Jinks, Cody - Stranger Lyrics

Who's this stranger in the mirror
The one that's lookin' back at me?
He ain't familiar, I don't know this guy
Who in the world could it be?

It ain't me, there ain't no way
And the stranger is gettin' stranger everyday

The guy I'm lookin' for, he's a young man
He ain't scarred-up and gettin' old
He's a good kid from the country
Your eyes are big-city-cold

It ain't me, there ain't no way
And the stranger is gettin' stranger everyday

Maybe I'm goin' crazy
Could be losin' my mind
Lookin' for someone familiar
That I knew one time

Stranger, hear me talkin'
Listen up to what I have to say

Waitin' for an answer... silence
Oh and the stranger is gettin' stranger every day

Maybe I'm goin' crazy
Could be losin' my mind
Lookin' for someone familiar
That I knew one time

Who's this stranger in the mirror?

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Jinks, Cody Stranger Comments
  1. Robert Mccluskey

    Dope is the most evil substance. My life was normal at one point in my life had a family a good family a home and a good job with a good future. It was not until I turned 35 that I knew what crystal meth was. Now I'm 40 no job no family and I'm homeless I tell myself everyday to today is the last time. I hate dope. But I'm going to get past this. Cody's music is real. This is just one of many that really makes me think about what I need to do to get back to we're I came from.

  2. Bobby Lyles

    Oi been goin threw hard times heard this song and made me think to realize I wasn't being my true self and changed me

  3. Oppie Taylor

    Cody Jinks for President

  4. Bev

    Written for me! Thank you Cody for writing from the heart! 😎💙

  5. alta pape

    I felt and spoke every word before you said it. Damn, dude, you are our voice.

  6. Cynthia Dillard

    I have this album

  7. Cynthia Dillard

    One of his very best songs ...love it

  8. mac423

    If your too young, you wont understand this song until your mid 30s. Masterfully written

  9. Chuck Goodale

    I have listened to this song over and over just hits you hard brings life into perspective thank you sir

  10. Zippy Kimball

    Gives me chills!

    Cynthia Dillard

    Zippy Kimball when it gives you chills means it’s a damn good song

  11. Richard Rushing

    This is the sound that Country radio desperately needs!

  12. dozer dog

    Get ready a not so civil war is coming, be ready be smart and be safe

    Veritas Aequitas


  13. Sara Dick

    I soooooo needed this today

  14. Brian Wade

    I got tix to the show!

  15. DatZortaw

    Had a horrible breakup, grandfather passing away and failed study all in less two weeks. Sometimes life gives you a good reality check. I'm over all three things and I live on (what else can you do) but, damn Cody, the person in the mirror is getting more and more different and stranger with stuff that happens in life. Your songs hit truly home, but I'm glad for all things that happened. It makes you think, drives you out of the comfort zone and makes you you. Perhaps its not a stranger in the mirror, but someone we were all along but refused to see.

  16. Cliff Krauel

    Dam after finding Cody Jinks I want to learn every song he has to put on my gig list

  17. fcarp1685

    New country that is finally worth listening to again! I thought I would never see this day again. Great job!

  18. skateski

    steel guitar of 2018!!

  19. Mike Sullivan

    COUNTRY MUSIC WILL SURVIVE!!!!! thank you Cody Jinks :)

  20. Green Goblin

    No one is better

  21. Tony J Tuzzo

    Better than the original version

  22. Tonia Rose

    Another amazing song from Cody Jinks.

  23. David Wehlage

    I have heard and seen a lot of country music artist in my life time and Cody is one of the most gifted, he is the real deal, keep real country going strong man!

  24. Michael Wagner

    Real Songs that make you feel he has followed you personally and wrote about your life

  25. David Chaney

    The chorus, “]
    Maybe I'm goin' crazy
    Could be losin' my mind” is that not from another song? I swear I’ve heard those lines before

  26. Grady Smith

    This guy is awesome. At least someone is still country 🔥🔥🔥

  27. bigfoot6869 sasquatch


  28. inthewoods

    Just turned 40...hit right in the feels...

  29. Canadienne60

    That's exactly how I feel when I look in the mirror :)

  30. Carla Huff

    It ain't me, there ain't no way. The stranger, gettin' stranger everyday. Oh My God!

  31. SineMacula 1911

    Amazing song

  32. Lucky 13

    I love it! It's kinda like a little Alan Jackson and Merle Haggard mixed with Pink Floyd..........

    Nate M

    I completely agree.

  33. Terry Scattini

    would love for him to do a live tour to Australia , he would be a massive hit down under .

  34. Don McDaniel

    Can not wait to hear this live next weekend!! One of my all time favorites !

  35. roy gunter

    This was written by someone reading my mail, or my mind. Man the whole album is just great, totally amazing.

  36. John King, Sr

    I'm 48, looking 58, but feeling 28... I can totally relate. Great song, brother.

    Brian Friend

    Reminds me of my dad telling me that your body keeps getting older and older but your always that same person inside. Who you are inside never gets old, you only get wiser. Its the body outside that gets older and withers away.

    Brian Friend

    Reminds me of my dad telling me that your body keeps getting older and older but your always that same person inside. Who you are inside never gets old, you only get wiser. Its the body outside that gets older and withers away.

  37. thomas carter

    24 people suck Mike's hard lemonade out of Luke Bryans dickhole

  38. Jacob Godfrey

    Out here in California central valley loud n heavy

  39. Kiki Kahlua

    I hope you play this Friday night...I think I'm meeting my twin flame!! So Crazy and I still love you ;)

  40. Eric Lee

    The best new song

  41. Dana Manning

    Love this!

  42. خالد Ms13

    Thing you for this song

  43. Jon McCoy

    the lyrics, the voice, the band, magic

  44. Redneck Wathillbillie

    I would have loved you till the end of time. Blindsided by a Mirror. A Music Critic.

  45. LaDon Hilley

    Wow this song hits hard. I can't get enough of it.

  46. Cameron Mullins


  47. Cameron Mullins


  48. James Halfhorse

    Adobe Sessions is the first album I have bought in more than a decade and I liked every song on it. Looks like Lifers is going to be the second.

  49. Jakey from the Cauntry

    Go to soundcloud!!!!!!

  50. mr childgrownold

    How come you don't hear this man on the almighty radio? most other country music sounds like crap these days

    Eldon Plymale

    He won't kiss Nashville's ass like all those facke ass wannabe country singers do .

    Nate M

    Because his music is not over manufactured cookie cutter crap we hear on the current radio. He don't need them.

  51. barton Cameron

    The best there is

  52. Jay Horton

    Awesome song !!!

  53. Richard Root

    This one is my favorite off this album, Thanks Cody

  54. Vivian Chavana

    Love it

  55. imaoldcb

    Got my tickets for the Kansas City show today. New album is great.

  56. Wael Kayouf


  57. 9livingwhi1edead1

    this song is my life. Brother Jinks I feel we are aging together from one album to the next. Great song

  58. Marilee Denr

    Thank you Cody

  59. brian chaput

    Incredible and that voice!

  60. Marilee Denr

    Sweet video

  61. Marilee Denr

    Love it ❤

  62. Sherri Lawrence Browning

    I absolutely LOVE your music and your style, Cody Jinks!!! I've been a huge fan of yours since you first sang "Cast No Stones"!! God bless you, Brother!!!

  63. Rosemary Mormann

    Solitary souls seeking solace .....still sad.

  64. El Chihuahua

    Brilliant pure brilliant

  65. Missy D

    Genius...........wow!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  66. Robertnmjr1

    Here before 10k, love it Cody. At 42, this is exactly how I have been feeling, but hadn't thought in those terms. You expressed it perfectly.

  67. Bearded Piper

    Cody i sure wish you'd make it up to spokane, washington, i'd love to shake your hand and thank you for all the honest heart felt lyrics you put to music, i feel like your in MY head when you write, THANK YOU

  68. mark stanfield

    That little animation made me think I was a little too high lmao

    Jacob Godfrey

    mark stanfield usually bout lunch time I'm thinking the same thing to high lol

    Brian Wade

    Dude i said the same thing to my wif e and she asked me if i was high!

  69. joseph minton

    Thanks for the great songs

  70. Robin Mcalister

    Not one song by him is bad. Love everything he does

  71. Mitch McCollum

    Cody does it again! Hes a pretty big deal here in Mt Pleasant, omaha and Naples Texas area.

    BISON TWIN M Ranch

    Same here in Valley Mills, TX!

  72. Michael Walburn

    Damn!!! I’m 6’3, 300 lbs... I’ve been brought to tears thru music 3 times in my life!! This song... David by Cody jinks... and daddy don’t pray anymore, mr Stapleton

    Heath Hess

    I feel like the same way! 7th floor is pretty powerful too! Cody is the man

    Angel Marie Wheeler

    Michael Walburn such a great song and sound, I could listen to this over and over ... what a voice!

    Michael Walburn

    Cowgirls4ever Angel Marie Wheeler yes ma’am!! Amazing!!

    The PinCushionMan

    Ralph Stanley, Hank Williams sir, Maybelle Carter.

    Troy Stanton

    This is
    A song Billy don Burns
    Wrote. Cody thank you brother for cutting BdB songs
    We've been decades getting here.

  73. Betty Dunlap Watson


  74. Frankie Carter

    2.5k views 289 likes and 0 that's right 0 dislikes wow thats awesome

  75. Elliot Conz

    Oh man Cody! You know how to hit it! Love you brother!

  76. Joseph McMaster

    Good stuff Cody. "Lifters" is Top Notch, as is "Must be the Whiskey"

  77. Greg Jones

    Love it! Bdb love your writing! Jinks you perfected this one and you did it in 1 take!

  78. moonshine camo

    Been waiting for a new album and now its here and I'm pumped

  79. American Freedom


  80. Frank D III

    Yeah the old man is freaking me out

  81. Donnie Duncan

    I like to say congrats to Billy don and to Cody Jinks brother chicken skin you nailed it !!

  82. Johnna Holden

    My favorite song off the album! No Words...


    After first scanning through I agree!

    Jason Yost

    To me it’s definitely one of the best songs on the album.

  83. Travis Whitaker

    Love all of his songs

  84. Madison Spalding

    This is gold

  85. Jessica Hutchinson

    Praise God, more Cody!!