Jimmy Durante - I'll See You In My Dreams Lyrics

I'll see you in my dreams
Hold you in my dreams
Someone took you out of my arms
Still I feel the thrill of your charms

Lips that once were mine
Tender eyes that shine
They will light my way tonight
I'll see you in my dreams

Lips that once were mine
Tender eyes that shine
They will light my way tonight
Goodnight Mrs. Kalabash, wherever you are

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Jimmy Durante I'll See You In My Dreams Comments
  1. Blue Clouds

    I see you in my dreams.
    You don't see me in your reality.

  2. Siren851

    Ya' gotta love this guy.

  3. macq56

    Yes Dad I see you my dreams often I wish i could have told you how much I loved you and what you meant to me. You were my hero

  4. Rick Mays

    You this guy!!!!! What a distinctive voice.....miss ya Jimmy.....good nite Mrs. CALLABASH wherever you are!!!!!!!!

  5. AS1313

    Sure there a better singers but I would still like to hear jimmy. He had delivery and personality. What a character he was. Everyone including me loved him. A greater showman than he was would be hard to find

  6. Breach98

    I lost a dear friend of mine to cancer not too long ago. I think about her constantly. R.I.P. Dearest Amy

  7. thedealer777

    I remember an old Durante joke: I went into a diner, sat down and ordered a meal. Then I looked up, and saw a sign. It said, "Watch your hat and coat." So, I watched my hat and coat, when I looked down ...SOMEBODY stole my meal!

  8. Luc Clymans

    I like much

  9. Stephen Fox

    I cried tonight too. 10 years since my wife died

  10. Arthur Rafferty

    Simply brilliant

  11. Thomas Holland

    The Old Ones Are The Best Ones

  12. Susan Donovan

    For my sweetheart who passed way ten months ago, I play this hoping you will come back to me in my dreams. Miss you my love. Forever...............

  13. Franki Deluna

    My father remade this song in the 1940’s and the other side was Besame Mucho. Wish we had some history on that.

  14. dalurin zinia

    for some reason, i felt very sentimental while listening to this song.....i never have a girlfriend before, and heck i just felt like crying while listening to this song, beautiful song

  15. Margaret Drew

    Thank you for putting this video on utube I would imagine he was a lovely guy

  16. Ivan Sanofi boca


  17. oliverdottie

    I still dance with my Mom every time I hear this song, even though she's been gone 9 years.

  18. Michael Kayfes

    Goodnight Mrs. Kayfes, wherever you are <3 <3 <3

  19. Daniel Nazario

    I know the feeling. l lost my precious diamond. she didn't pass, but the day she said goodbye man I lost it. my heart has never been the same. I'm so sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you

  20. Roy Davenport

    beautiful Thanks for posting

  21. Simon Welburn

    Just a gorgeous song with great sentiment.

  22. Sonia Lilavois

    Beautiful song! now I can sing this song to my late brother who I love dearly, he has been with our Creator for the past 35 years, but I still miss him <3

  23. yolanda ferrer canessa

    Me encanta su voz.

  24. Kameron Haney

    This guy. I cried even though I haven't lost anyone dear to me yet. Such a great song.

  25. Justin Stovall

    beauty doesn't always have to be pretty

  26. Deborah Creamer

    My late Father loved this tune , we played it at his funeral by Joe Brown , but this version is like he's talking to me.

  27. Robert Carter

    I remember him so well////// what an entertainer,,,,,,,

  28. patchreefs

    Charles Rasso May your dreams come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. X X

    crying so much can hardly see the keyboard ! the way he could sell a song ! sooooooooo great !

    Egbert Souce

    xx xx........I can be, at times, but I wasn't trying to be this time. And I wasn't trying to put down any singer, either, especially The Schnozz !!!

    X X

    I know - didn't think you meant any ill will ! - this song has to be 100 years old - it's nice to know it's still listened to and appreciated

    Egbert Souce

    xx xx.......Maybe only about 93--but who's counting ??!! You might want to listen to Cliff Edwards or Marion Harris, if you haven't already !! Signing off for tonight......Cheers !

    X X

    Thanks !

    X X

    love them all - have a good night / day

  30. maureen1938

    Down Memory Lane we go again with this lovely oldie.....Thank you for sharing this with us on here.

  31. Charles Rasso

    to anyone who has lost a love one- like a spouse-this song is very true my wife passed away 23 years ago and I heard this song on xm radio today while driving -I pulled over and cried.I love my new wife and kids but still have dreams of her now and then.till we meet again- rest in peace

    clarence fender

    Can really empathize with you. My wife passed away after fifty-six of marriage in 2011 and any little thing makes me cry.

    Johannes van Hoek

    Charles Rasso I also look forward to seeing my beautiful wife once again that I lost 7 years ago to cancer , still can't get over it and move forward , I know your feeling Bro and I'm glad you've somewhat moved on , may God be with you and your family 😊

    Johannes van Hoek

    clarence fender I still cry as well for my wife ,, what a horrible emotion to have to deal with 😪

    Robert Gillis

    I know exactly how you feel - lost my wife 26 years ago and have remarried also. Still think of her - as they say love never dies.

    Donna Mutter

    Charles Rasso I lost my husband after 61 years of marriage in 2018. I’m too old to forget so I’ll keep remembering until we meet again. With songs like this.

  32. Edy TJ

    Two mysteries I would love to understand: our bonding with birds (my favorite creatures next to human babies) and other animals, and the stuff that dreams are made of.  Oh, the stories I could tell about dreams!  Could it be the Lord speaking to us through the treasures we carry in our heart?


    God do not exist

    Edy TJ

    @daark77 Oh, but He does; you just haven't met Him, yet. :)

  33. Ernest Lundy

    Another golden Oldie from Jimmy. Very old but never loses the true meaning, the nostalgia in remembering old times and loved ones no longer with us. Great Mr Durante!

  34. Flipdrivel

    How can such a piece of lightweight hokum be such a tear-jerker? Yet it is. Probably we all have a Mrs Calabash.

    Karnan Nirmalathasan

    Flipdrivel because it is a beautifully written song by masters of their craft.

  35. Jeff Lipinski

    Jimmy knows where
    Miss Calabash  is now..

  36. John Barone

    Jimmy Durante was born on the Lower East Side of New York City, in the Italian section. He played the toughest clubs in the toughest neighborhoods in New York. It was said that he lit up the joint as soon as he walked on. He was the consummate entertainer.

    Phil Jon

    John Barone Wonder if he ever met Don Rickles? 🎙️

  37. tricky dick

    Is he playing the piano as well?


    tricky dick he did play it, not sue of this rendition he did.

  38. Curious Tinkering

    I feel his pain!

  39. Louie Powers

    awesome i love this song

  40. Jasmine Ghojehvand

    My pleasure. My condolences for your loss.

  41. Maria Panlilio

    One of my favorite words - - - whenever I feel in love :)

  42. jim gibson

    Beau, This is for you.Still miss and love you so much xx

  43. Peter Blain

    Tear jerking,,, Thanks.

  44. pl467

    thanks for the upload. Brilliant song, played this at my dad's funeral.

  45. Chuck Turner

    Sounds like HIMSELF on the piano!!!!

  46. Jasmine Ghojehvand

    you're welcome, thanks for stopping by!

  47. Julie Hooper

    Thanks you, so beautiful xx

  48. D Berube

    Thank you for posting this video of this legendary star.