Jimmy Buffett - Treetop Flyer Lyrics

I could be a rambler from the seven dials
I don't pay taxes 'cause I never file
I don't do bid'ness that don't make me smile
I love my aeroplane 'cause she's got style

I'm a treetop flyer
Treetop flyer

I fly any cargo that you can pay to run
The bush league pilots, they just can't get the job done
You've got to fly down the canyon, don't never see the sun
There's no such thing as an easy run

I'm a treetop flyer
Treetop flyer

I fly low, I'm in high demand
Go 15 feet over the rio grande
I blow the mesquite right up off the sand
I'm seldon seen, 'specially when I land

I'm a treetop flyer
Born survivor

Now people been askin' me where'd you learn to fly that way
Was over in vietnam, chasin' the nva
The government taught me, and they taught me right
Stay down below the treeline and you'll be alright

I'm a treetop flyer
Born survivor

So I'm comin' home, I'm runnin' low and fast
Promised my woman this is gonna be my last
I get the ship down, I tie her fast
And then some old boy wakes up, and he says, "hey son,
Wanna make some fast cash? "

I'm a treetop flyer

Well there's things I am
And there's things I am not
Yes I'm a smuggler and I could get shot
I ain't gonna die, I ain't going to get caught
You see I'm a flying fool, and this aeroplane is, whoo, hot

I'm a treetop flyer
Born survivor
Workin' alone

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Jimmy Buffett Treetop Flyer Comments
  1. Shane Nelson

    Ice cold Corona with lemon, fat joint, and a sunset on the deck. This is how I enjoy this song, every time.

  2. richgs76

    Ah,reminds me of the not so good good old days fixing tree top flyers aircraft at Homestead General Airfield south of Miami..

  3. Cliff Vetter

    One of Jimmy's best.

  4. Jj Babs


  5. jimmy martin

    footage..dude can fly, music hard pass

  6. Tito Bandito

    Does anyone have a tab for this or instructional video?


    Look up the Stephen Stills version, lots of videos

  7. Fred Pohl

    I give noth equeal billing

  8. Marshall Kopfer

    Great song

  9. Daniel Stienkeoway

    Awesome song.

  10. Logan Stanforth

    He wrote a book that goes along with several of the songs in this album, I read it about 20 years ago as a kid. His books are pretty good.

  11. Marc Rod

    Nice version, even with keys , bass & drums

  12. Carlos Sosa

    I like this raw version of Jymmi

  13. Donna Frost


  14. S B


  15. Cathy Moore

    Wow.  Just,  wow...

  16. SLB94

    I might actually like this better than the stills version.

  17. Moopse101

    ill kill you boy, you think you're fronting, ill destroy you anyday, don't mess because you should know what's good for you, you've been served you punk ass BITCH, that's enough.

  18. jennifer farley

    both are good but stills is better

    Marc Carico

    I agree , stills is best... Born survivor.

  19. TacoJim

    So mellow. This always calms me down when I'm in a shitty mood.

  20. Van Emard

    gay ass bitch ill kill you

  21. justin hale

    Stills,Stills,Stills,!! This is good, but come on! I know its just my opinion, but its the only one I can count on! hahaha.

  22. hankman3

    Parrot Head for life

  23. Gale Gregory


  24. Fishyscrubz

    i grew up on the buffet version, but now i love the stills version better

  25. Fishyscrubz

    omg thank you for posting teh buffet version, thank you thank you teh r0xx0rz

  26. nickinky

    I grew up on the S. Stills version, but like this one equally well. Good song fishing on the boat...

  27. KnobGoblin

    really late but thanks glad you liked it.

  28. Coco Chanelleke

    I tend to take people seriously 1Gaumer.
    Do you do that, too?
    Well, after I listened again I certainly couldn´t tell the difference in clarity and straight deliverance of Tree Top Flyer between Stills and Buffet. After listening again, I prefer Stills.
    Besides, I would be interested to hear or read about what you think about "Amelia" by Joni Mitchell. I certainly would. Fare the well from The Netherlands.

  29. Coco Chanelleke

    response to 1gaumer:
    i could not appreciate the couple of j. buffet public appearances i looked up, except the one you made me aware of: tree top flyer. brilliant.
    thanks and fare the well.

  30. Coco Chanelleke

    1Gaumer - sent you an answer earlier, don´t know whether it got through to you - this one is to say that I agree with you completely on the version you made me aware of. And I wish you and yours all the best. And to thank you very much.

  31. Coco Chanelleke

    Hang on dear, thanks for your reaction, am listening to that version right now.
    Am responding from Europe, didn´t sleep last night for other reasons.

  32. KnobGoblin

    its jimmy buffett its the hidden track.
    Album: banana wind
    song: last 6 min or so of false echoes

  33. Coco Chanelleke

    Like this version very much, who is it by?

  34. lostlyrics

    first got to get used to the slow drive a bit
    but I think it's hot :)

  35. KnobGoblin

    buffets version is so much better