina Semak

    Poland luv ya <3

  49. KeenParatham

    Damn, the motivation at end was too real.... What the fuck U going to do.?

  50. Elise Kody

    I saw JMSN a couple years ago in Grand Rapids, his puts so much soul into his music. his voice is perfect. 😍

  51. TOM BASS

    great tune, great voice, you can realy hear that the man knows what he's singin about. btw jameson's one of my fav whiskeys! where to get a bigass bottle like this?


    I luv this man writing skills very dope!

  53. maxrs1708

    So you did it all by yourself, production, mixing and writing. You're a genius, man. 10/10

  54. Kiddo

    when something like this is made, i like to sit and think 'imagine if these fellas didnt get together, and if they didnt make some baby makin music. This would be a cold world'

  55. Jbud729


  56. Jadox

    dope music bro smooth as fuck

  57. Gregory Ramos

    im sorry but im not a big fan of this... or really any songs since 2012. its not bad or nothing, i just cant listen to any jmsn songs without comparing it to Priscilla. i love every single track off that album. i love everything about the album but i guess he just got it all out. i remember around that time that album came out i told everyone and myself that he would blow up big. but as time went by, the weeknd was the one who blew up. i still follow jmsn, much respect to him because i know what hes capable of. and thats why ill check every song he puts out hoping it could compete with any song from priscilla. anyways i hope hes doing good much love to jmsn.

    YouTube Watcher

    This album is way better than Priscilla.

    Gregory Ramos

    SoyPocho just different oppinions

  58. Charles Flores

    JMSN fucked me up.

  59. Da Berrii

    wow.. 💙

  60. Andrey Santiago

    Your songs give me a great vibe!

  61. Pollyanna

    Love your sound

  62. Pollyanna

    Awesome voice

  63. Andrew Underwood

    diggin your new stuff

  64. Casper Van kampen

    Killer song🔥🔥 can't wait to see you in Rotterdam

  65. kearadoesalot

    low-key getting that Justin Timberlake and d'angelo vibe. amazing

  66. Jeremiah Reed

    I love this guy. His music is like meditation for me. Big help to get  me threw each day. thx JSMN

  67. joe farma

    i think this guy makes sex with this music and i really can symphatize this

  68. Isabelle1395

    saw this on ofive tv and fell in love right away this is genius i love you

  69. Slame333

    Can only imagine how good this song is live.

  70. Jampier Bruno

    I honestly believe he is one of the top 5 best artist in the world of any genre

  71. kam mag

    can I has that sweater sir.

  72. Cape Girardeau Pet Services Southeast Missouri

    listened to this about 20 times at both jobs today!!
    so what's the mail man say?!

  73. Ema S

    JMSN you make my life so much better.

  74. Rizky Wirahman

    marlboro red suits you better

  75. Ranisia Cook

    Hearing this song the same week my Mom passed away gave me some perspective. Now that she is gone, I hold this song close to my heart. It's like all of Mom's words of advice & truth are laced in your lyrics. Thanks JMSN.

  76. Mark G

    love it

  77. airwavesandeardrums

    Cannot wait to see you in Manchester this October 😊😊

  78. Joshua Rego

    I love your music man, I found out about you through a friend and now I'm addicted, keep doing you JMSN!

  79. MakeupExpLaura

    Love arcade...I see u

  80. emilie fenty

    You deserve to be a legend kiss from FRANCE 👏🏽👏🏽👌🔥🔥

  81. Fred Civil

    this man is seriously underrated

  82. Alfredo Venero

    fuck u talking about?

  83. Lokeye

    JMSN killed Seattle last night at the Crocodile. Was so fun to be in a crowd that knows his lyrics and was just yellin' song names and I loves yous and shit at him. That was a good vibe. Feels good to see JMSN getting that kind of respect. Much deserved.

  84. DezzyxReyezz

    i love jmsn soooo much. i met him the other night... totally in love. been a fan since 2013 and nothing will change ❤❤❤❤❤

  85. Adrian Earp

    Been going through a real tough time latley and i just stumbled across this song randomly. It has given me the motivation to get shit together and realise i gotta make changes. Respect man. You gained a fan. Music is dope - From Sydney, Australia

  86. Jman Loshie

    He's so underrated. More people Needa hear this, he has true talent.


    people who has true talent are always underrated

  87. S E N S U A L V A P E

    I can't be around no one when this song comes on

    yung existential crisis

    papa bless

  88. lebrawnjames23

    i love this guy


    Spiritual vibes & JMSN 🙌

  90. Tae the Goat

    this ish just made me a certified fan

  91. Darnell Sarver

    dope wish you came to indy

  92. StrategieGamesFr

    Hey, i'm french and it was a good experience, This is an original sound ! I love this atmosphere, good work !

  93. Foxy Brown

    this song! and my situation that I have been in for 4 straight fucking years!! I just want shit to finally go my way tired of this shit I swear at the end I felt like u was talking to me this shit motivates me to keep doing something about my life!! u have no idea how spot on these lyrics are towards my life! thank u

  94. ivan moreno

    greetings from Chihuahua, Mexic. I love your music JMSN. Keep that good work.

    Jae Alexandra

    ivan moreno listening from Ciudad Juárez

  95. doveshelly

    "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."  Philippians 4:8  Love from Aunt Shelly

  96. Kareen Lomax

    what if you were in the neighborhood and you saw this happening . lmao .

  97. Luv2shop

    Some of the realest soul out here!