JJ Cale - Call Me The Breeze Lyrics

They call me the breeze
I keep blowing down the road
They call me the breeze
I keep blowing down the road

I ain't got me nobody
I ain't carrying me no load

Ain't no change in the weather
Ain't no change in me
Ain't no change in the weather
Ain't no change in me

I ain't hidin' from nobody
Ain't nobody hidin' from me

I got that green light, babe
I got to keep moving on
I got that green light, babe
I got to keep moving on

I might go out to California
Might go down to Georgia
Might stay home

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JJ Cale Call Me The Breeze Comments
  1. Bill Beliakoff

    I decided to give J.J. a listen after seeing he wrote this on Skynyrd's album cover, thinking he wrote it for them. After hearing the original I think that Lynyrd Skynyrd ruined it .

  2. Johnny Rowan


  3. anthony correia

    troubadour, enough said.

  4. Helgi Agustsson

    One of the best musikmaker in the world...

  5. hammer44head

    JJ never made it as big as rock or pop stars get but he is well respected and had a very long career in music. That cant be said for very many musicians. How many others that were big in the early 70's and are still putting out music that anybody is really interested in or respected? Heck even Mozart was penniless practically and near forgotten other than Beethoven always praising Mozarts's works. Clapton was a very famous musician who influenced a lot of players but he praised JJ's work. Most people on here never even heard of JJ before Clapton mentioned his work and recorded with him. Who you trying to kid?

  6. Ian Aldridge

    Thanks USA for giving the world rock n roll,awesome.

  7. Linda Martin

    J.J. Cale singing the blues. Damn he’s great🌹🌹💯💯💯💃🎩💃🍓🍷💋❤️🍓🍓💃

  8. Garry Harriman

    This is the best fucking song to purk up anyone in an instant and get their foot tapping to this fucking awesome tune by JJ!

  9. Robert Ward

    play it good now JJ....Fantastic!

  10. C Lucas

    Inspired Dire Straits soooo.........the rest is history!

  11. Stephen Dailey

    Love this!!!!!! A real treat. Thanks.

    Brenda Hawkins

    Stephen Dailey hi would love to know what you think of my 16 year old grandsons cover of this https://youtu.be/JiQAhbcwD5w

  12. Whitenacho

    And don't forget "Cocaine"

  13. Garry Harriman

    This song is guaranteed to get every fucking foot tapping all over this divided world. Music is the global language and it's a shame that many that own this fucking world seem to have zero interest in music!

    Brenda Hawkins

    Garry Harriman hi would love to know what you think of my 16 year old grandsons cover of this https://youtu.be/JiQAhbcwD5w

  14. Brian J. Carnevale

    Willow my hound & me rocking out today. She is excited to see me packing for Florida! The Dog knows!

  15. Linda Martin

    Damn rocking Blues, they call me the Breezes
    Should more like hold Me Darlin 🎩💋🎩💋🎩💗🌟🎩🌺

  16. Morris Belgard

    Eddy Nipples ain't hiding from nobody, right Edith? Right Mary?

  17. bejeta 888

    Thought this was from Lynyrd Skynyrd all my life

    Brenda Hawkins

    bejeta 888 hi would love to know what you think of my 16 year old grandsons cover attempt at this https://youtu.be/JiQAhbcwD5w

  18. Cem Eren Çakmakçı

    God bless your soul J J Cale. He created a song directly comes from his heart that touches our heart and soul. Regards from Turkey.

  19. Marie Pompon

    Le grand J.J. Cale 💓💓🎸🎸🎶🎵🎼🌐🔥🔥👍👏👏

  20. backo uskanovic

    dali je on bio teški levičar?

  21. Juliano Tonalli

    Eric Clapton "Lay down Sally brought me here".

  22. Jay Willey

    Currently 340 jag offs. 😁

  23. Cécile Cahu

    <3 <3 <3

  24. Stan Smith

    His music is so cool & fresh still, like a breeze ...

  25. Karmen Jazbec

    yeah jj cale i have the same feeling bud bob dylan will take care to me

  26. Adidas Lover

    Cooler than cool 😎

  27. Amanullah Jatoi

    I am listing him after 40 years its still great.

  28. Caroline Anderton

    And nobody else could get his personal tuning. Double cool.

  29. Caroline Anderton

    Mr. J. J. was probably the coolest of the cool. Utterly together. Utterly perfect. Hmmm m.

    j mangi62

    Absolutely! This is one,cool,cat. ☝ 😎 🐱

    Brenda Hawkins

    Caroline Anderton hi would love to know what you think of my 16 year old grandsons cover of this


  30. Philip Price

    Same song brought similair thoughts for me as did Mouka.
    Makes it a good song for folk that do not feel included. For any reason.

    Call me the breeze
    I keep blowin' down the road
    Well now, they call me the breeze
    I keep blowin' down the road
    I ain't got me nobody
    I don't carry me no load
    Ain't no change in the weather
    Ain't no changes in me
    Well, there ain't no change in the weather
    Ain't no changes in me
    And I ain't hidin' from nobody
    Nobody's hidin' from me
    Oh, that's the way its supposed to be
    Well, I got that green light, baby
    I got to keep movin' on
    Well, I got that green light, baby
    I got to keep movin' on
    Well, I might go out to California
    Might go down to Georgia, I don't know
    Well, I dig you Georgia peaches
    Makes me feel right at home
    Well now,…

  31. Marek Lakomski

    Great Gerry Garcia on lead guitar....rock and fuckin' roll

  32. Alex B.

    So cool of boomhauer to cue the song in

  33. Linda Martin

    Beautiful Damn Rocking Roll, lets Move

    Brenda Hawkins

    Linda Martin hi would love to know what you think of my 16 year old grandsons cover of this


  34. Pietro Varone

    So laid back. God rest him.

  35. Gringo Ferrero

    oh yeah

  36. Cyrus Slapatich

    I'm new to JJ Cale and I just love his music.  I watched an interview with his wife and the man was the real deal. He didn't sell out for fame and fortune.

  37. Anne Gwinner


  38. Peter Stevens

    JJ Cale's rocking Blues gets you off your feet and start dancing. Thank You, we'll always remember you!

  39. Gerwyn Evans

    Brings back memories of Newborough Warren, Anglesey, summer 1977. Ahh!

  40. Warda Ham

    Ain't no changing the weather ain't no changing me <3


    J.J cool 💕

  42. joel gibaja

    Le Maître

  43. Gregg Greasley

    Eric claptons hero🎸 RIP jjcale🎸

  44. Karmen Jazbec

    i wynna that bob mary me i am prttty woman

  45. Karmen Jazbec

    yeah jj

  46. Lee Henderson

    Can't you just feel it.

  47. Peter Walker

    I fished a cassette out of a river in '73. The labels had rotted off but it played great. I fucking loved it!!
    Took me 10 years to identify it as JJ Cale's 'Naturally'


    ....and isn't it amazing with the discovery of who it was comes a whole catalogue of awesome tracks?!!

  48. Cesar Rodriguez

    Con esta musica se antoja conducir un auto por una carretera solitaria y dejar pasar kilometros y kilometros pisando a fondo.

  49. Julian Vickery

    "One two, one two three....I've got that green light, baby, got to keep moving on..."
    "Call Me the Breeze" by J.J. Cale, first appeared on his 1972 debut album, "Naturally", as the opening track. https://youtu.be/TlppIdtLw5A

  50. Tom Maxwell

    "I got that green light baby...I got to keep movin' on." Great tune. Cale's original is much better than Skynard's hit version. Love it in his laid back mode.


    Yes, but I like Skynyrd's imitation of a big band brass section, groovy as hell... keep on movin' on, brother!

  51. briantravelman

    OH WOW! I had no idea Skynyrd's version was a cover

  52. Mind Blast

    J.J Cale the real deal Eric clapton Dire straits Plastic fakes

  53. Jay See

    And using a beatbox

  54. Sabine Khan

    He got the face, the voice and the rythm ❤️

  55. Mouka Faslouka

    I had just lost my dad in a stupid desert war in Morocco in January of 1976. My uncle invites me to the deep desert in south Morocco. He lived in a sleepy small town of maybe 20000 people. They had a small club there where they had a HiFi player. They had a decent vinyl records collection. I was grieving sad and bored. The manager somehow was nice enough to let me browse through their vinyl collection. For some unknown reason JJ Cale's album caught my eyes. It was the one with the Raccoon with the hat. I didn't speak a word of English back then. I decided to play it for the gallery. Needless to say how it all ended up. I bought every album in tape, vinyl and CD. I did not understand the lyrics. However the music spoke to me in that universal language: art. JJ Cale will always remain one of the most underrated musicians ever.
    I came to the US in the mid 1990. My one regret is that I never made enough money to go see him in person.

    Caroline Anderton

    Oh baby, I just think that his music touches everyone. I've never seen him heard of a good tribute act, he was just that good. Did his own tuning & production. Beat that! Will love him always., 👍

    The Script Writer

    Respect from London brother, I wish I had seen him too....

    Michiel Kraaijeveld

    touched by your story, in 1976 I was 9 but I can imagine your story. Especially about the vinyl...

    Petros Miskos

    Thanx bro. Good vibes to you and peace for your father.


    Power of music.

  56. captain deinonychus

    I might go out to california, might go down to georgia I dont know....

  57. Caroline Anderton

    He, s wonderful. The ultimate rythmn man.


    Try jj cale.....ten easy leasons...

  58. James Heikkinen

    Leadville Colorado 1972 first heard his music

  59. couscous clan

    awesome original version but i prefer lynyrd skynyrd cover of this song

  60. Jack Olsen

    Heard him first time in the seventees still love and miss him,

  61. Виктор Люднов

    Умница! Россия тебя любит.

  62. Zlatko Endzhekchev


  63. Jaak Tulp

    I remember the song from soundtrack of the movie "Renegade" with Terence Hill

  64. jjohnston94

    Now I know where Clapton got the riff for "Lay Down Sally".

  65. Knowledge Will Increase

    In the 1970's I hung out in a biker bar called the BRASS RAIL due to the brass rail along the bar that you rest your feet on.. Best Burger and Fries made there when you were drunk on whiskey shots and hungry.. Bathroom sink full of piss, Always a fight and lots of drugs all over and JJ Cale always on the turn table on the other side of the bar..

    Pauline Chapman

    Knowledge Will Increase wow sounds low down and dirty...my kind of establishment...,!!!!

  66. Krachen Ford

    was, is and will always be . . .
    the best!

  67. Dorothy Long

    Excuse me - it is the bass drum. Have to listen on a cell phone - not the best sound. Love these tunes just the same. Would like a stereo and a pair of headphones. Oooooh wouldn't that be nice?

  68. Paul ter Haar

    A lonely road at night, some weed and this song is all you need!

  69. Dorothy Long

    Rhythm guitar rocks.

    Brenda Hawkins

    Dorothy Long my 16 year old grandson heard this sing and played it at open mic last week. What do you think https://youtu.be/JiQAhbcwD5w

  70. Dorothy Long

    What is that keeping tempo instead of bass drum?

  71. wodasi in North Dakota USA Charlebois

    saw him live round 74 ? Wichita Kansas ,, then later in 2006 listened to best of/anthology while on ayuaska at home ..terrific/brilliant , , , thank you !

    wodasi in North Dakota USA Charlebois

    whats also weird i bought the trip/fuel on line from bouncing bear botanical in Wichita,, later feds took the good stuff away from him ..sigh ... i was living in Colo Spgs Co ...

  72. philip claasen

    grand - THIS DUDE IS THE MAN

  73. lukas hynes

    I think I maybe apart of this breeze..... Thanks JJ

  74. Mark Tait

    Great sit on the porch record exactly horw we listened to it 30 years still a good one for a cookout also

  75. BMatt

    I was fortunate enough to see Cale play live at an outdoor show in Ohio in I think 1981. He was in the middle of a heavy line-up and honestly I'd never heard of the man. Well, as you might guess I was blown away as I always keyed in on the guitar picking, he played most of the songs sitting in a chair, cowboy hat on,  wearing large black sunglasses. Looking back I wish I could recall more but just remember he was a VERY pleasant surprise! Wish I still had the cheap concert shirt with his name on it, it would be a prized item today.

  76. detharp

    harmonica key B ( deutsch H)

  77. Bruce L

    J. J. Cale is the root of the oak.

  78. John Jenkins

    I love this song !

  79. Kingmick58

    Just like John Prine mate.

  80. jason puffer

    Im so late to this party!!!?? How did i miss this awesome for so long???

  81. runaroundsoup

    I pity the younger generations - this is music.

    Adam Morris

    Pity those fools too.

  82. Chris Marshall

    I know this from the Spiritualized version rather than the LS one. All Good though.

  83. Carl Watson

    Great artist

  84. Wayne Makela

    Now this guy is what I call WOKE

  85. Steven Voelker

    JJ cale what a player. He could play that guitar . Amazing. One of my 3 favorites. Skynyrd, JJ Cale , and of course Stevie Ray Vaughan.

  86. Graeme Pyle

    I think of this bloke  when a breeze is good! Go JJ

  87. Pandora

    This sounds like a Clapton tune😂

    Von Felder

    Other way around. Rather, Clapton was influenced by J.J Cale. You can hear it in "Lay Down Sally".

  88. Ka wö

    J.J.cale du warst der beste.

  89. chromepinman

    About as solid as it gets!!! Rock on!

  90. Bob Paetschow

    One of the Best Song writers of my generation... Sadly missed RIP JJ Cale.

  91. Satan


  92. Tom Prince

    Spiritualized covered this

  93. Pete Jamerson

    Thats a cool mfer, what album is this? whats the artwork in the video from?

  94. Krachen Ford

    Wieder und wieder und wieder . . .

  95. Douglas Alves

    i personally prefer John Mayer's version

  96. Quentin Fernandez

    Can never ever get fed up of this track and ofcourse of JJ.

  97. Jerry Crowe

    You ain't changing the weather and you ain't changing me...whooe

  98. E W

    I'm only 2 months old and this is best music. I really dont understand how people my age can like today's music.