Jimi Hendrix - Radio One Lyrics

'We got a radio drink up for ya, ok. ok here we go it's name radio one your the one for me.'
1 2 3 4
Radio one
Your the only one, for me
Just turn that dial
Make the music worth while
Radio one
You stole my gal
But I love ya just the same

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Jimi Hendrix Radio One Comments
  1. YANHAP1

    be nice to have the complete track

  2. Dwaun Thomas

    I was always looking for unreleased stuff and I found this album, I was lookin' for some raw Catfish Blues and Voodoo Chile (Mid 90's) and I heard this improvised jam. It elevated what and who he is to me. And it also inroduced me to a genre of music that I love to this day. Heavy Metal and Punk Rock. I don't think he realized the impact he was making on the music world.But then again the best influencers in the world dont have to try. Rock on Jimi.

  3. Elmore van dodewaard

    That amazing heavy(metal) Strat sound. Hendrix`s improvising talent. You can hear the fun they had.

  4. bcsorensenman

    Even just messing around, the master of the Stratocaster, the greatest guitarist I've ever heard, sounds like magic and lighting in a studio and better than all the crap music coming out today. The world will never know what it had with this man, and we are all the losers for him being taken so young. RIP mr. Hendrix, still listening because I haven't heard anything better since discovering you.


    I haven't been able to find anything better, either

    #Hesch tag

    Me neither because there is nothing better. Jimi was a genius, simple as that. People can lock themselves up for years, start at the age of three but nobody has that degree of uniqueness that he had. There will never be another one like him.

  5. Tom Bergere

    Thats Hendrix`s "white voice/accent" ; When I heard this album I became a born-again Hendrix fanatic because it was freakin` off the chain awesome!

    michel Guevara

    nah mate, that's his London accent after fooling about with all sorts of loonies in Earl's Court

  6. Danny Hood

    I heard this on Hendrix documentary 'the man they made God' Had no idea jimi actually played this song it was never mentioned just background music, for London radio i thought interesting because it was heavy in London during 60s.