Jimmy Barnes - Attention Lyrics

We don’t seem to talk much anymore
It’s getting to hard to egnore
Silence taken place of the words before

If I’d only payed attention
If I’d only heard the call
Even with my good intentions
And somehow I still let you fall

Maybe now you’ll have to face the truth
Well the writings there for the world to see
We could be strangers starting out a new

If you’d only payed attention
Instead of waitin’ for the past
We had it all in our posetion
Still we didn’t make it last

Maybe we could wash it all away
Just like foot prints in the sand
If we could only start it all again
Find a way to understand

Could have been with me baby

If we’d only paid attention
There was truth between the lies
We were trying to find perfection
Instead of leaving love behind

Nothings gonna last for ever
Let’s just never start
We couldn’t save too stormy weather
Stealing time to touch the sun

And if we’d only payed attention
If we’d only payed attention
If only
If only
If only only only
If we only payed attention
Sometimes I wonder what would happen
If we payed attention

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