Jimi Hendrix - Killing Floor Lyrics

I should of quit you
A long time ago
I should of quit you baby
A long time ago
But you got me messin' round with you baby
You got me cryin' on a killin' floor, yeah
If I don't fallow, yeah
My first mind
If I don't fallow pretty baby
My first mind
I would have been gone since my second time
Lord knows, right now
I should've been gone
Lord knows, I should've been gone
You got me messin' round with you baby
You got me cryin' on a killin' floor
Yeah, thats all
Ooh, you got me cryin' baby
Ohh, you got me cryin'

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Jimi Hendrix Killing Floor Comments
  1. Dave


  2. Maurice

    Oh lord, this is soooooo good. Love ya,Jimi, Noel and Mitch.

  3. a. danish

    My forearm detached after watching this video

  4. a. danish

    Can you give me the strumming pattern of the intro of the song?

  5. Richard James Kemp

    Icebergs aren't as cool as that fucking intro. You'll always be my hero Jimi.

  6. angel .D

    a brief history tip when Nietzche said: "God is dead" he was actually referring to this

  7. Jack Maynard

    people often ask me ''what thing would i most like to smash up onstage''?

    my answer is always ; pete townshend.

  8. VC1

    Fuck yeah!

  9. AñaZ MetaL

    Un dia que Erick Clapton no sabia del tema...

  10. Count William Jannusch

    Totally awesome. I love Jimi forever..

  11. Brad Melgarejo

    as you can see fellow mortals this is what you call a "guitar god"

  12. ebony rose woods

    He was a Deity of pure Rock & Roll!

  13. President Donald Trump

    These lyrics are in the lemon song, and squeeze my lemon comes from travelling riverside blues

  14. Ian P

    Deadly intro. Absolutely deadly.

  15. Daniel Merida

    the songs by howlin wolf

  16. moserr11

    covering for his brother

  17. Mateo Gaeta

    this shit is ass

  18. ApollosRevival

    Greatest rhythm guitarist in the history of the planet Earth

  19. Jeff Taylor


  20. Special Bike

    Un máster de la guitarra.

  21. Marlboro Roquentin

    Killing Clapton

  22. Raymond Donnelly

    Geddy lee creeping in the background 🤣 this is how you need to start the day. It’s about to be 2020, I’m waiting for 1968 to roll around again bitch. Take a hit of weed out of respect

  23. Skwaktopus133

    I'm Perfectly Fine Knowing God Is A Black Man Who Plays Guitar With His Left Hand

    Raymond Donnelly


  24. Andrew Mulligan

    I've just been blown away again listening to this amazing track I think his music will still be herd for many years to come

  25. Austin Ranalli

    The rhythm section of this band doesn't get enough credit. I mean, how could they though? With a man like Jimi Hendrix playing the guitar, the first 30 seconds are like some sort of sorcery and the guitar is just an extension of his own body.

  26. Jimmy Biggums

    “We haven’t played for about two weeks so we’re just gonna jam, hope you don’t mind.... not like you would notice anyway”

  27. XHMicky FM

    *death brain (gh3)*

  28. Miglior Store

    Meglio passare il tempo in un bordello a sbattermi minorenni finchè crepo piuttosto che fare i conti con dei pagliacci burattinai convinti di fare brutto con due fili elettrici, un po' di parlantina ed un esercito di nani e ballerine. Decisamente meglio.

  29. Lauren S

    I play guitar and I will always aspire to have the skills the legend of a man had always gone to soon imagine the music he would have made

  30. Bob Bailey

    Shoulda been called "Killing Clapton" lol

  31. Jonny Weiss

    Killer Jimmy! “American Invasion.” Jonny Weiss Highway to America. Email defunct. Maxed out on Facebook Friends.... Lewisville, TX

  32. Kevan Mathy

    Would have been 77 today

  33. Miglior Store

    I will never play like this... but I can recognize in his face so many facial expressions of mine (at least in the past, when I thought to be free). Long ago I envied him for his skills as guitarist, now, watching this video, I envy him for the fun he seems to have while his mind go tripping without troubles and his body is filled with divine coordination.
    What a performance.

  34. Mike Goin

    Happy birthday to the legend

  35. Triumph1420

    Mono Sound in Black & White what do need more?

  36. Tommy Lee

    50 years since he passed, and yet his music still lives on.

  37. Ruben Durves

    The day Jimmy killed God

  38. SuperLordHawHaw

    Damn, when that bass kicks in at 0:35

  39. Jon Morgan

    The Hendrix met Clapton.

  40. November

    So help me God I'm going to learn how to play that riff at :25

    Kathy Vandusen

    Good luck,your going to need it.

  41. TheRealGrandadNo1

    Clapton, eat your heart out and learn from a master

  42. Gabriel Rosenberger

    I wish the guy would tune the guitar before he played.


    he bends it in tune

  43. Rhythmicons

    1.25 is probably a more accurate speed hah.

  44. James Norton

    The day Hendricks killed god

  45. Nathan Hardee


  46. R.C. Hamilton

    Probably the cleanest I've ever heard or seen Jimi played. The thing that blows my mind is how he can be doing 3 or more things with his gutair at the same time and make them sou.d as one. No one does this and he showed the way on it. Just to damn hard. This is why I consider him more an innovator and teacher than anything else associated with his name. He was doing things no one to this day are doing, not even SRV would try it and I think SRV is the better player. I mean SRV could do it but not to the level Jimi did. Jimi was playing 3 songs in one. The acoustic 12 string gutair session Jimi did showcased this ability and even Jimi struggled with it sometimes and would have to start over because he was still perfecting it. Smh... Crazy!

  47. Kevin Etherington

    No wonder EC didn't want to step up after this guy! His rhythm and lead playing were so tight....at the same time!

    Be cool Gaming

    Just can't imagine this guy playing on stage just being before my turn to be on stage i would rather end up playing happy birthday

  48. Jonathon Barberio

    People like comparing Jimmie to Clapton. Jimmie could never play like Clapton, likewise Clapton could never play like Jimmie. They don't have to be in opposition. Enjoy both for what they tried to be.

    The Shape

    I agree. Their styles are so different that it's an apples vs oranges comparison.

    Gabriel Rosenberger

    @The Shape It depends on the kind of apple.


    This is facts

    N'Ghandi Hede

    God can "play like" anybody. Enter Jimi Hendrix 💋💋💋🎶💋💋💋

    Nathan Robinson

    Sure. But Clapton knew Jimi was the better musician/soloist and considered him a friendly rival.

  49. Jonathon Barberio

    "Eric was a great guitar player. Jimmie was a force of nature"

    S550 Danny

    Jonathon Barberio it’s fucking “Jimi” who the fuck spells it “Jimmie” what the fuck

    Vic Sánchez

    Jack Bruce said that 😮

  50. Cide Hamete

    Eric Clapton ha abandonado el chat

  51. littlecasino 2004

    Jimi didnt die. He just lwft because Jesus needed guitar lessons

  52. cupurro

    Led Zep also recorded this one but with another name....LEMMON SONG


    In my opinion the best version of the song

  53. Mr Bee

    Better played faster


    i couldnt agree more mr bee

  54. Prince Luci

    They say Manson killed the 60’s but with the death of Hendrix so to died the spirit of the 60’s. May he forever rock in this intergalactic space journey.

  55. KitKatCat 44

    This as RAW as you are ever going to fucking get!!!!!

  56. Rick Via

    A spin on the 12-bar tune. One of the 1st tunes Clapton heard Jimi play - "...pretty much the way Howlin' Wolf did it".

  57. Andriy Shevchenko

    Imagine Jimi Hendrix , John Bohnam and Lemmy Kilmister in a single band

    Prince Luci

    Andriy Shevchenko Freddie Mercury on vocals and piano?

    Andriy Shevchenko

    @Prince Luci for sure👍


    Lemmy had once been Jimi's roadie

  58. Frederick Conley


  59. Deep South

    I was 60 yrs old when I first heard this song


    How old are you now?

    Baxter Knievel

    I was 20 when i heard this now im 22


    @Baxter Knievel Didn't ask you but okay

    Baxter Knievel

    @「Pinorska」 nevermind dude ,but that was a reply to deep south


    @Baxter Knievel Oh, I'm stupid xd

  60. eric wharton

    Rest in Peace you beautiful Freak of nature, 49 years ago today

  61. adel huzejrovic

    Bassist using a pick, what a shame


    Yeah totally ruins it doesn't he.......

  62. Michael Etheridge

    He was a beast. I mean what else could be said?


    so much to say

  63. Sebastián Andrés Soto Salas


  64. Jammy

    what was the round thing on the headstock?

    Michael Etheridge

    I've watched this hundreds of times and I've never seen it there before

  65. thebaddog410

    Jimi took the throne away from england with one song.

  66. Patrick Isles

    This is proto-thrash.

  67. black sabbath

    Killing Eric 😅

  68. Rachel woods

    The instant Clapton realised that he should go to business school.

  69. Matt Gibbs

    Drummer totally fuckin' lost the plot half-way through, LOL.

  70. Kenneth Decker

    Shame that he died left a gaping hole in the music industry that none can fill. These so called modern pop 1 hit wonders will be forgotten left in trash bins of entertainment and turn to dust. While Jimi Hendrix will live on in history as the master of entertainment. The difference between him and the rest, of what passes for music these days, he put everything he had into it. The rest are in for fame and fortune. Long live Jimi Hendrix the king of entertainment.

  71. Grant MacIver

    How can i like this a million times?

    Gabriel Rosenberger

    Make more youtube accounts.


    you have to make a million user accounts

    Gabriel Rosenberger

    Although it is unlikely that you will have the tenacity to accomplish such a feat. A million seconds is eleven and a half days.

  72. Charles Diniz

    that bass tone, jesus

    a guy with a guitar

    He's killing it too!

    Mike Endres

    Notice how he played the roots note to get synced up and blam! Off to the races w Jimi never missed a note!


    Mike Endres Nice observation

  73. Frank

    a man truly ahead of his time

  74. David Cutler

    As usual it looks like he isn't fingering the strings with the tips, but with the flat of the second joint because his fingers were so long.  That shouldn't be possible for a mere mortal without buzzing and mis-fretting.

  75. V C

    Found this after a post on Imgur

    Juan Téllez

    Here I am too!

  76. Changing Things

    The word fallow is used in this song meaning to break up. Interesting.

  77. Ben Lawden

    A lot of us have been reading "Weird facts" huh?


    How tf did you know

    Giacomo Ancona

    Man u got me


    Charlie Day yes sir!!

  78. itsthejacka

    how the fuck did he do that?


    "behold! the world will never be the same again"

    Kathy Vandusen

    I totally agree

  80. Taylor Roach

    Howlin wolf


    sounds like a wolf coming out of the speaker howling

  81. screwyootube1

    Another senseless gun tragedy today, this time in El Paso, TX. I immediately turned to music, and to Jimi, to try to cope. Thank God we have lots of footage of the all-time greatest!

  82. Josue Perez

    The day Hendrix killed god

    Andrew Lyn

    That was 3 years prior to this

    martin derry


    Enquisitor Red

    @martin derry what?


    ?? It was at a Cream gig

  83. Joe S

    Maybe the baddest intro in rock history

  84. Richard V.

    Hendrix Killed God!

  85. umesh nair

    The day jimi killed god

    Andrew Lyn

    If you’re referring to Clapton that makes no sense


    @Andrew Lyn Yes it does ask Eric.

    Andrew Lyn

    greenmean1 he killed clap in 66’ not 69’


    @Andrew Lyn Slow hand rose from the dead and Jimi had to kill him again.

  86. AyotheJabaWoky

    The Day Jimi Killed god

  87. Mathias Gabriel SECLEN BAEZ

    Jimmy "the doctor of the guitar" hendriXxX

  88. sm0807

    That intro is impossibly too hard to look that easy. Jimi had a way of making it look effortless, all the time, every time. Just completely inimitable. Imagine playing that, while singing, in front of a few thousand people, off about 3 tabs of high-grade acid. Lmao.

    jose palos

    Hendrix eternal

  89. Zachary John

    Hendrix never ceases to amaze me. I’ve been listening to him for years, and i still find myself rewinding the video just to hear a specific part again. Hendrix was, and always will be the best guitarist this world has ever seen.

    Edit: Here’s the link to the whole concert!

  90. James Porch

    He seems pretty high. He just never looks at the guitar. Even the amp hiss sounds amazing. Noel is on point too, got to love the driven bass tone.

  91. runs with sharpobjects

    This performance blew the minds of everyone watching and cemented Jimi's legend.
    Nobody. I mean NOBODY ever heard anything close to this on guitar at the time and nobody will ever be able to repeat it. SRV and Kenny Wayne are and were acceptable substitutes. Nuno is a Martian and Duane never had a chance.

    BP Eisensteinowitz McPherson

    But we do have Jeff Beck, who still kicks ass at age 75.


    @BP Eisensteinowitz McPherson and Buddy Guy ;)

  92. Glenn Zornig

    If Jimi had lived he might have formed a trio with Tony and Jaco. Three players who were unsurpassed on their instruments. While Mitch and Noel were good players Williams and Pastorius were Hendrix's equals.

    Valerie Worboyes


    Wackalackin _

    Absolute nonsense slandering Mitch

  93. Reid Graham

    Wonder what Chester Arthur Burnett  thought about this version.

  94. Age Meijer

    Excellent footage, sound and film matches. No overdubs, just the trio performing great.

  95. racinggal33

    He was a shaman of the guitar, absolutely awesome!

  96. checha575

    Eyacule como tres veces en el primer minuto...

    kirtan shah

    Umm... Okay buddy