Jimmy Durante - As Time Goes By Lyrics

You must remember this,
A kiss is just a kiss,
A sigh is just a sigh,
The fundamental things apply,
As time goes by.

And when two lovers woo,
They still say "I love you,"
On that you can rely,
No matter what the future brings,
As time goes by.

Moonlight and love songs,
Never out of date,
Hearts full of passion,
Jealousy and hate,
Woman need man, and man must have his mate,
That no one can deny.

It's still the same old story,
A fight for love and glory,
A case of do or die,
The world will always welcome lovers,
As time goes by.

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Jimmy Durante As Time Goes By Comments
  1. Russell Kerkoven

    Love this music.

  2. ricardo simon


  3. Max Forrest's Indie Comedy Shit Show!

    i lost my virginity to this song

  4. Nancy Silva

    Amo el pollo

  5. lol

    Jimmy did it all he met 2 president had a wife and grand kids

  6. Plastic Bucket

    I'm surprised he had anything to do with Sinatra . B

  7. andy thompson

    The sad 67 (at this count) Get a grip people, if you don't like this dont listen to it, do one and when you're done one do anther one! Missing you already....

  8. Stephen Hudson

    Classic. Just heard this on BBC Radio 2 🇬🇧

  9. Dario Tessone

    Great Jimmy, Keep it up!!

  10. Bonnie Gentry

    I am so lucky to have been a kid in the 60's and be able to see him perform on Jack Benny and The Ed Sullivan Show.. I so enjoyed him.

  11. PikaBuu

    The beauty of the song can't be described,Rest In Peace Jim

  12. michael woods

    Jimmy Durante was multi talented he could sing dance and act also make people laugh God rest his soul.

  13. Linh Hanh Le

    Sleepless in Seattle, anyone? ❤️❤️

  14. Lespatriotes

    Hopefully they stick this song in the joker movie somewhere

  15. Ronald Cammarata

    Jimmy Durante, of Clayton, Jackson and Durante fame. A real professional entertainer.

  16. Craig Foye

    "Sleepless in Seattle" brought us here!!!

  17. Amber Lopez

    i saw the Swooner Crooner cartoon by Porky Pig and i immedietly tried to find the music from it . IM SO GLAD I DID

  18. Steven Torrey

    It is a sad song and Jimmy Durante wrenches even more pathos from it.

  19. Macushla XOXO

    I miss you more and more as time goes by

  20. Soniya Verma

    Sleepless in Seattle brought me here. Such a classy song , love it.

  21. Willard Tindall

    they don't make music like that any more.this was music.

  22. Wayne Ellis

    Beautiful!....I was definitely born too late!

  23. Marta Loving

    Wow. Love it

  24. Angela Sargent

    can anyone tell me what this song means ?

  25. Winston Elston

    A talented performer, a touching rendition of a favorite song, and a nostalgic tear. "Goodnight, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are!"

  26. Frank McNamee

    He sang frosty the snowman

  27. Pearl Caster

    I do miss this guy; I am well past three score and ten. As a young boy, and as a young man, I felt JD was a hokey embarassment to the entainment wortld. He wasn't; I now appreciate him and his renditions of these feeling lyrics.

  28. LifzTrippy

    Ugh this generation will never have the same songs as back in the day R.I.P this great singer

  29. Shirley Martin

    Now this is real music, it lites memories of your mind. Because memories are made in a second but lasts forever.

  30. Ivan Sanofi boca


  31. ruandted

    Loved yuh sixty years ago Jimmy , and nuttins changed , as time goes by . RIP

  32. Gary Vuorela

    Great classic,by the late Jimmy Durante

  33. Purple Melody (ColumineMiette)

    Such a beautiful song. :)

  34. pat anderson

    this is such a wonderful
    sentiment tune.

  35. valdo elisio de souza

    simplesmente maravilhoso.... epoca que deixou saudades

  36. jimmy lane

    my all time favor version , better than frank sinatra" the voice"

  37. Saul Brito

    love this song😭❤

  38. C Dream

    Tombstones can't tell the stories of life; they just mark the end of it. But nothing can mark the beginning of life. How can an unknown start end on a known stone?

  39. ken d

    S'funny, pretty much anybody who ever sang a song had a better voice, but nobody ever SANG better! EVER!

  40. Harvey Grant

    Perfect Wedding Song.

  41. Bob Lucore

    Goodnight Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are...

  42. John Barone

    It was our wedding song in 1975. "The world will always welcome lovers as time goes by"

  43. Tom Hodges

    Great pictures!

  44. Pete Jefferson

    Jimmy was great. Watched him during the 50's.

  45. N F

    so relaxing to listen.

  46. Jim Carlini

    Jimmy's a great  edifice of entertainment, laughter, love, and good times. We could all use a bit of what Jimmy had to offer.

  47. Og Jrock

    anyone know the year this song was released?

    Jeremy Teng

    1964 is the earliest I can find it on any of his albums.

  48. Ismael Santana

    seria perfeito na versão de MANOWAR

  49. vipdesigninc

    a beautiful song if you like it then your ok in my book

    Måns Odhammer

    I LOVE it, how about that?

  50. TheRatshooter

    Don't make fun of Jimmy's nose, wouldn't you like to have it full of nickels??... Seriously, Jimmy was a journeyman piano player in his time. Pretty amazing, considering that his finger were like his nose... When I was young, he was on TV a lot, I loved him as a kid. His voice, never the best was mostly gone then. However, he had something That made people love him. Warmth and character. Bless you Jimmy, RIP.

  51. thais alves

    Helena and Miguel from laços de família- Brazil 😍❤️

  52. janette reinhart

    I just love it

  53. Rephael Rechitzky

    God Jimmy, you have just made my day. Nothing else like this. This is what a great artist is all about.

  54. Cavecricket1

    Whenever I hear this song I can picture Bogie ( Rick ) saying........"here's looking at you kid"

  55. Ellen Rosenblatt

    wow - superlative songwriting/

  56. Jessica Gallagher

    Your in my Blood my Love your Love beats thru me like a raging river time stands still and I can see forever in your eyes. 19 years my love has flown by all to fast let's take our time and cherish every day we have left on this earth ❇🌎 together for eternity 💏

    Jessica Gallagher

    @pdjerrett47 get a life loser

    mr. warmth

    +Jessica Gallagher wise words thats how i live im 71

    john bartram Brooks

    The world would be nicer without you, Mr. foul mouth.

    John Asquith

    jo stafford
    blue moon

    John Asquith

    qYair Gaitan gaitan

  57. John Milner

    What happened to us as people? I was most definitely born in the wrong time.

    Nolan of Fultz

    +Adriana The entirety of the human race made do without the technology we have now since its creation up until only a few decades ago. Had he been born in that generation, he would have been fine, and probably would think that it couldn't get any better as far as invention/technology is concerned - which is the case with the majority of people regardless of time period.

    Jeffrey Florentine

    I agree.

    chris colgan

    John Milner same as john😊

    Phil Jon

    Feel the same.

  58. Anonym88 88

    I miss the 50's and 60's

  59. Aaron Tigris


  60. Jim Kahn

    Jimmy...Thank you, Mr. Durante, where ever you are! :)

    Robert Soskis

    Not in our hearts and minds.


    i wish he was in dead in our minds. he really sucked.

    Harvey Grant

    jbond5150 How are you going to come here and listen to this man's music and say "he sucks"? how about not listening to his music, if you think that about him. You are probably one of those young idiots that listen to this new bullshit, and mistake it for real music, Jimmy was and still is the man!

    Barbara Woodward

    @Jim Kahn Good night Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are!

  61. Halfaxa

    Достойный кавер.

  62. michael jonn

    For those 29 people that dislike this song : You must be the most boring persons in this world !! I feel sorry for you.

    Gwen Geijteman

    michael jonn i am 16 and i like this 😀

    Fedp 50

    @Gwen Geijteman nobody cares

    Gwen Geijteman

    @Fedp 50 and i dont care what you think

    Fedp 50

    @Gwen Geijteman im a fetus and i like this

  63. Caroline StClair

    I must have been just a baby in my crib when I first heard this song.  I sure like it.

  64. 28Jaywolf

    Happy New Year guys!!

  65. steven Satalio

    joseph, no, you're right.  a Christmas song would have been great,  not really sure if one was made.


    Frosty the Snowman . .ever hear of it?  or are you just trollin ?

  66. Carolyn Rao

    Wonderful ,they don't make them like this anymore. He sang from the heart

  67. Joe Damon

    Am I the only one who thinks this person should've sang a christmas song!


    Yeah, it's called Frosty the Snowman

    Ellen W

    +Joseph Damon This person??? Do yourself a favor & watch all his videos. Maybe even hit Google for this very legendary "person." And yup...jdloco.....Frosty it is :)

    Phil Jon

    Frosty the Snowman. 🎶🎵🎼🎉🎄🎁

  68. Keeley Burrell

    :-) enough said.

  69. James Rennie

    Sleepless in South Florida, love this song

  70. Eddie C Allman

    Here's looking at you kid!!-Thank you Jimmy Durante!!! your version of this song WAS the best.!! 

  71. Philip Thomas

    Yes, a great talent. Pretty much forgotten now, sadly.

    Eddie C Allman

    I miss all the great talent's of the 40's and 50's. What a great time!!, that it was to be young!! Yes very sad indeed. Will the USA every return to a romantic, calm, and simply time again....:(

    Ty Webb

    @Eddie C Allman His career spans much farther back from the 40's! some of his best movies are from the early 30's :P

    Kezia Ratna

    That is also the era of racism and queer-phobia, so...

    john bartram Brooks

    Not so, I remember the 30s and 40s very well. It''s  just that people did not scream " look at me , I'm different ".:

    Lord O' Shower

    lenny mcready And of course we no longer have those things today, right? I’d trade the past for our screwed up corporate owned present

  72. Ernest Lundy


  73. Thomas Davis

    Love ya, Jimmy.  Glad I got to see him on live TV.

  74. H Nieves

    Jimmy was one of the most beloved figures in entertainment. After the death of his first wife he remarried and the couple attempted to adopt. The Department of Adoptions refused to allow him to adopt due to his age (67). It made the front pages and there was an uproar by his adoring public (all of L.A.). He was finally allowed to adopt a daughter who lived to be 90 and gave him two grandchildren. He is one of the few Hollywood legends that everyone loved. 


    Due to the movie "Sleepless in Seattle", I came to know Jimmy.  I really love his song of 'Make Someone Happy'.  It is touching and happy.

  75. drmularkey

    Waxing nostalgic, my mom sang all these songs when I was a lad.  She sang just like Jimmy, and was a a great comedienne, I'll Be seeing you Jimmy and Mom, one fine day when I get to Heaven.

  76. Denise Assef Saldanha da Silva Saldanha

    Beautiful memories ! :)

  77. Joseph Herring

    Good night Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.

  78. Edith Dodds

    I love this. I laugh lovingly through my tears because this is REAl music. I'm knowing my generation disappoints me with all the crazy.

  79. Steinwaygrande

    Yes Rebecca I have to agree with you. What is out there now is total rubbish and not even worth listening to. This is what music is all about. It never dates.

  80. broadwayFan28

    Missing old JD tonight as I listen to his tunes.

  81. broadwayFan28

    Thanks Jimmy, your schnozzle made mine feel just a bit better.

  82. jaime martinez

    i love you jimmy

  83. blueserenity7

    I'm not in love with anyone, but I already know that this is my wedding song. Not up for negotiation

  84. Michael Anderson

    Just rewatched Sleepless in Seattle. Beautiful song/rendition. Nothing beats the classics :)

  85. Rebecca Jones

    Music like this actually brings tears to my eyes. You just can't compare it to the music out today, (which is sadly, my generation) - this is real music.

  86. barrie mcisaac

    god bless mrs callabash

  87. Romeowasbleeding1

    Dooley Wilsons version is best in my opinion :)

  88. Don Wettig

    hey Jimmy, do you mind if I stand under your nose, until it stops raining.?

  89. wolfsige

    Splendid rendition

  90. JudyGarlandRulez152

    Thank you! You take care as well.

  91. bluevenusgirl

    His version is the best :) ..in my opinion

  92. Samantha Paige Terry

    My taste in REAL talent brought me here :)

  93. JudyGarlandRulez152

    I wish I grew up in this era. Love the movies, the music, everything. I'm 18! :D

  94. SOL1776

    I cant agree more..Talent was real talent not because you were a moron with some sextape or disfunction.Men were men and woman were women,its slippin away fast..

  95. jocrobro

    Ingrid Bergman...Look it up, you've got a computer!

  96. Josiah LeCompte

    Don't mean to be this guy....But that is MOST DEFINITELY Lauren Bacall, NOT Ingrid Bergman. You had it right the first time. As much as I would love it to be...it's just not Ingrid. It's the Bogey/Bacall -- Cinema's best marriage (in my opinion).