Jimi Hendrix - Jammin' Lyrics

A police car and a screaming siren
Pneumatic drill and ripped up concrete
A baby wailing and a stray dog howling
The screech of brakes and lamplights blinking

That's entertainment
That's entertainment

A smash of glass and the rumble of boots
An electric train and a ripped up phone booth
Paint splattered walls and the cry of a tom cat
Lights going out and a kick in the balls

I say that's entertainment
That's entertainment

Days of speed and slow-time mondays
Pissing down with rain on a boring Wednesday
Watching the news and not eating your tea
A freezing cold flat with damp on the walls

I say that's entertainment
That's entertainment

Waking up at 6 a.m. on a cool warm morning
Opening the window and breathing in petrol
An amateur band rehearsing in a nearby yard
Watching the telly and thinking 'bout your holidays

That's entertainment
That's entertainment

Waking up from bad dreams and smoking cigarettes
Cuddling a warm girl and smelling stale perfume
A hot summer's day and sticky black tarmac
Feeding ducks in the park and wishing you were far away

That's entertainment
That's entertainment

Two lovers kissing at the scream of midnight
Two lovers missing the tranquility of solitude
Getting a cab and travelling on buses
Reading the grafitti about slashed seat affairs

That's entertainment
That's entertainment

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Jimi Hendrix Jammin' Comments
  1. Jimi Hendrix

    All along the watchtower, I don't live today, Machine gun, Isabella, Star spangled banner... all these songs have political message. Anti establishment message. No need to mention other reasons for his death, this is enough.

  2. Al Feinstein

    Jimi showing some white girls how to play early rock early on...that's all..

  3. Jimmy Murphy

    Wow - Jimi didn-t need all those "Stink-ing" Marshall Stacks ! Just look at him go: Personna-Plus on just a little Unplugged Acoustic. Little Richard was right: "Jimi Had It ALL !" Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. jonsilence

    Kathy Etchingham inspired "The Wind Cries Mary" :)

  5. 1974poundcake


    harvey boy

    Actually, he surrounded himself with mostly whites because they were the ones that accepted him the most, loved his music the most, and fostered his talent and career the most. You're just an uneducated, prejudiced imbecile.

  6. Andrew j wheeler jr

    ahh man cool daddy brother soldier he jams like no other artist the best because he was the best that couldn't be beat hands down brother cool love and miss you very dearly love brother Andrew jr well peace everyone😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.

  7. Neill Baxter

    Coolest fuckin thing I’ve seen

  8. Micky Mantle

    ……..Wow !

  9. UberLummox

    It was nice to see a non-narcisissitc lead singer who was shy get some attention for a change. GREAT vid!

  10. Dreaming 777 Feigning

    This is rad 🤙🏽

  11. Vinny Bologna

    Nice to see him playin' for fun, just chillin'. Best I've seen....

  12. Paula Blissett

    I think Kathy was his longest relationship, Jimi wasn't
    a one man woman, but wanted to be later on.... Love this clip it just oozzes TALENT!!!

  13. 1hackatday linus

    Yes if need acid cantact me


    I do actually.

  14. joseph bvr

    He's good on guitar, a little too good for the time. Someone silenced him out of jealousy.


    @harvey boy Well thanks for the correction. I certainly don't wish to be a part of any disinformation!

    felix keppy

    Listen to more jimi hendrix interviews this isnt true it cant be

    Luis Almeida

    Like bob marley, and im pretty sure other beautiful individuals with divine natural magic to nurish us with peace love and harmony,

    Sami Drabick

    @UberLummox He wasn't an outspoken supporter or advocate of the Black Panthers, but Hendrix wasn't really outspoken on any political issues honestly. I remember in an interview he had stated he supported them standing up for and building an identity for black people, but he didn't stand by violence or racial provocation and incitement. He actually encountered a lot of antagonism and hate from black people in his time because he was seen as a sell out to a white system. He wouldn't get radio play on black stations, and when he visited his former high school to talk to students there in Seattle he was actually mocked by the students, and he ended up leaving after five minutes, because they didn't see him as a genuine black musician. Hendrix wasn't really an identitarian, he didn't want people to get hung up on race and he truly wanted to be able to just move on and live in a truly post-racial society, and he didn't play in to the modern scheme of ideology and belief based on criticism and antagonism (you see it everywhere nowadays - being conscientious and insightful means you have to always be upset with the system and pointing out and nitpicking its fault and advocating its destruction - Jimi wanted to build something positive and help mend bridges and educate people to the point where the common people would live their lives in appreciation of the good things in life rather than constant condemnation of the bad things). He definitely knew too much, in regards to spirituality, humanity's true history, our plight on Earth, and the larger forces at play in shaping everyday life for people in the modern age. On top of that, he wasn't a soul that could be bought or roped into working with evil - he had no care for money or power, and was focused purely on ideals and the immaterial side of life. I think he was a bit lost, because he had no true guidance in life and even when he was successful he was surrounded by vultures who just wanted to milk him for money rather than nurture and support him, and the culture of the modern world offers no true guidance or knowledge to people with a strong inclination towards the esoteric and the spiritual. But deep down, he knew he was here for a constructive and positive reason, and had a strong desire to genuinely try to help people here on Earth start thinking on a higher level and untangle all of the knots of fear, doubt, and hostility we seem to be wrapped up in. I definitely believe he was murdered by certain powers who didn't want him getting in the way of their building a new "modern" world that completely lacks soul, inspiration, thought, and love.

    Minor snow

    Wrong!! Why do people make things more complicated than they are.


    Did u guys notice the ending of this video is re-enacted in the movie about him


    Shes thirsty get her some acid
    So that shell never be thirsty in her life again😂😂😂😂😂😂burning desire is a good song

  17. Loic Ruello

    the django from usa !

  18. Tony Harris

    This video just oozes the magic of the 60's .

  19. Leikili Maile

    Thanks so much 🤙

  20. Linda Miller

    Just SO cool

  21. Metalllians86

    what song is he playing?

    sigge ek

    The song is called "Hound dog". Elvis covered the song but unfortunetely i do not know the name of the person that wrote this song.

    #Hesch tag

    @sigge ek Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.


    jimi s own SpontaneouS version of elVis Presley's HOUNDOG 🎶


    Absolute gem of a recording and video which captures the London swinging 60's vibe perfectly. This made my day.

  23. HearGear

    The girl closest to Jimi on the bed is he´s girlfriend Kathy Etchingham..


    HearGear yes it is

    Paula Blissett


    Listenio Listenio

    So long as she didn't mind sharing

  24. David Wright

    omg guitar skills right there

  25. Psycho Unicorn

    he loved him some white chicks

    therese fassie

    Psycho Unicorn what black man doesn't?

    Alexander briggs

    More like white women loved him.

    Alexander briggs

    +therese fassie and what white women don't love black men?

  26. jamminjoe44

    Jimi Hendrix unplugged ... FTW!!

  27. calochamp

    poetry in motion

  28. Andrew

    I bet Jimi banged all of those girls that night.

    sunx prasak

    LOOOL :"""""""""D I wish I was that girl

  29. MusicianMeTube

    Move over Elvis. Let Jimi take over.

  30. bluefukingreene

    is that ginsberg.

    Joe Rodriguez

    bluefukingreene nope it’s not that pedophile Jew poet ginsberg

    pierre pouget

    @Joe Rodriguez It's that pedophile jew nazi youtube hater;

  31. clarkewi

    @Rock92Star In another 500 years another MIGHT come along.

  32. morockstation


  33. eirikblu

    great up!

  34. John Berry

    This is February 1969 in Kathy Etchingham's apartment on Brooke Street, London W1.