Jinks, Cody - Must Be The Whiskey Lyrics

No I'm not goin' crazy, but lately my head and my heart
Seem to be at least a million miles apart
My heart says to love you, my head says to run
It's like my heart is too afraid to tell my head what it's done
I know that it can never be the way it was
Even though you'd be the death of me I can't give you up
Too much is not enough, it's not the love, it's not the lust that grips me
It must be the whiskey

I've been drinkin' to remember and drinkin' to forget
I've got "I love you" on my mind, I've got Jim Beam on my breath
And loneliness has got the rest, I've got nothin' left within me
It must be the whiskey

No I'm not goin' crazy, but lately these thoughts in my head
Are a whirlwind of a world of a million regrets
All the things I should have done, all the things I should have said
All the pain that comes with hating the mess you've made of yourself
I know I'm chasin' rainbows thinkin' I could make it work
But the fact is that my actions speak louder than my words
And it only makes it worse thinkin' of her, thinkin' she'll forgive me
It must be the whiskey

I've been drinkin' to remember and drinkin' to forget
I got "I love you" on my mind, I got Jim Beam on my breath
And loneliness has got the rest, I've got nothin' left within me
It must be the whiskey

I've been drinkin' to remember and drinkin' to forget
I got "I love you" on my mind, I got Jim Beam on my breath
And loneliness has got the rest, I've got nothin' left within me
Sometimes it hits me whenever I'm a little tipsy
Oh, it hits me whenever I'm a little tipsy
It must be the whiskey

It must be the whiskey
It must be the whiskey
It's that whiskey
It must be the whiskey

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Jinks, Cody Must Be The Whiskey Comments
  1. Jeffrey Kercheval

    What a F-word...you know.....Great song!


    You will definitely like another song, “E” by Matt Mason. You can thank me later

  3. exotic plants

    Im Puerto ricannnn

  4. Young Loco

    Song should be in #Sons_of_anarchy and #Peaky_blinders

  5. Michael Thompson

    Dont get any better than this guy and his Red dirt style of music....

  6. RED BALL73

    Awesome lyrics

  7. Patricia Arnold

    I'm back cody... missed your songs a lot...😎💙👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  8. BigSexy ManBear

    Damn good

  9. Jody Villalobos

    You kick ass Cody!! Love your music! Come on out to Arizona one of the days. Lotsa CJ fans out here

  10. Strum Along

    Such a great tune - easy to strum along with!

  11. Mary Ann Butler

    This is how many times you listen to this song👇

  12. Grady Young

    good song

  13. Andrew LaRose

    My ex ruined this song for me...

  14. Rene Scaletta

    Booooy, this is a banger

  15. Lee Lester

    Loneliness has got the rest I’m been drinking to Remember and drinking to forget hits home sometimes

  16. Kristal Johnson

    When he said, “ must be the whiskey “ I felt that. ❤️

  17. Heisenberg181

    At the local bar you can’t go one day without hearing this or hippies and cowboys or Tyler Childers White House road

  18. Michael Pruitt

    Makes me like country great song

  19. brandon Cherry

    I drink every day good song...no friends no nothing ...house job that's it..


    its a good start

  20. Tanner Utzig

    My step dad struggled with alcohol abuse so when I heard this song it reminded me of him because my mom told him me and the kid or alcohol and now they’ve been married for five years and I have a little brother

  21. Lee Lester

    I’m mad why isn’t this played on the radio !!

  22. xDomePatrolx

    Not a big country fan but this song talks to me

  23. k gamer 89

    what?!? he's coming to shreveport woohoo

  24. L85A2

    Every Texan loves this

    Josh L

    L85A2 yes we do

  25. Kelly Hall

    Not going crazy

  26. Jon Goodwin

    Me and my neighbors love this fuckin guy...well it's on blast and laws don't ever come... Keep it pushin brother

  27. Everette Thomason

    Goes great with Pendleton straight

  28. Whiskey Lino

    Who ever disliked this can suck it! #mustbethewhiskey

  29. In Indy

    Love Cody Jinks!

  30. bevy bear

    i love all this man's music, i like him as a solo artist his voice is like soft worn leather & whiskey

  31. Bill Crump

    I rekon it must be............

  32. Tucker Furlong

    Who’s still drinking to this song?

    Justin Martin


    James Artrup

    Drinkin now got a good ring to thia song

  33. Terryfan

    I got to see Cody play live where he was opening for Lynyrd Skynyrd this song was a hit with the crowd

  34. CadillacFleetwood68

    God I love this song.

  35. mike gorsuch

    Incredible song

  36. Tim Lowenhaupt

    I really want to like Cody.... Prefer Whitey and Tyler, Stugill occasionally

  37. Certified Hoopers

    I know I’m not the only one that still listens to this song daily👌

  38. Susan Garner

    Love Cody Jinks! He talks to me!

  39. Lexi Yost

    i heard this song last night at skating and i felt a certain way while skating with the guy i like🤭

  40. Carolina R.


  41. The Atrocity Channel

    It's like alt-Alan Jackson...

  42. Steve Nash

    If you thumbs down this song, go through some heartache and pain. then come talk to me.

  43. Jessy Linden


  44. synthetic depression

    If this ain't country I'm living wrong

  45. Po1itica11yNcorrect

    Weak, stereotypical country lyrics. Thought this guy was supposed to be like some game changer for the genre. His lyrics are no different than every other country song out there. Not impressed.

  46. Chris Goodwin


  47. adam heath

    Whoever's giving the thumbs down come see me Champaign Illinois

  48. Cross Stitcher

    This popped up on Pandora...and I started dancing... in love with CJ ...

    Jessy Linden

    Cross i love this song

  49. Dustin Foster

    My daughter also loves this song and it makes me happy seeing her as a 8 yr old loving this song this much

  50. Kevin Gribble

    Good ole beam and jinks is the cure to my blues💪 like this if your glass is full and not about to be

  51. redsneakers10

    Played this song once, now my 5-year-old is going around the house singing "MUST BE THE WHISKEY"

    Lefty K

    Hahahaha Classic LOL

  52. Brian Rhyneer

    Sing it Brother!!

  53. Jerry Howard

    Once you ask Jesus into your life the pain slips away ♥️♥️♥️beautiful ♥️♥️♥️

  54. Jesus Gonzalez

    I'm Jesus come to my house 1501 w olmos

  55. Greg

    Scott Ian brought me here.

  56. Kayla Jones


  57. Ryan Henderson

    It's like my heart is too afraid to tell my head what it's done. Damn...

    Jessy Linden

    Hell yeah man

  58. jack lafary

    not sure how i missed this song but first 30 seconds made it my new favorite. love this... this would have held up back in the days of the greats.

  59. Shubhankar Chhetri

    Drinking JIM BEAM !!!!

  60. Kahle Wathogoma

    I been drinking to remember and drinking to forget, I got I love you on my mind I got Jim Bean on my breathe and loneliness has got the rest, I've got nothing left within me.

  61. Dave Sharpe

    Could be the best chorus of all time, I've been drinking to remember I've been drinking to forget I've got I love you on my mind I've got Jim Beam on my breath, and loneliness has got the rest, I've got nothing left. If you've ever lost someone that chorus is awesome

  62. Cece Camp

    my dad is a big fan of you

  63. Free Agent Ross

    This is the way Hank Sr. did it.

  64. Aaron Vancura

    So many great parts about this song, but listen to that steel guitar cry!

  65. Russ Brewer

    Maybe it is the whiskey?

  66. dirty

    Eric church is a sell out piece of shit

  67. Iñaki Cabeza

    My perfect Song in Red Dead Redemption 2

  68. John haworth

    Go to a concert of this clown, and you will see a hippie on stage pushing beer sales and the fuckin volume is so loud only young drunks enjoy it. A true clown.

  69. Andrew Sandlin

    Sorry Cody you cant follow "The pattern" and be a country great. better than some of these limp wristed fellas though

  70. Stacy Hazzard

    This song has quickly become a favorite. I'm on the verge of obsession with Cody's music!

  71. Jasmine Covington

    THE best song everrrrr

  72. Cynthia Caudill

    When I ask my kids what they want to listen to....the whiskey song 😊

  73. Trevor Harris

    Words don't explain how this song tickles my good feels. Can't get enough.

  74. JC Edwards

    more pop country

  75. JD Smith

    Another great, keep it up!!!

  76. that guy

    anyone a tad annoyed by the claps? A good song nonetheless

  77. Dr. Ns

    The 1000 people that disliked can go pound fucking sand

  78. Cole Maples

    Country gold

  79. Air Force 1

    Everyone: i love country

    Me: you don’t know what country is

  80. Scott Murphy

    I fell in love with Cody's music after loud and heavy

  81. Me Skippy

    Don't hear Country Music on the Radio like this in Kansas City Missouri! Thanks Cody ! Keep it up !

    Veritas Aequitas

    No.. brother is Skippy

  82. Bashking_RC

    I’m Mexican and I love country I work in construction with a whole lot of other Mexican they always look at me weird but I don’t give a dam!!

    Veritas Aequitas

    Keep practicing


    Bart icus keep practicing what??

  83. jack of all trades

    Oh and frank foster for sure

  84. jack of all trades

    Oh trace Adkins

  85. Jax 205

    1.6k dislikes from billy ray Cyrus fans

  86. Shawn Filburn

    Real country !!

  87. Joe Longueira

    Must be the whiskey

    Veritas Aequitas

    Has to be...

  88. Strutter 78


  89. bevy bear

    Thanks Cody.. brought me back where I belong
    ❤️ from Texas

  90. Lee Parra

    YouTube gets me!
    Have no clue who this cody jinks is but I'm a new fan!

  91. katwell115

    Love your music

  92. Tonnja Braden

    Love this man. Love his old stuff, love his new stuff. Ive got over 1000 songs on my favorite playlist and he is # 1 , #4, #6, #8. I love turning my friends on to him, and getting a text a month later saying he's now their very favorite

  93. michael may

    Cody, this is coming from a homesick Texan..... If there ever was a Dallas / Ft. Worth sound you have it! You really are the Texan living inside of me. Thank you Jesus for giving you such talent I live every beat of every song. Don't change a thing.

  94. Brandon Miller

    This is the way country should be. Songs that can tell the stories of your life, theres a song out there for every moment in one's life.

  95. MX Earl

    Best friend of mine introduced me to this great country singer after years of hard times. He said it reminded him of me. That meant the most.

  96. Tim G

    On a facebook group called American outlaws and they inttoduced me to Cody's music.

  97. David Drajr

    I love this guy...glad I stumbled upon him by accident. Sometimes youtube algorithms work .

  98. Sherri Pullar

    Come to Bellingham, Washington ❤️

  99. Mari Lena