Jimi Hendrix - Hound Dog Lyrics

[A little different from Elvis; "Scratchin'" replaces "Cryin'"]

You ain't nothin' but a hound dog,
Scratchin' all the time,
You ain't nothin' but a hound dog baby,
Scratchin' all the time,
You ain't never caught a rabbit
And you ain't no friend of mine.

When they said you was high classed,
Well, that was just a lie,
When they said you was high classed baby,
That was just a lie.
You ain't never kill a rabbit
And you ain't no friend of mine.


You ain't nothin' but a hound dog,
Scratchin' all the time,
You ain't nothin' but a hound dog baby,
Scratchin' all the time,
You ain't never, you ain't never caught a rabbit
And you ain't no friend of mine.

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Jimi Hendrix Hound Dog Comments
  1. Javier Cuerdas

    Hendrix Hendrix Hendrix!! 🤯🌋✨

  2. cactuseli

    Right on! Thanks yren ruffians!

  3. Leo Jerez

    Genio Espontaneo de la guitarra.

  4. Bess Golunoff

    Just excellent

  5. Dilan Mendoza

    Any one have a lyrics? Sorry, but i not understand :(

  6. Eric Albrecht

    Those stupid hoes dont know how lucky they are n they r missing it. God i fucking hate women so much

  7. Jaclyn Schoenholz

    The 2 luckiest women

  8. James Croy

    This is why Jimi is my favorite guitar player all time. Its ok if you disagree but at least give him an A for effort


    Good comment. The effort he puts in constantly doing different shit (not only in this "simple" acoustic song) is one of the things that make him so unique.

  9. The Music Recording Network Live

    This is the man... nice video. Where you find this???

  10. Richie Ray

    Orr elvis kostella

  11. Richie Ray

    Shirley ain't know Ellen

  12. Epic Ethan

    The "woah" at 2:29 gets me good

  13. XSpik5

    I swear Jimi could make anything look/sound cool. Wearing a pink dress shirt with a shiny green vest, improvising a song on a guitar strung upside-down, and slightly out of tune.. and he still pulls it off like a boss. He was one of a kind.

  14. Ventura Easy Rider


  15. The Melons

    Nothing like hearing rhythmless people clap on the wrong beat.


    A little too much dope going on ...

    The Ali8oras

    Not everyone of us s a musician , what can you do

    Bess Golunoff

    Maybe sometimes, but not really tragedy. Mister Jimmy fixed it for fun

    Brian A. C

    Acid does that.

    Robert Machin

    You mean white folks, don’t you?

  16. Luke Story

    Were they in Sweden? "She thirsty get her some acid..... so she won't have to drink anymore tonight."😂

  17. Bud Daniels

    It’d be amazing if someone knew what tuning he used to play this shit it has some fuego ass licks

  18. digital doug

    “Two old maids, laid in bed, one looked to the other one and said oh shit I fucked up”

  19. colamb0

    shes thirsty, get her some acid xD

    David Wright

    so then she wont have to drink any more tonight

    PJ McCarthy

    Sounded like Larry King saying that

  20. Jackens McKenkings

    I think he went to the crossroads too

    Lynda Doberman Hall

    No way. He was a natural.

    Hanley Jamie

    He went with Robert Johnson

    P chamberlain

    @Hanley Jamie Robert Johnson was a fraud you know... Stole a lot of shit from kokomo Arnold

    P chamberlain

    @Lynda Doberman Hall lol and Elvis was is idol, he used to draw pictures of him when he was a kid. I always found that awesome because I love em both and America too:)🍻


    Just because he used a term ? relax Johnson is amazing .

  21. Craig D

    Jimi was a true and honest a man, but was often surrounded by fake people whom used him. Nuff said...

    James S

    Are you his mother?

    Sven Pollock

    What if he was using them

    Hanley Jamie

    So true! same thing happened with brian Jones :( 2 of the best

    toysuprise juguetes

    Who are u to judge things like that?

    TCB King

    he used em too, when he spread there legs open

  22. Adam Giang

    How to play this on guitar ? I'd like to pick up some woman.

    random alien


    Jugo 69

    Play by ear


    Let speak your soul baby

    Al Alison

    @Jugo 69
    Lmao, no

  23. Guia de Turismo Victor Sebastian

    A cena do filme se baseou neste momento assim que ele chega em Londres e encontra seus primeiros novos amigos...

    Alessandro Friche

    Guia de Turismo Victor Sebastian que filme?

    Lynda Doberman Hall

    Translate please.

    Lynda Doberman Hall

    Translate please Italians. Jimi was an American. Do not understand why both do not write in english. He was a good man.

    1SRA3L THA C0NQU3R0R 777

    "The movie scene is based on this moment when he arrives in London and makes new friends there..."

    1SRA3L THA C0NQU3R0R 777

    @Lynda Doberman Hall the language is Portuguese, not Italian. And it shouldn't be hard to grasp the fact that some people can't speak English. Music is universal.

  24. Regularmente87

    what he sayd at the end??PLEASE don't understand INGLES

    Not Creative

    "Oh shit I fucked it all up"


    Regularmente87 “oh shit, I fucked it all up”

    Mahesh K

    "oh shit, I forgot what to say". It's a joke about two old people


    Dos viejas mujeres,sintadas en la cama, Una en el piano,y la otra muerta. Oh Mierda!! la cague!

  25. TercelouBoi

    Wish i was there. ☺

    DS Putz


    Hunter Ward

    THE AWSOME HAWK. Hell yea same here they probably off the good lsd to

    Al Alison

    Yeah, I'm sure all of you being there would have made this a better moment